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    Escape from Tarkov is on a new stage of development - Closed Beta Testing. CBT access will be provided to all owners of early access packages. The admission of players will be conducted in waves, but as soon as reasonably possible. Within a week, every package owner shall receive an invitation email. Players who have purchased early access packages earlier than others will be allowed into testing first. New users will be able to join other beta testers immediately after the end of the last wave. With start of the new phase, the game receives a significant number of updates: the first part of the largest of game locations - Shoreline, reworked balance of existing locations and new spots to explore, more useful items, medicines and equipment, advanced arsenal of weapons and weapon modifications, balanced economy and insurance system, as well as general chat to search for info or raid companions. There is no non-disclosure agreement set forth for the closed beta testing. All users shall now have the right to make, store and share screenshots and videos, broadcast their gameplay and post game materials online. Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame, and also pre-order the game on the official website of the project. The French Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD The Czech Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk The Italian Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @baggio The Chinese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @Hazel The Polish Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @KarolusP The Turkish Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468 The Greek Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @VinceVega The Japanese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @giraffy The Dutch Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @tim641 The Korean Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @deadspace2 The Portuguese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc
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    Dear Developers, On behalf of the Oceanic Region players, I would like to implore you to implement severs for players located in Australia and New Zealand. Now, I do not reside in either country, however I think EfT has huge potential, there is a vast amount of players located in said countries, and currently they are finding the game unplayable due to the desync issues. This is widely covered by streamers from that region, and I honestly think it would be in your best interest to do something on your end so that they as well may enjoy the game. As of now, those streamers are essentially tarnishing the gameplay quality of EfT, which is a potential problem for BST, seeing as how that sort of negative publicity may deter potential buyers from pre-ordering the game. I am sure those that have experienced this issue first hand will chime in on this conversation as well. From what I know, others have started threads like this to inform you of this issue in the past, and the general response from BST was "They will be added eventually". Well, the game is in Beta already, and I fear that if you stall this furthermore you may cause irreparable damage to EtF and BST, primarily the way they treat players. Bear in mind that we, those players, purchased your game in faith. Your company is new, it has no prior releases, hell, you don't even have a Wikipedia page, and your current approach seems to be literally to ignore the community. Show us some good faith. Thank you for your consideration.
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    Escape from Tarkov официально на новом этапе разработки - закрытый бета-тест. Доступ к ЗБТ получат все владельцы наборов раннего доступа. Допуск игроков будет происходить волнами, но в кратчайшие сроки. Так в течение первой недели каждый обладатель набора получит письмо с приглашением на почту. Первыми к тестированию будут допущены игроки, которые приобрели набор раннего доступа раньше других. Новые пользователи получат возможность присоединиться к остальным бета-тестерам сразу после окончания последней волны. На момент запуска нового этапа игра получила следующие обновления и улучшения: первую часть самой большой из представленных в игре локации “Побережье”, переработанный баланс имеющихся карт и дополнительные места для исследования, больше полезных предметов, медикаментов и снаряжения, расширенный арсенал оружия и оружейных модификаций, сбалансированную экономику и систему страховки, а также общий чат для поиска информации и компании для рейда. “В последние месяцы мы провели серьезную работу по оптимизации скорости и стабильности работы игры, исправили большое количество ошибок”, - говорит Никита Буянов, руководитель Battlestate Games. “Наша главная задача - сделать так, чтобы всем было комфортно играть. Поэтому надеюсь, что игроки с пониманием отнесутся к вынужденным мерам по постепенному допуску игроков. И конечно, разработка игры продолжится. С каждым обновлением по мере готовности в нее будут добавляться новые возможности и контент. Так, например, скоро закрытое бета-тестирование будет дополнено системой квестов.” Соглашения о неразглашении информации для закрытого бета-тестирования не предусмотрено. Все пользователи получат право делать, хранить и публиковать скриншоты и видеоролики, транслировать свое прохождение и размещать материалы по игре. Подробнее узнать о планах по тестированию проекта и предполагаемых сроках его завершения, а также сделать предзаказ можно на официальном сайте проекта.
