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    • Скоро узнаем. Ведь в ближайшем будущем нас ждет... кое-что о Таркове! 
    • Dear friends! Just as we promised earlier, we're starting to publish the plot-related news. They will hint you at something moving behind the scenes, but what it is, you'll have to decide for yourself. In the next issues you may find information that can be related to the previous one, add new details or contradict it. What kind of conclusions do you draw for it is up to you! Thus, the puzzle of Escape from Tarkov plot will come gradually come together into a complete picture, giving you the sense of immersion and bringing to life the locations and characters. Essentially, we are suggesting you to project yourself to the Norvinsk region and try walking in the shoes of those in the midst of unfolding events! We present to your attention our first issue, a note from The Lights of Tarkov newspaper! And welcome to the comments, where we shall await your guesses on what it could possibly mean and lead to, who are the active participants of the events and goals do they pursue. THE LIGHTS OF TARKOV Newspaper
      Тakeover or defense? 

      A few days ago our editorial staff was approached by the employees of the port area enterprises. According to them, something mysterious is going on in our port: over the past week, mobile security checkpoints have sprung throughout the territory like mushrooms after a spring rain, employees are getting checked for papers every now and then, additional security cameras are getting installed - along with some sort of sensors and other high-tech security and control means. Numerous staff of the Tiger private security agency, who were hired to guard the premises around two years ago, now roam far and wide as never before. Dock workers have already nicknamed them "convoys" and "prison guards". 

      We have decided to personally look into the reasons of Tarkov port administration’s sudden preoccupation with reinforcing of the security measures. Turned out, it was not so simple - the port authorities unabashedly responded that no extra measures had been taken, morose "Tigers" refused any contact, and the owner of the security company outright dodged all the questions on the pretext of being too busy. 
      In connection with these events, the story we published in our paper last week naturally comes to mind: briefly going back to it, a strange rumor has spread among the night shift workers of the Bay 5 about some men clad in black disembarking from inflatable boats in the vicinity of the Terminal for two nights straight. However, this rumor was not confirmed in any way, and everybody thought that was just a joke of somebody’s imagination, fueled with excessive drinking. 

      But shouldn’t we take a closer look instead at the owner of that very PSA, Mr. Korban? Who is, by the way, also the managing director of the Mortorg company, which owns a quarter of the port premises, as well as electrical wiring and equipment, and runs one third of its turnover. Who knows, maybe Mr. Korban has just decided to expand his business in such an unsophisticated way?
    • Дорогие друзья! Как обещали ранее, мы начинаем публиковать сюжетные новости. Они будут намекать на что-то происходящее за кулисами событий в Таркове и окрестностях, но что - вам нужно будет решить самостоятельно. В следующих выпусках будет появляться новая информация, которая может быть связана с предыдущей, дополнять или опровергать ее. К каким выводам прийти - решать только вам!  

      Так мозаика сюжета Escape From Tarkov начнет складываться в некую картину, давая вам ощущение присутствия, а локации и персонажи оживут и наполнятся смыслом. Одним словом, мы предлагаем вам перенестись в Норвинскую область и "влезть в шкуру" участников разивающихся событий! 

      Вашему вниманию - наш первый выпуск, заметка из газеты "Огни Таркова"! В комментариях мы ждем от вас догадок. Что это может значить? К чему это приведет? Кто участники событий и каковы их цели?
    • Sure.  Let's wait for the next issue.
    • There will be lootable containers with different cool PMC-army stuff. 
    • Брошенная иномарка застыла, вывернув колеса, где-то на промзоне Таркова. Кто оставил ее здесь? Где ее хозяин? Числится ли она в угоне? Несомненно. Но кто и какие дела на ней проворачивал? Что было в этих кейсах? Откуда засохшая кровь на сиденье? Чей пистолет с пустым магазином в бардачке? Выжили ли водитель с пассажиркой или навсегда отправились в страну вечной охоты? Любовь и боль, покой и бой, я, как любой, несу с собой...
    • An abandoned car, wheels twisted, stood rooted somewhere in the midst of Tarkov industrial estates district. Who left it here? Where is the owner? Was it reported stolen? Most likely. But who used it, and for what kind of business? What was it those cases? Whose blood had dried up on the chairs? Whose pistol was left behind, its mag empty, in the glove box? Have the driver and his passenger survived or have left for Elysian Fields forever? I'll find my way through night and day 'cause I know I just can't stay...
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