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  2. You basically already get more XP from a geared player because of the stuff he has with him. More valuable discovery = more looting XP. I brought a new guy a kit i got from a not that friendly bear i met a round before and he was jumped to level 5 just because picking up and searching a trizip i dropped him. Thats maybe not the same stuff but just getting more XP by killing an idiot 0-10 presskit noob with an M4 ... nah. current system is okay. 0-10 = 1000 (except ai scavs) 11-30 = 2000 31-50 = 3000 ... I think the numbers are higher tho and you get double the kill XP as bonus for a headshot. So that makes 3000 points possible only for killing the smallest player. XP for killing - depending on gear they have sounds stupid to me.
  3. there are different ammo types. Some are armour piercing and others are target rounds. Make sure you buy the best ammo you can afford. We need localised servers PLEASE , god damn im sick of the BS
  4. 350x100 is the max
  5. This is very specific situation because in 9 times out of 10 the more skilled player is also going to be more equipped, its very easy to retain basic gear like PACA and AK74n now when every 3rd scav have one... Even if he had only a mak, more skilled plyer is going to play accordingly and would not get to a situation where he would need to fight against AK on medium-long range 9 times of 10. So again, the reward for killing better geared player, is his better gear, no need to get more xp...
  6. Settings > Game ! Let me know if you can FLP
  7. Happend to me too, didn´t know how i did it so i browsed it and found this thread. It was weird, still trying to figure out how i did it.
  8. When you loot something, escape should close the current open dialog, and go to the menu only when no dialog is open. This is because when being suddenly shot you are having a jumpscare of some sort and the first reaction is pressing escape!
  9. Go to settings and the first tab on the left
  10. inside the game or here in forum ? @fawX
  11. Is there any way to change your name I heard over a friend say that you get 1 free name change is he right?
  12. obviously a Hacker... sorry for trolling... no looks like desync
  13. gibts noch keine Informationen, ein wipe wurde in der Vergangenheit immer beim nächst größeren Patch (neue Map, Gegenstände etc.) gemacht. Meisten wird der Patch eine Woche vorher angekündigt, manchmal aber auch ein paar Tage.
  14. desync
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  16. I believe you had problems with desync ... Due to the age range of EFT players, the number of cheating players is very low, and it does not make much sense to use something at this stage of the game, since any equipment obtained will now be reset before the official launch of the game. #LOCKED
  17. Actually steam overlay isnt enough for me.. I prefer normal community hub, tracked hours, achievements and everything on one place.
  18. thanks guys for your reply now I am waiting the Moderators to give us some info about this video.
  19. Да,гигантский плюс.
  20. People aren't inviting you to team up to actually be a team, 99% of the time they're just inviting any rando so they can bypass the 605 errors to get into the game instead of waiting until the server figures it out hours from now. Best bet is get into a Discord or Teamspeak or something and buddy up there if you want to buddy up. Or try your luck with the wiggle dance like some youtubers do.
  21. You were saying? And yes, these are police issue export models in the US that were band sawed in half for a better look, It was done by someone with the pseudonym "Meplat" that I happen to know personally. Please tell him his first hand experience with the issue is "BS".
  22. Im a solo player and have no friends here to play with. Its kill or be killed. Ive been killed at spawn plenty of times, now i will take out any player i see. Scav human , Scav AI , PMC and Bear. Your all my enemy so dont turn your back or that AK/M4 is mine. lol Harden up princess
  23. Don't join a team with random people. Only play with your friends.
  24. Shame it can't be that size, lol. Thanks, man!
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