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    ** VIDEO BELOW Hey there, Due to alot of people complaining (rightfully so) about crazy desyncs, and our squad having desyncs almost every customs run. (70% or more) We decided to try and reproduce a desync (either player or server wide), we ended up with serverwide desync. Our intention is not to do 100+ test runs to give you a statistics, we play this for fun, that would become work. Nontheless we are hoping to shine some light on the issue and mostly making this known to the devs as best as we can. * Majority of the desync started for us after we started opening and specially CLOSING the shortcut (factory key door) on customs. * My personal desync mostly always happens when I close a door (server keeps going) * I've read about other peoples expierence with desync combined with closing doors. So we figured it must have something to do with doors and in our case combined with the custom shortcut would be easiest to test.(since we basicly always get desync after passing the shortcut. And it did! How to (rather how NOT to) desync note : Quite often we are stuck waiting for desync to pass (crying in a corner), no clue how long it takes but often we've been waiting 10-20 min. The following is all regarding CUSTOMS SHORTCUT (just infront of gas station) * Closing doors behind us (same person both doors) causes the server to first slightly lag quickly building up to major desync (this IS server wide! ) This might take 30-60 seconds AFTER closing the doors. * After some testing (and patience) we noticed when the big desync hits, it wont go away unless the one who closed the doors restarts and relogs. directly at the point the door closer quits the game the game becomes playable for the others. (doesnt matter who closes the door). * When the door closer reconnects his body teleports away and ALWAYS ends up infront of the shortcut (even though every single time we passed it by atleast 20-50 meters ) For us this was a hint towards a issue with closing the door. because nobody else will spawn there when they reconnect, only the one who closed the door! * Leaving the doors open after unlocking them causes no desync I thank Cavedave,Fenrir and Zay for helping me testing.(video from zay <3 ,dont mind the audio) *** The video shows how we just passed shortcut , cavedave closing doors. desync starts (very slightly ) straight away, building up to complete unplayable. Until Cavedave quits the game, that second all desync issues are gone! This has been reproduced multiple times, not always ends up endless desync, sometimes the server stays playable but lag is noticeable. You see Zay switching items in his inventory this is how we test if the server is desyncing.
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    Everyone please understand that we have a menthoed of releasing big news like this and it is the way we have always done it. We have our emissaries translate them in a quality manner other than just using "google translate". We apologize for telling you that we would deliver the patch notes, but this takes time.
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    I know this may seem one sided as I do own the EOD edition but it would be cool if EOD owners got a beta key, Just beta not full game, to give to a buddy so they can try it.
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    I have an exciting news for you all. Tomorrow night we will release the patch notes for the update that comes with the start of the closed beta. This is not an announcement that states that CBT will come out tomorrow. So, please stay tuned for this upcoming info. It is going to be an exciting day for you and all of us here. 104 pages of discussions. That is interesting!
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    Dear players! This year, Battlestate Games once again participates in the largest gaming exhibition in Europe - Gamescom, which will be held in Cologne, Germany. This year, EFT will provide an opportunity for the press to try out the gameplay of the long-awaited closed beta and new game mechanics - the system of quests and tasks. The quest system is largely based on various tasks that are handed out to player by traders. By solving these tasks, the player improves reputation with the traders, unlocks new quests, receives experience and rewards. Step by step, performing one quest after another, player dives deeper into the world of EFT. Gradually gathering pieces of information on what's happening in the city, players will study the motivations of the traders, evaluate them and choose sides which seem the most natural and closest to their characters. Some of the quests impose penalties and/or restrictions on the time of completion, some may dramatically harm relations with other traders. The nature of tasks can be different: search for item, search for specific spots, trading tasks, tasks related to interaction with other traders, target neutralization jobs, radio beacon and jamming devices installations, etc. Moreover, those who can’t come to Cologne, won’t be forsaken either! For them, there will be a live broadcast from the Twitch stage show (Wednesday August 23nd at 3:30pm - 3:45pm // 15:30 - 15:45 CEST) during which we will show you the quest gameplay, answer to your questions and stage a CBT access keys giveaway. Chinese Translation can be found here French Translation can be found here Czech Translation can be found here Italian Translation can be found here Lithuanian Translation can be found here Polish Translation can be found here Finnish Translation can be found here Dutch Translation can be found here Turkish Translation can be found here Portuguese Translation can be found here
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    Asian and Oceanic servers will be added. We cannot give you any exact time or estimation for now but know that you are not forgotten and you will get a good treat from BSG. Currently, the number of players in these regions are getting estimated along side other regions and the servers will be available. You are surely heard and noticed. Hang tight! Thanks!
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    We would like to present to you the Battlestate Games developers’ replies to questions by Escape from Tarkov players. These questions are based on the feedback of over 50 testers. The questions below are the most frequently asked questions; except questions related to the technical condition of the game (bugs etc). 1. The closed beta testing will start soon and many players are afraid that massive inflow of players may cause game servers to malfunction, resulting in negative impressions of newcomers. Will there be (or have already been) stress tests of game servers? A. Any massive start and/or major inflow of users may result in problems, even if the servers are perfectly optimized. But such a load is only observable at the start and gets more even and smooth in no time. So, as we announced earlier, we will let players into CBT in waves that shall allow us to distribute the load properly. 2. Can we expect the return of weapon malfunction mechanics at the start of closed beta (misfires, stovepipes, jamming etc.)