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    • May the best of the community be part of the team in a mindset to help the community.
    • Представляем вам впечатляющее кинематографическое видео "The Story of Oleg" от американского эмиссара Kleanuppguy и WillerZ. Всего в серии планируется два эпизода. Видео создано при помощи съемки на публичном сервере, никакие специнструменты для этого не применялись, работа заняла более 30 часов.

      Русские субтитры скоро будут добавлены.  
    • We are glad to present to your attention video from WillerZ and US Emissary @Kleanuppguy . This video is a look inside of BEAR PMC named Oleg. It is the first story boarded cinematic video for Escape From Tarkov. This will be a two episode series.  
    • Moved to off-topic section. Please, post only alpha related posts under the alpha discussion section. And no, nothing changed in-game or on the forum by you starting to make videos but I think you already got that answer.     Thanks!
    • Please, make sure to post on the weapon section in regards to such things. The alpha section is only in regards to the alpha stage discussion.   Moved to weapon section. Thanks!
    • We will find a way for this on the next one. The idea is not a giveaway. It is an event that the PMC (Which is the DEV team) gets hunted by the SCAV team and they need to escape so not sure if this plays in. I think you mean by the DEV team? If so then, it is because he run out of gear mid-event and had nothing else (He got more gear after). Everyone that played in the dev team knows about the game very well and not because they thought 2000 rubles is a lot. But we also know that next event we need to have the dev team prepared with the gear they will be holding on them and give to the player that kills them. But again, the idea is not a giveaway or like something you mentioned/done before. Consider it as a competition in some way. This was already done in the discord channels as well as voice comms when it all started at first. Noted. Will do. We will see what we can do for this one. It is under discussion and sounds like it was the main issue at the time. I think I need to clear up something here, the DEV team (7 players) are PMCs who are highly geared and full of loot. They also have 2 emissaries with them who were streaming. Then you have the SCAV team which is 16 players who spawn with random gear and hunt the dev team by using their numbers and surprise on choke points/ambush areas. We do not plan to restrict gear on this since that is not the idea of this specific event but still thanks for the feedback and suggestion on this.   Sorry, no. We do not plan to have something like that. The bonus is just coming together and having fun. If your friend has a technical issue, that is unfortunate and if he was not in the last wave, we could have put him into the next wave so that he could get a chance but I think I remember you guys being in the last wave so that was not possible.
    • New maps are planned for beta stage. But details will be given later down the line. We will announce when it is ready. No, it is not just a concept. We posted some concept art and in-game screenshots. You will also have access to this map in the beta stage. The shoreline map is more than two times bigger than customs. (Just to give you an idea of how big it is.)  
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