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  2. I've see a couple of youtubers go in-raid with 3 docs cases in the secure container and i was wondering what's the point (beside bragging rights)? is it possible to stash something else than money in them? what am i missing?
  3. Just a few concepts maybe?

    I believe that carving or other visual customization to gun you might lose in 1 raid is waste to do, but that is just my opinion. And I am pretty sure it is allready confirmed that there is somekinda way to detect squad with garments coming into game, not 100% sure though.
  4. New cancer community hack?

    BOT scavs behavior is pretty different from players' behavior: they usually walk straight-on, don't run, don't strafe, don't look around much... it's pretty easy to tell bots from players.
  5. Cant Switch between 2 scopes

    So since noone has founds the problem yet I went and tried it in game I made M4A1 with the MPR45 and Hamr and it worked just as it should with the normal key bind Lctrl+Rclick, then I tried it with the deltapoint and it worked just fine too, so what I am thinking is that you binded something else to Lctrl by mistake and it makes the combination to not work, so try and reset your key bindings to normal by manually setting them back or just pressing the revert button in the top right of controls, but after that just go and try again. @DOIG @Dimtiri_Vegas
  6. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  7. Cant Switch between 2 scopes

    Here is the sight you have to put on the top of HAMR, at peacekeeper. Very good setup by the way, I often use it, powerfull at long and short range.
  8. Instadeath Hack

    I did not call him a cheat i posted the evidence to support it . You can decide for your self How dose the stage of development have anything to do with posting a video of someone cheating ? I have played this game for long enough to know this game can have audio bugs. Every time i have experienced the audio bug it has been limited to a single client and all other party members are able to hear what i cannot . Think about times you have seen this yourself. If you want to believe that all 3 of us experienced an audio and visual bug simultaneously and were all one shot without any reaction to being hit then go ahead and believe that i'm not telling you what to think just to look at the video and think!
  9. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Scotsman#4705 Please verify
  10. Off-top

    W takim razie gra nie zyska dużej popularności. Początki w tej grze są cholernie trudne, a 50lvle z najlepszym armorem/broniami tylko jeszcze bardziej to utrudniają. Przynajmniej przez pierwszy tydzień gry powinna być ulga dla nowych, żeby mogli ogarnąć co i jak. Poza tym gra =/= rzeczywistość.
  11. Combining First Aid

    Agreed completely man. Just like ammo, makes total sense. And Brt great minds ! Makes total sense from a realism standpoint. Love the feedback on this one from everyone above this community is A grade!
  12. Off-top

    Dokładnie, losowość to podstawa, wiec jakiś stary wyjadacz "wyzerował" sobie konto i by miał samych graczy z makaronami? Raczej szlag by go trafiał, jest dobrze i niech tak zostanie.
  13. Куплю или обменяю ключ от 206 комнаты. Предложения в личку)
  14. Off-top

    Zdecydowanie nie. EFT to w głównym zamyśle milsim, a więc realistyczne odwzorowanie faktycznych warunków konfliktu zbrojnego i temu podobnych. Czy w czasie jakiegokolwiek konfliktu wrogowie są losowani? Będąc (na przykład) ukraińskim obrońcą Donbasu jesteś wysłany w dany rejon, gdzie dostaniesz tylko ruskich z Makarowami i nożami, bo jesteś na pierwszej turze, a kumple z oddziału służący już kupę czasu walczą ze snajperami i piechotą uzbrojoną w automaty? Nope. Równasz się z transporterami, czołgami i żołnierzami w pełnym oporządzeniu tak samo, jak każdy inny. Nikt nie będzie wybierał Ci najsłabszych i usuwał najmocniejszych. I oby tak pozostało w EFT.
  15. Sniper Rifle Buff

    Well - we do are missing some status effect like being knocked down, unconsiousness and so on.. can't wait for the advanced medical system they said they are gonna implement.
  16. Combining First Aid

    This could also work. Maybe if you have no other kits to combine this could a good option for someone who is really strapped for cash or at a different trader level for example. Combining should be an option too though I think. Also a great point. So to add to the leveling up process, agreed !
  17. Cant Switch between 2 scopes

    Leupold Deltapoint Relfex Sight fits in that slot.
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  19. Just a few concepts maybe?

    I guess it would be hard to implement but it would add a nice touch of personalisation to a weapon that you spend alot of time piecing together. Some sort of edition would be cool though. I just saw they are implementing a kill list so I guess that's the kill carving sorted. Either way just throwing out some random ideas that's all. I still think a total count would be a good balancing edition when playing solo and coming up against a squad. I think staying frosty in tarkov is a constant either way. I mean, you have wiped a squad but you never know what scav or other pmc is lurking around the corner. At least this way you will be able to loot without getting done by a remaining squad member over watching his dead team. And have confirmation of a squad wipe. Having said that this could always be part of the new kill list feature ? Thanks for the feedback though. I think any kind of brain storming for future aditios is a great idea !
  20. Sniper Rifle Buff

    I think people playing this for a while will figuere this out soon enough But the current issue is that not all snipers are correctly zeroedin (with scopes) + the ammo used in the sniper rifles should be more devestating then the current ammo, OR other weapon ammo (AKM, M4, AKN, SKS, etc) should be less effective at longer ranges. At the moment it makes no sence to take eigther the SV98 or DVL-10 over a well modded M4 or AKN, which atm are very deadly at long ranges and paired with the abillity to shoot semi-auto and equipt with a 60-round mag...You pick.
  21. Instadeath Hack

    I would imagine BSG knows more than anyone about potential exploits and hacks currently available. The easiest way to close a loophole is to know how to exploit it. The problem is posts like OP's are saturating the forums, and offer next to nothing for the discussion. Even if every person in this thread thought the person he is calling out was hacking, it would still amount to nothing.
  22. Melee weapons overpowered?

    Yes you would! I is called survival instinct
  23. Instadeath Hack

    @HTX And rightfully so - Had he posted here with some question marks, without the "witch hunt", hacker tag, hacker title and all - he would get more support. However he's got my condolences as I've been there. (I'm sort of playing the "Good Cop" here, if you can't tell ) In regards to BSG, don't think that they wont tally the instances and feedback about bugs like this. Just the fact that they know it's happening should be enough for them to do some more tests, dig in the crate and fix the issue. They are game developers making a game, and this is a serious issue - so - if it is fixed at all during the development of the final product, it's a win for everyone. ... That's all I was trying to imply was that they would pay attention at some point to reports of issues with the game. I agree this isn't the way to go about getting attention.
  24. The "Splint" needs to have a use in this game

    The ugly truth is, Health and first aid systems needs a complete overhaul at some point next year after stability fix and needs to be modeled after real world practices like the TC3(Tactical Combat Casualty Care) or the Russian equivalent with realistic depictions of battlefield medicine and it's application with faction bias.
  25. Instadeath Hack

    The thing is BSG won't actually look at this and determine anything. They don't take manual reports for cheaters, the anti-cheat will catch them. Posting clips/videos/screenshots containing players names at this stage in development is also extremely rude and frowned upon, he is effectively "witch hunting" someone who most likely just ran into one of the many bugs in the game. I don't believe he will have much support from other players on the forum with a post like this.
  26. Sniper Rifle Buff

    People keep forgetting for some reason this isn't counter-strike.
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