? A. No, this won’t happen at the start, but we will reintroduce this feature over the course of the closed beta. 3. Why was the AK-74 under barrel grenade launcher removed from gameplay in the latest patches? Should we expect it in the beta? A. It hasn’t been entirely implemented and has certain critical bugs related to it, so it will become available later, during the closed beta. 4. Can appearance of the AKM sound moderator in the game be interpreted as a sign that AKM will also be introduced soon? A. Maybe =) 5. Regarding Escape from Tarkov online player base: Not so long ago the game has got a global chat. Now there are 6 "servers" that display the number of players. Can this quantity be used to evaluate the number of players online? (The sum of all players in chats = the total number of players online?) A. No, the chat can’t be used to monitor the number of players online, because there are a lot of players who do not use them and just play constantly. They do not appear in the chat rooms. 6. In this patch, players are noticing that some weapons have become less effective than before. However, the release notes have no mention of any weapon balancing. If there were some balancing edits after all, what is the reason behind them? For example, players never complained about SKS in the previous patch. However, this time the weapon has turned noticeably weak. Roughly the same situation with VAL and VSS. (Feedback based on the opinions of 50 alpha-testers) A. We have previously announced that we have fixed the double damage dealing weapon bug, and that could cause such impression because now the weapon inflicts exactly the same damage from a munition that was specified. 7. Will we get more flexible settings for visual effects, fire, explosions, etc.? Some players believe that disabling the effect of shots smoke will increase fps. Is this true? A. No, disabling the smoke from shots won't give any significant FPS gain. We are constantly working towards optimization and stabilization of the project. 8. Do you plan to introduce a mechanics that allows you to cause a distraction by throwing training grenades, stones, etc? A. So far, we have not even thought of this, but it is possible. 9. Inspired by player Hideout idea. Will there be a clan Hideout, are there any specific ideas on this topic? A. We can’t share this info with you yet. At least not today =) Thank you, everyone and we do plan to potentially release another but very long and informative Q&A topic very soon to answer questions you have within the community, so please, stay tuned for that. Thank you! The Turkish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468 The Polish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @NuclearMessiah The Portuguese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Czech translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel
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    I just wanted to make a quick post saying that this hardcore FPS survival game is too hard for me. The AI designed to kill me are killing me and i dont like it. I bought this game with the idea that i would instantly be king and kill everything with a single bullet. Im too lazy to sell my loot so i never have enough money to buy guns, its so unfiar! Im also unaware how to peek a corner at the extraction and keep getting killed, wtf game ruining. Overall this hardcore survival shooter is trash because its not fast paced, easy and i dont win at it every single time PS - This is sarcasm. Once again, lets look into what we buy before we buy it. Again, im sick and tired of every second post on the forum complaining about extraction campers or the AI "being too hard" even though you can walk up to them and slash them with a hatchet. Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is really helpful. Simply complaining about the game being too hard is not, especially when there is no aim to help fix it. Keep in mind. The game is in beta, not a AAA beta like BF or COD where the game is almost completely finished in beta and used as a marketing tool, this is a real beta with the main focus on fixing bugs and improving the game. There WILL be bugs and it WONT always work 100%. PSS - I know people are going to chuck the shits down there
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    I really like this idea. :3 I'll see what I can push through
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    Поздравляю всех со стартом ЗБТ!
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    Hello Escapers! As part of my duties as Jr Community Manager, I have been tasked as the Official Emissary Coordinator. What is an Emissary Coordinator? My main goal will be coordinating with all Emissaries in regards to community outreach, engagement and interaction amongst the various different player bases. This will involve players of all nations, from France to Korea, from Holland to Portugal, from Spain to Turkey, etc etc. The main goal will be engagement, coordination of information to the userbase (YOU), and organizing giveaways, prizes and events throughout the course of development. Specifics will come in the future, but engaging with the player-base is a core value to any game development, and if you are not having fun, we are not having fun. Some of you have looked up and asked, "ArmaSwiss. When can we test the game so we can see if we like it!" To this I say, soon-to-be Escapers, Soon! With careful planning and nudging, we can crafted a way to allow winners of giveaways to be given a glimpse, a taste, a touch of Tarkov to see if it captures their attention as it has captured many of you. I will be aiming to start dispersment of these 'Beta Keys' in upcoming community giveaways and contests in the future. Already own a Escape From Tarkov and would like a friend to experience the edge of your seat, heart racing experience you feel when playing? Perhaps you shall win a key and give them a chance to dip their toe into Tarkov. Been apart of our forum community but just not sure about investing in the Development of Tarkov? Want a taste of the action to solidify your decision? Perhaps you can win a key and see what everyone is talking about! These are some of the ways I'd love to open the experience of Tarkov to new and old players, and I would be honored to help bring them to you, our players. Have an idea for a fun giveaway or contest? Be sure to let me know. Community Engagement will be a core focus of mine in this position, and ensuring our players of all languages, receive equal information and communication in the Development of Escape From Tarkov. The Czech translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk
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    Эмиссар Escape from Tarkov Олег Белов aka GOTOHELL умудрился взять интервью у самого Никиты Буянова, руководителя студии Battlestate Games, в нём рассказывается о: - книге по Russia 2028, что такое ARRS и прочие подробности сюжета; - о реорганизации схрона, раскрыты новые подробности об Убежище; - о шерпах, системе квестов, штрафах для Диких, системе обучения новичков; - об оптимизации оптических прицелов, сглаживании, кастомизации персонажей и разгрузочных систем молли и прочем новом функционале; - новые подробности о режимах "Free roam" и "Арена"; - об уникальном оружии вселенной Russia 2028 в Escape From Tarkov, новом снаряжении и многом другом. Желаем приятного просмотра!
