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  3. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Excuse me, sir, but according to our information, this server is in Korea (not in Germany), and you connect to it correctly.
  4. Streamers ?

    Stalking and harassment are all part of things forbidden by the terms of service, though only PUBG will actively ban for for stream sniping as it counts as harassment. The streamer you are watching also probably plays PUBG, hence their bots warning
  5. After a great event at PGA 2017, Escape from Tarkov was yet again presented in another Poland game event by emissaries and game fans. This time it took place in Warsaw (WGW) 2017. We now present to you some photos taken from this event. Enjoy and thank you for those who partook in this exhibition. Special thanks to emissary @TheWay.
  6. В целом есть уже такая тема, там можно выложить. В этой нам важно узнать у кого есть...
  7. Считается все, на что можно навесить какие либо обвесы.
  8. Друзья, нам бы хотелось знать, есть ли у вас оружие в собственности, это может быть привод, пневматика, нарезное, гладкоствольное спортивное и т.п. Комментарий оставлять не обязательно, нам важно, чтобы вы проголосовали. Всем спасибо за участие в опросе.
  9. Pre-order upgrade assistance

    Yes, we have reset it for you. Have a good one.
  10. Adding game to my non-steam game library

    #Cleaned Stop acting like children and derailing the conversation. OP was asking how to add EFT as a non-STEAM game, not when it was or if it HAD to be on Steam right now. Stay on topic and stop being toxic towards each other.
  11. Pre-order upgrade assistance

    Hello, Would you like us to help by resetting your reset timer so that you can reset again? Thanks!
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  13. Art of trader "Peacekeeper"

    A merchant named Tadeusz Pilsudski (aka Peacekeeper) settled in the border zone, buying up everything that was more or less valuable which he exports. His distribution of local Western weapons, ammunition and some of the military equipment hasn't gone unnoticed. He speaks fluent Russian and is restrained and terse. Conducts a lot of different operations, often working from the shadows, using his people and UNTAR contingent resources. French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468
  14. Торговец Тадеуш Пилсудский (он же Миротворец) обосновался в предпортовой зоне, скупая всё мало-мальски ценное на вывоз и сливая местным западное оружие, боеприпасы и кое-что из военного оборудования и снаряжения. Уверенно говорит по-русски, сдержан и немногословен. Проводит массу различных операций, зачастую теневых, используя своих людей и ресурсы контингента UNTAR.
  15. Chat Always Toxic?

    For now, it is obvious, be respectful, do not troll, spam, etc. It is also handled case by case. And yes, there is already bans being made for violations.
  16. looking for players to play with

    Hello, This is on the wrong section and also, please read the rules over the correct section: Thank you!
  17. Chat Always Toxic?

    Hello, We have a moderators staff there who look for such things and take actions. Sorry for the bad experience. It is currently a bit harder to moderate the chat but generally, it is not as bad as you say it is. So don't not let that one troll keep you away. Enjoy your time and chat, sir.
  18. EFT account trading liability

    Because that is yet to be addressed and more info on this is to come in the future. It's not even definite yet that steam keys would be given as I mentioned there so...
  19. О ней уже давно известно и не только о ней. Для ПМа будут различные моды.
  20. Steam Version of Tarkov

    Hello, The plan on steam version keys is not set in the stone yet in either direction. What is known are the following things thus far: The game will be on steam after full game release Servers will be the same and no difference will be there between steam and launcher version in any way The possibility of getting steam version keys is still on the table but it will all depend on the agreements made with valve and how it all goes. But it is a matter to be looked into and possibly get done. Its 50/50 for now. Any of this info might change completely or new ones might come out on this so please, stay tuned for that. Until then, this info here will serve you well. Thanks!
  21. EFT account trading liability

    Hello, No this will not get you in trouble. You are still the one using it. But you might need to know about region locks and how it possibly might affect you. So, please, read the thread below: Thanks!
  22. Skier fortarmor quest??

    You can find fort armors from other players and by killing SCAVs. Just keep playing and surviving the raids long enough to escape and you will find fort armors. Good luck!
  23. Представляем вашему вниманию скриншоты нового 7.62мм автомата АКМ, который скоро появится в закрытом бета тестировании. Также на скриншотах представлены новые места локации Побережье.
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