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  2. Anyone on Customs

    why would you hear the clink of the grenade if the person throwing it is far away from you? obviously someone brought a bag of grenades and is tossing it around.
  3. Anyone on Customs

    Probably people like kotton lol. Going into a raid with a full inventory of f1s and just spamming them
  4. Anyone on Customs

    Maybe, it just sounded like all hell was raining down, at least i nailed one of the squad
  5. Scav Group?

    I tried to go into a game as a scav with my friend, who was also a Scav, but we never spawn in the same spot together. Is this intentional or some kind of error?
  6. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    to the guy at shoreline scumbag exit camper named "AGIVA" enjoy that m4 you little coward..... i didnt carry nothing special that raid was really poor.... but few raids ago well check the pictures bellow ;-) you should play with some balls not as a little chick hiding on a exit have a great day
  7. G3A3

    Shes going to be a beast
  8. Voici le compte rendu de l interview donnée avant-hier sur le réseau VK (les parties erronées n'ont pas été traduites Bonne lecture ! "Les studios BattlestateGames ont leur propre équipe de testeurs qui s’assureront que les maps seront géniales et intéressantes à jouer. Il y aura 10 maps à la sortie du jeu. Après le patch 0.4.*** imminent il y aura un autre patch sous peu, « Ça ne prendra pas longtemps » ont-ils dit. Ce patch comprendra un tas de nouvelles choses dont la seconde partie de Shoreline. Appelons ça un patch « 0.5 » pour des questions pratiques. Certains contenus du patch 0.4.*** étaient prévus pour le 0.5, le 0.4.*** était à la base un patch entièrement dédié à la correction des bugs. Cependant ils ont décidé d’ajouter « un peu » de contenu au patch 0.4.***. Pour répondre à la question sur un éventuelle autre wipe après celui qui vient, les devs ont répondu avec ce semi-meme ( qui veut dire concrètement qu’il n’y a pas de second wipe prévu pour le patch 0.5. (NDT :Prenez vos pincettes) Concernant la question de ce qui arrive au joueur quand l’estomac tombe à 0 étant donné qu’il ne pourra plus manger ni boire, les devs ont insinué qu’ils ont changé la vitesse de déshydratation ce qui laisse au joueur le temps de survivre. Il a été confirmé une nouvelle fois que nous aurons l’équipement de départ en adéquation avec notre édition avec ce patch à venir dans les prochains jours. "
  9. Anyone on Customs

    It was probably people testing something or people messing around since the patch is about to wipe.
  10. Anyone on Customs

    Probably people just having some fun getting rid of gear and cash before reset.
  11. List of ideas

    In addition, FLP (and again i appreciate your timely response), i did notice something the other day. As I usually do in real life, i staggered the rounds in my magazine on the saiga, as i do in my own IRL shotgun. I start with 00 buckshot, then a slug, then 00, then slug, and so on. I tried this and it seemed not to work right (the rounds were grouped to their original groupings, so it was all the 00 rounds, then the slugs after they were exhausted), i am going to experiment with it more ( i did not check the shot pattern, just the color of the shells in my mag after i fired off a round) but this would be (if it actually is an oversight) a large oversight by the developers, especially for the shotguns, and even in the assault rifles, as staggering JHP with FMJ will mean the difference vs. an armored or non armored target.
  12. Anyone on Customs

    Ok this was a tad strange, but when i was playing on customs just five minutes ago, i heard at least 10 to 15 loud blasts near the garages, now the only explanation i have is that a group of players in a team ( i was killed by a group shortly after) were launching a never ending supply of F1's into the air. and basically treating them like mortars, and letting them explode all over the road, near the truck with the military box in the back, now even weirder, was that i didn't hear any "clink clink" noises of said F1's being thrown, it was just a non stop "boom boom boom" all over the road, almost like someone had a friggin mortar and was raining hell down on the garages. now i will say that i was in the direct area of fire, and could just see a huge amount of explosions all around me, i took cover behind a truck, and waited for it to stop... Then i peaked around and saw three players in a group emerging from a hole in the wall that surrounds the garage area.
  13. List of ideas

    i appreciate FLP's repsonse on the topic and am sitting down to watch the developers video now. I'd rather see that I'm just behind on my research than proposing completely off the wall ideas for the developers. At least I know the game has the heart and soul I'm looking for, and that is fantastic!
  14. =====Immortals=====

    ==================================================================================================================================================== Immortals ==================================================================================================================================================== Requirments 21+ English speaking Some knowledge of the maps and understanding of the game play You will die and you will lose your stuff. It does happen. We will work together to try and get you back up every time. Must be willing to help the team grow so we can stay competitive. To join Please post your answers to the following questions ====================================================================================================================================================1. Age 2. Time Zone 3. What days and time can you play. 4. How long are you typically online for. 5. Can you/will you join discord chat to plan raids and chat about improvments.
  15. Today
  16. For me this issue has has only happened recently (first happened 3 days ago) but for me it only happens on the map customs (all other locations are fine) and only when there is high number of people in the lobby before starting the raid. I tried restarting the game and my PC and it still does not work making it impossible to play on customs at certain times.
  17. Reporting a bug!

    As others said, we have a report feature fully in place. In launcher you can click report bug and it will send you to the support page on main website, here you will write up your report
  18. Arena Mode

    Arena will be more then just 2v2, this can be expected to be a 1-5 team situation. As to a rough date, even soon cannot be given as we do not have an estimate on this.
  19. Serious Fps drop when ADS (see through a scope)

    The devs have stated this is a unity issue and will require work from them to resolve completely
  20. Alt tab/Full screen bugs

    @kaodeagon as stated, go in windowed then alt enter to make borderless, this should help alot
  21. "Server Connection Lost"

    probably 50% of my gear I lose to the game fking me in one form or another. my grenades killing me from 100 meters but don't kill the players they were intended for, getting stuck in stupid places on the map where there is no way out (design flaw!), or server connection lost.
  22. minimum time alive

    There is only 1 good solution for this problem git gud
  23. required line speed to play,

    This is a very very low internet speed, I'm not sure how well you can play most other online games, but of course this will be an issue for a while. The next patch has network fixes, it may help some but not sure it will eliminate it altogether
  24. minimum time alive

    Scav spawn points will be adjusted later on, the patch notes show there will be more so if this affects player scavs it will be beneficial. An invulnerability won't happen as it doesn't fit the realistic moto. One feature that still needs work is the "scavs don't spawn next to pmc" as they do tend to spawn right next to them at times.
  25. Arm bands or something to recognize our team

    Thank you. EFG Greek Community EFT.
  26. I know no one cares...

    Well people are entitled to their opinion, but there is a fine line in this.. To add on its way to far a stretch to try and compare a game company saying "we won't remove ai" to someone refusing to give up a slave, an analogy or comparison must have a practical comparison to add this "critical thinking" the internet aparantly lacks. As a final note, OP please follow our rules and look into a topic to make sure it has had a proper discussion and answer before making a thread. The complaint of AI has been a thing since early beta, the answer has not and will not change. There is already a mode to accommodate what you're asking, it's called arena. In this mode you will have a deathmatch style of Gameplay that will be solely pvp
  27. Will adding 8GB more ram solve custom map problems?

    #Locked. Reason: Hello. The next major RAM optimization is coming in the next patch in a few days. Until then, please increase your page file size to 20-30GB on the games HDD/SSD or as much as you can spare. Here's a how to: Please Note: Customs is our stress test map. It is rendering over 800k objects, so when the patch hits, please test it often and submit support tickets for any issues. Thanks for your support, patience, and dedication.
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