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    The purpose of this post is to show the developers how open development can save or kill a game. I hope B.S.G. can see this as constructive feedback and bring a more open development into the game. Example 1: The Division The division maintained a closed development ideology similar to Tarkov for a good amount of time. The game came out and had many glaring issues. The game almost completely failed and the player base left for the most part. So what did the division do? Well they started doing monthly devs live streams showing of new content and taking questions from the community. How is the division now. They player base never returned even with a complete overhaul of the game and the transparency of the devs. However! the player base that did return is extremely loyal and understanding of the developers because they let there community know what is going on behind the scenes. Example II: Star Citizen Now Star Citizen has mainlined an approach completely different from Tarkov and The division. This game company has always believed in transparency first! What has this gotten them? Well over 100mil and a community that will accept a 6 month delay on a patch that they where told would not be delayed anymore. You as Tarkovs game developer may be asking how is this even possible? Its simple they tell us what is causing the holdups and set backs. They also show us on a weekly to monthly basis what is currently being worked on and how far along things are. This allows the community to build faith around the company. In conclusion: Battlestate games Pleas Please Please! Adopt a open development policy. Fire your current community manager and hire one that can get the job done. Please learn from the success and failures of other game companies and understand none of your community is against you. We as a community want to see the game succeed just as much as yall do. However we content and you as the developer to let us know what is going on in say a monthly studio update. Please keep the discussion civil.
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    Hi, I created a google maps like website for escape from tarkov. This is a work in progress and I intend to add more features in the future like adding markers to show loot positions, doors, keys, escapes etc. I intend to make this as a collaborative tool where users will be able to add their markers to be integrated in the map, also to have private markers and share them with your friends. http://www.escapefromtarkovmaps.com Let me know what you think and any suggestions are welcome!
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    Witam, przy pomocy tej ( https://gist.github.com/TheDonDope/8327101ead7758b9bfc6e86b9a776f80 ) strony stworzyłem poradnik dla osób które są nowe w Tarkovie Starałem się jak najlepiej przetłumaczyć tekst i stworzyć coś czytelniejszego, przy okazji dodając coś od siebie. Sterowanie postacią: Aby sterować postacią użyj klawiszy W A S D. Naciśnij [C] aby kucnąć i [X] aby się położyć. Aby wstać z pozycji leżącej należy nacisnąć [X]. Naciśnij [Q] lub [E] aby się wychylić. Naciśnij [Alt] + [A] lub [D] aby wychylić się powoli. Aby powrócić do poprzedniej pozycji należy nacisnąć [Q] lub [E]. Naciśnij [Alt] + [Q] lub [E] aby zrobić krok w bok i wychylić się całą sylwetką. Przytrzymaj [C] i wybierz pozycję postaci [Rolką myszy]. Aby zmienić prędkość poruszania się postaci użyj rolki myszy. Naciśnij [Shift] aby biec, jeśli chcesz przerwać sprint i gwałtownie się zatrzymać po prostu puść [Strzałkę w górę], jeśli chcesz zmniejszyć prędkość do chodu, naciśnij ponownie [Shift]. Naciśnij [Capslock] aby natychmiastowo zmienić prędkość postaci do minimum. Naciśnij [Capslock] ponownie aby powrócić do poprzedniej prędkości poruszania się. Naciśnij [Y] aby twoja postać się odezwała, tym sposobem jeśłi Boty są w pobliżu, odpowiedzą ci i zdradzą swoją pozycję. Broń: Naciśnij [LPM] aby strzelić i [PPM] aby wycelować. Przytrzymaj [Shift] gdy celujesz [Prawym Przyciskiem Myszy], aby wstrzymać oddech i zatrzymać chwianie celownika. Naciśnij [B] aby zmienić tryb strzału (Zawsze zaczynasz raid z bronią w trybie pojedynczym). Animacja przestawiania na tryb automatyczny to zmiana pozycji przełącznika w góry. Animacja przestawiania na tryb pojedynczy to zmiana pozycji przełącznika w dół. Naciśnij L aby przyjrzeć się broni i sprawdzić selektor ognia (tryb strzału) Jeśli selektor jest w pozycji górnej, jest w trybie auto. Jeśli selektor jest w pozycji dolnej, jest w trybie semi. Naciśnij [Alt] + [T] aby sprawdzić ilość amunicji w magazynku. Naciśnij [Shift] + [T] aby sprawdzić komorę broni. Szybkie przeładowanie: Naciśnij szybko dwa razy [R] aby wyrzucić magazynek na ziemię i przeładować szybciej. Nie zapomnij potem podnieść magazynka. Selektywne przeładowanie: Naciśnij i przytrzymaj [R] i użyj koła myszy aby wybrać magazynek którym chcesz zastąpić obecny. Użyj [T] aby włączyć i wyłączyć latarkę. Naciśnij [Alt] + [PPM] aby zmienić siatkę celowniczą kolimatora. Naciśnij [Ctrl] + [PPM] aby przełączać się pomiędzy celownikami (jeśli na broni jest więcej niż jeden). Ekwipunek: Naciśnij [Tab] aby otworzyć ekwipunek. Możesz użyć klawiszów skrótu (od [1] do [0]) przeciągając przedmioty w ich miejsce. Naciśnij [G] aby rzucić granat. Wybierz granat z klawisza szybkiego dostępu (od [1] do [0]) aby go wyciągnąć. Naciśnij [O] aby sprawdzić czas mapy. Magazynki są wybierane przez postać od lewej do prawej. Aby uleczyć postać należy wybrać w ekwipunku zakładkę health i przeciągnąć apteczkę na uszkodzoną część ciała.
