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    Dear friends! We are glad to inform all honest players that we have carried out a wave of bans for use of hacks and cheats. Now, Escape from Tarkov Alpha version will get rid of many unfair players who have been bugging you with their superhuman abilities, disrupting the normal gameplay. The cheating bans are permanent, and ban decision can not be reconsidered and revoked. In addition, to the game account ban, the player is also automatically permanently banned on the game forum. The support service doesn't process the messages from banned players and does not reply to them. We'd like to refute right away, once and for all, the widespread argument of players banned for unfair play, who claim that we can't ban alpha testers for using hacks because they are "discovering system vulnerabilities" this way. Discovering vulnerabilities implies a single instance of hack use with a consecutive report to the developers and never using it again since. Regular use of hacks and hacking tools is in no way related to "discovering vulnerabilities" and attests only to the player's desire to gain an unfair advantage over others. Some claim that they were banned "for nothing" and we allegedly have "no proofs" of their misdoings. This is not so. Antihack system can hardly stay effective if it remains closed for public and its development is run in secrecy. However strong is our desire to prove ourselves right, we can't reveal the details about its operation principles. But let us assure you - on every ban instance we have plenty of irrefutable proofs which can if the pressing need arises, be used as evidence of hack use. We also hereby announce that this wave is not the last one. We shall continue to closely monitor the use of forbidden methods in the game and ruthlessly root out all such activities. We urge you not to give in to the temptation of using the hacking programs. Do not risk your game account - if you get banned, you will lose it forever! Join the escape by pre-ordering Escape from Tarkov at our page here: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page
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    Awesome! Excited for new weapons and features coming up!
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    Dear EFT community ! Because of you guys ! And Escape From Tarkov I have been able to get my Twitch Partnership ! Thank you ! 1. Subscriber Emoticons. 2. Subscribers Badge. 1. As the community made this possible im looking for a graphics guy who can make EFT related emoticons ! Also share your idea's for emoticons so we can create a Emoticon Pack ! 2. Subscribers badges. Also looking for different badges which state you loyalty on subscribing each month. Suggestions welcome, and lets create a Badge pack ! You guys made this possible ! so lets make a awesome Escape From Tarkov community based Partnership stream ! Regards, iFunkyNL
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    If they would had zombie, EFT would fall in the ''Another Zombie Game'' categorie, which Tarkov is not.
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    I'd rather they finish the game first and not think about adding something new.