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    Парни постарались и сделали отличное видео. Очень круто снято.
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    Уважаемые игроки! В этом году Battlestate Games вновь участвует в крупнейшей игровой выставке Европы — Gamescom, которая пройдёт в городе Кёльн, Германия. В этом году EFT даст возможность представителям прессы приобщиться к геймплею долгожданного закрытого бета-тестирования и новой игровой механике – системе квестов и заданий. Система квестов представляет из себя различные задачи, которые игрокам могут выдавать торговцы. Решая эти задачи, вы повышаете свою репутацию у торговцев, получаете доступ к новым заданиям, зарабатываете опыт и награды, шаг за шагом, в процессе выполнения, все глубже познавая мир. Постепенно собирая крупицы информации о происходящем в городе и анализируя мотивы торговцев, порой придется делать выбор - кто из них окажется ближе. Некоторые квесты накладывают штрафы и ограничения по времени выполнения, а некоторые могут серьезно испортить отношения с другими торговцами. Задачи могут быть разные - поиск предметов, поиск особых мест, задачи по торговле и взаимодействию с другими торговцами, нейтрализация противника, установка радиомаяков и средств глушения и другие. Но и те, кто не имеет возможности приехать в Кёльн, не останутся в стороне! Для них состоится прямая трансляция на главном стенде Twitch (в среду, 23 августа, 16:30-16:45 по московскому времени) во время которой мы покажем квесты, разыграем ключи доступа к ЗБТ и ответим на вопросы.
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    The second wave of Escape from Tarkov Beta Testing admission starts right now! Just in a couple of minutes the owners of early access sets shall be able to see what they've been dreaming about for several months, including the first half of the most spacious fame location - Shoreline, vast arsenal of weapons and equipment, in-game economy and insurance system. Good luck in combat, newcomers! The Portuguese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Japanese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @giraffy
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    The first wave of Escape from Tarkov Beta Testing admission starts right now! Just in a couple of minutes the owners of early access sets shall be able to see what they've been dreaming about for several months, including the first half of the most spacious fame location - Shoreline, vast arsenal of weapons and equipment, in-game economy and insuranse system. Good luck in combat, newcomers! The French Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD The Polish Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @KarolusP The Dutch Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @tim641 The Greek Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @VinceVega The Portuguese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Japanese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @giraffy
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    This thread is getting out of hand so it will be closed.. wait for further information on the beta. Any user found trying to spam other threads about the patch notes will have a temporary restriction applied We know you are all restless for the info but spam is against forum rules so prevent this from now on #locked
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    Very interesting report. Thank you for the detailed post my friend. This is what being a tester is all about, you could've just found something that could prove very valuable!
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    Стримил канал геймскома, а рассказывали про игру и отвечали на вопросы ведущего мы. Кто вам сказал, что только квесты будут показаны? Это далеко не полный список.
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    In this thread, we will post new interesting videos on Escape from Tarkov! And we'll start with a humorous music video by 2Spooky4You!
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    Right now at Battlestate HQ Soon tm
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    My poor poor kitty Mid raid, i heard a noise and had to AFK to see what was going on. A bird tempted him, he ran towards the window but couldn't stop himself from going over the edge. He's broken his back leg and hurt his chest on impact (hard breathing) I hope he will be OK, vet says to let him relax for 2 days before they can safely operate, the stress now might kill him. Whatever your religion or belief, prey and think about my cat please!
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    Witam wszystkich, czas odświeżyć nasz post rekrutacyjny, jeden z największych aktualnie klanów (jak nie największy) District of Bears (DoB) Rekrutuje chętne osoby do wspólnej gry jak i wspólnego testowania! Zapraszamy graczy nowych jak i starych wyjadaczy, dla każdego u nas znajdzie się miejsce, jesteśmy całkiem odmiennym klanem od większości, iż każdy znajdzie u nas dla siebie miejsce, mamy na to system, który pozwala na to by grać pod swój styl, więc jeżeli preferujesz grę taktyczną lub profesjonalną, mamy na to gotową rangę, dzięki której rozpoznasz kto również jest chętny do takiej gry i otrzymasz dostęp do kanałów przeznaczonych tylko dla tej rangi, tak samo to działa jeżeli lubisz grać po prostu dla zabawy, bez spiny, lub z osobami starszymi, nikogo nie zmuszamy do gry nonstop, z kimś itd, grasz kiedy masz ochotę, co najwyżej zalecane są treningi itd jeżeli jesteś w sekcji specjalnej "operatorzy" czyli Ci którzy mają zamiar grać w to profesjonalnie Oczywiście jeżeli celujesz w grę profesjonalną, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać też na luzie, a nawet jeżeli na dany moment nie czujesz się na siłach by grać profesjonalnie, to nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by to zmienić za jakiś czas Mamy też rangi według doświadczenia w grze, co oczywiście nie ma służyć w celu wywyższania się itd, a takie zagrywki będą nagradzane wyrzuceniem z klanu, są one tylko po to iż nie każdy życzy sobie grać z nowymi osobami, i szanujemy jego zdanie, a tak jak mówiłem, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by być miła osobą i uczyć nowych graczy, a jest u nas takich wielu. Jak wiadomo także, mimo iż klan jest wielki, to nie zawsze ludzie grają 24/7, większość to starzy wyjadacze, którzy mają często przerwy z grą (bugi potrafią być męczące), są w pracy lub spędzają czas w inny sposób, średnia klanu to około 25 lat dlatego skutkuje to w taki sposób a nie inny, nie każdy ma czas by codziennie grać w jedną grę, a w tym klanie nie o to chodzi by kogoś zmuszać do gry . Aczkolwiek chcemy by jak najczęściej był ktoś w grze, dlatego tym nas więcej tym lepiej, a jesteśmy otwarci na sojusze i wspólne gry z osobami spoza klanu, dlatego jeżeli ktoś chce nawiązać współpracę, to nie będzie z tym problemu . Nie będę tutaj rozpisywał co oferujemy itd, bo to wiadomo, wspólną grę, towarzystwo, pomoc/poradniki i wiele innych rzeczy czyli wszystko co jest w stanie zaoferować porządny klan, a jedyne nasze wymagania to mikrofon, +16 lat, oraz kultura i szacunek oraz granie jako BEAR iż jest to nasza główna "frakcja" oczywiście po otrzymaniu większej ilości slotów dla postaci, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać również jako USEC Tak jak wcześniej wspomniałem gramy czysto dla zabawy, aczkolwiek planujemy grać też profesjonalnie (i nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać jak profesjonalista, już teraz dużo osób preferuje taki styl gry, bez zbędnych informacji i tym podobne), jak devsi na to pozwolą będą odbywane treningi i wiele innych atrakcji jak eventy itp. Dlatego jeżeli Cie nie przekonałem, odwiedź nasz "komentarz" w sekcji "Polska Społeczność Escape from tarkov" Jest tam bardziej szczegółowo opisane co i jak, lecz jeżeli to wystarczyło zapraszam na naszego: Discord'a Facebook'a Pozdrawiam, zapraszam i do zobaczenia w boju!
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    Первые волна запуска игроков в бета-тестирование Escape from Tarkov старутет прямо сейчас! Уже через несколько минут владельцы предзаказов смогут воочию увидеть то, о чем они мечтали столько месяцев, в том числе - первую часть самой большой из представленных в игре локации “Побережье”, обширный арсенал оружия и снаряжения, игровую экономику и систему страховки. Удачи в боях, новички!
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    BB Alpha community ...... here comes beta wave ....... I still remember alpha waves ... good old times ....
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    Nope i think this is in 2028 why ? Because Russia 2028. "2028" You do 2+2+0=4 8/2=4 4/4=1 and 2+1=3, we have the "3" and "3" what does it means ? It means the 3 summits of the illuminati symbol. Illuminati confirmed.
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    Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter la liste préliminaire des changements dans le patch 0.2.6 * .2 **, après quoi Escape from Tarkov entrera dans la phase de tests bêta fermés. Ajoutée : Changement majeur de la qualité du système de météo Possibilité de glisser sur des pentes abruptes et des surfaces inclinées Map Shoreline ( La moitié de la map pour l 'instant ) Optimisation : Optimisation de la consomation de RAM Optimisation du système d' animation Changements de l equilibrage sur Customs et Factory Optimisation de l' IA : Les bots ne pourront pas voir avec précision a travers l 'herbe Phrases types ajoutées en fonction de la situation La cadence de tir des bots snipers depends maintenant de la distance de la cible ( La fréquence de tir des bot Sniper diminuera plus la distance entre celui ci et sa cible sera grande.) Les Bots réagissent maintenant au bruits d ouvertures de portes et des caisses Les joueurs seront désormais mieux repérés par l IA lors qu il tirent Les bots réagissent quand ils sont touchés Les bots inspecteront les corps : - Si le corps appartient à un PMC le bot pourra entamer une ronde - Si le cors est celui d un scav le bot pourra chercher le tueur Fixé : Bug avec le son ambiant qui pouvait disparaître "Moon effect" dans la lunette a différents réglages de FOV Bug qui empêchait certains mod d'armes d'être assuré Bug qui bloquait le joueurs dans sa position en donnant un coup de hache Fix visuels du chat Global Fix visuels relatifs au trajet des balles Bug qui désactivait le choix du jour ou de la nuit en mode offline Divers fix de l interface Changements : Améliorations dans le contrôle des mouvements du joueur et de la physique
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    Доброго времени суток. Хочется обратиться ко всем, кто проводит стримы или делает видео по EFT. Товарищи, пожалуйста, старайтесь ограничить себя в использовании различного рода багов (я о лутании через текстуры, "художественной гребле" с прокликиванием "shift" при передвижении, попадания в места, на которые не рассчитывалась карта при проектировании и т.д). Мало того, что такой контент многим попросту не приятно смотреть, так вы еще и создаете достаточно сильную антирекламу проекта. Я понимаю, что это альфа, что за багоюз сейчас не банят, но это не повод использовать это на публике. Вне стрима/видео - пожалуйста, но зачем показывать это все широкой аудитории ? Тем более, что в скором времени все это пофиксится. Но знаете, что останется ? Впечатление, что в игре 90% багоюзеров и нормально играть в неё попросту невозможно. Если вам действительно нравится проект и вы решили делать по нему контент, то старайтесь делать его нормальным. И даже не пытайтесь сравнивать "греблю" с bhop - это разные вещи. p.s Так же эта тема касается любителей поиграть в 5. Хотите так фармить снарягу и устраивать "нагиб" - пожалуйста, но старайтесь людям показывать еще и какой-то ПВП контент в игре. Не говорю, что это баг, но мы все прекрасно понимаем, что в дальнейшем не будет возможности заходить такими большими группами на карты, рассчитанные на небольшое кол-во игроков.
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    Hello Escapers! We are happy to announce the fifth wave of reinforcements have been dispatched to the Closed Beta! This is the last wave. After that, everyone who buys pre-order, will immediately receive admission to the beta. In a few minutes, the owners of Early Access pre-orders shall be able to see what they have been dreaming about for several months, including the first half of the most spacious Tarkov location, the Shoreline! Our newly blooded reinforcements shall also be able to enjoy the arsenal of weapons available to them to aid them in their Escapes, support equipment, the in-game economy and the insurance system! We lift our canteens and wish these new Escapers good luck with their testing, and good luck on the battlefield! The Japanese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @giraffy The Portuguese Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Turkish Translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468
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    es wird grade ein hotfix aufgespielt. dieser beinhaltet: Seltener Bug, der die Spieler unsichtbar machte (passierte gerne nach dem Looten) Exploit mit Waffen und Meds, die zwischen Weste und Container verschoben wurden und im Container für andere Spieler unlootbar waren Bug, der verhinderte, dass wenn Spieler nicht reconnecten wollten, nicht gelootet werden konnten Eine KI Eigenschaft wurde angepasst (keine Erklärung welche) KI Sicht bei Nacht angepasst Bug wurde behoben, dass Spieler ein Nachtsichtgerät nicht anlegen konnten, obwohl sie es ausgerüstet haben Freie Übersetzung - ohne Gewähr punkt 6 bin ich mir nicht sicher forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/29480-0809-installation-of-the-hotfix-starts/
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    "minus all the tedius survival crap" Every raid is literally no more than 50 mins to an Hour. You barely get hungry or thirsty. If you were given all the assets and guns from the get-go, the replay value would be worse. The reason why there is this survival aspect is so that you feel a level of Thrill when you play (LIKE REAL LIFE GUNFIGHTS) If you were given all the weapons,ammo and gear, what's stopping you running around like a maniac guns spraying and getting bored after a few rounds. The game's focus is on REALISM. Not just in terms of gun mechanics but even psychologically realistic. You have a fear of dying and losing everything. If you were disappointed and this was not the game you were looking for, you probably should have read the reviews first or at least watched some videos about the game and it's plans, buddy.
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    Moin Leute Nach langem hin und her habe Ich mich jetzt doch entschieden diesen Post zu machen. Ich nehme auch'n Bann oder eine Sperre in Kauf. Aufgefallen sind mir diverse Sachen. Ich halt mich kurz; -Die Beta kommt und es ist nur ne neue Map draussen -Eine Beta bedeutet für mich, dass ein Spiel fertig ist, alles drin was es braucht, und es nur noch nicht ganz funktioniert. Wir haben im Moment nicht einmal 40% von ganzen Content. -Bots immer wieder zu derbe, Instant-180grad-umgedreh-Headshot-geballer. -Desyncs sind auch wieder standard, Laggs auch, FPS-Einbrüche sind regelmässig zu erwarten,seit der Beta -Axtrunner sind viel zu Stark(OneHit) und zu häufig. -Die EoD-Käufer sind immernoch nicht mit Vorteilen da. Nur Pistolen im Inventar für 150 Euro. Danke dafür. -Bots wie auch Spieler gehen nach einem Headshot mit der Schrotflinte nicht drauf (meistens brauchen sie noch einen) -Die neue Map ist ja noch nicht fertig wie man hört. -M4 mit Nato Munition kommt immernoch nicht durch 1mm Stahlplatten! Und das Spiel sollte ja realistisch sein. In echt schlägt sie durch 25cm Beton und nen 80cm Baumstamm. -Anständige Server sind auch zu erwarten meiner Meinung nach. Im Moment, genau wie im Letzen Jahr liefen die Server richtig mies. Und nicht wurde behoben. Das sind jetzt spezifische Punkte, wenn Ich jetzt alles aufzählen würde, wär ich morgen noch dran. Im ganzen kotzt es mich an, immer wieder gewiped zu werden nur wegen irgendeinem Schei**. Sie nennens Beta aber es ist keine Beta, sie halten die Leute so auf dem Trab, damit sie nicht merken dass nichts vorwärts geht. Das Spiel an sich ist gut aber, sie bauen immer wieder zu viele Fehler ein. Das ganze gewipe ist unnötig meiner Meinung nach und im Moment bist du ohne Defender einfach nur ne Tontaube die drauf wartet abgeballert zu werden. Die Server sind einfach schlecht, und billig. Selten gesehen dass Spielserver so mies drauf sind. Ich würde gern mal zu dieser "Beta" ne Stellungnahme von nem höheren Developer oder sonst irgendwem bekommen, der weiss was Sache ist! Die Server laufen schlecht, die Desyncs gehen auf die Nerven, und die Lagger und Axtrunner auch. Schade um das Spiel. 150 Euro sinds jetzt echt nicht wert. Mein Fazit; wie bei Steam; Deinstallieren und ein Jahr warten.
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    poor guys. AI Bots, Desync. They wont last long.....From the 7 months I am playing this game this is the most absurd time to let them in
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    Chers joueurs, Cette année, Battlestate Games participe une fois encore au plus grand rassemblement autour des jeux videos en Europe La Gamescom, qui se tiendra à Cologne en Allemagne. Cette année, EFT va fournir une opportunité pour la presse d'essayer le nouveau gameplay de la tant attendu Beta Fermée (CBT), ainsi que de nouveaux mécanismes - le système de quêtes et de tâches à remplir. Le système de quêtes est largement basé sur différentes tâches qui sont données par les vendeurs. En finissant ces taches, le joueur augmente sa réputation auprès des vendeurs, obtenir de nouvelles quêtes, recevoir experience et récompenses. Pas après pas, faisant une quête après l'autre, le joueur plonge de plus en plus profondement dans le monde de Tarkov. Récupérant pièces après pièces les morceaux du puzzle lui donnant des informations sur ce qui se passe dans la ville, les joueurs vont pouvoir étudier les motivations des différents vendeurs, les évaluer et chercher à servir les intérêts du plus en adéquation avec le style de jeu de leur personnage. Certaines quêtes imposeront des pénalitées, et/ou des restrictions dans le temps, la fouille d'endroits bien précis, des tâches de commerce,des jobs d'élimination de cible, pose de brouilleurs et de mouchard, etc. De plus, ceux qui ne peuvent se rendre à Cologne ne seront pas oubliés non plus ! Pour eux, il y aura un streaming en direct depuis la scéne de presentation de Twitch (Mercredi 23 août vers 15:30/15:45 CEST) durant lequel nous vous montrerons le gameplay des quêtes, répondrons à vos questions et procèderont sur scène a un giveaway de clef pour la CBT.
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    Hello Escapers! We have identified a bug which caused players to not be granted Closed Beta Access even with previous pre-orders. Our technicians have been hard at work, and we have identified and corrected the error. As a result, a large number of players who had pre-orders but were not granted access now can take part in the Closed Beta Test of Escape From Tarkov. In the course of our investigations, a new issue has been identified, regarding our payment processing system not properly forwarding purchase confirmations due to a system overload, ending with some pre-orders not being properly applied to accounts. We are currently addressing this issue, and will see to it that all players receive credit for their preorder purchase, and subsequent Closed Beta Access. If you are a player who held a pre-order prior to the Closed Beta Test, you should now have access to the Closed Beta, and if you have purchased a Pre-order and it has not been properly credited to your account, please create a Support Ticket under Pre-Order and provide me with the ticket # so I may forward it for investigation as we work to correct this error. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues, and thank you for your patience while we work hard on correcting them as quickly as possible. We are here, we hear you, and we are working to bring you the greatest experience in Tarkov.
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    "Красоты Побережья"! Так называется новое видео от американского эмиссара Escape from Tarkov aka Kleanuppguy (Stefan Habib) и WillerZ. В ролике показано все бесконечное многообразие природы и ландшафта этой карты, только что появившейся в игре со стартом бета-тестирования. Присоединяйтесь к бете! Оформляйте предзаказ здесь!
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    scav bird.. almost one-shotted the poor cat
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    Hi PMCs :D My name is Dimittri, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Rio de Janeiro. I love FPS since I was a kid. Wolfenstein, Doom and Duke Nukem were part of my childhood. My first experience with the hardcore genre was playing Battlefield and Project Reality. Time passed by and nothing gave me the same hardcore feeling. I've played several hardcore survival games but only Tarkov got me that same experience and emotion. I've been following the progress of Escape from Tarkov for a long time, and decided together with some partners, to establish a community for the game through social networks, in order to help it's growth in Brazil. With the time and dedication the page grew, gaining space and becoming reference about EFT in portuguese. As an emissary I will be here to help any member. And as I always say on Facebook and Discord: "If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I'm available for whatever and whenever you need it.'. We currently maintain a Discord server for the community, in order to make comms easier for games between portuguese speakers and I invite you all to participate on our activities! I am very happy with the acknowledgement from BSG and to be a part and be in the service of the community. It will be a great pleasure! See you in Tarkov!
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    well that was an anticlimax, whole lot of talk no answers