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    ** VIDEO BELOW Hey there, Due to alot of people complaining (rightfully so) about crazy desyncs, and our squad having desyncs almost every customs run. (70% or more) We decided to try and reproduce a desync (either player or server wide), we ended up with serverwide desync. Our intention is not to do 100+ test runs to give you a statistics, we play this for fun, that would become work. Nontheless we are hoping to shine some light on the issue and mostly making this known to the devs as best as we can. * Majority of the desync started for us after we started opening and specially CLOSING the shortcut (factory key door) on customs. * My personal desync mostly always happens when I close a door (server keeps going) * I've read about other peoples expierence with desync combined with closing doors. So we figured it must have something to do with doors and in our case combined with the custom shortcut would be easiest to test.(since we basicly always get desync after passing the shortcut. And it did! How to (rather how NOT to) desync note : Quite often we are stuck waiting for desync to pass (crying in a corner), no clue how long it takes but often we've been waiting 10-20 min. The following is all regarding CUSTOMS SHORTCUT (just infront of gas station) * Closing doors behind us (same person both doors) causes the server to first slightly lag quickly building up to major desync (this IS server wide! ) This might take 30-60 seconds AFTER closing the doors. * After some testing (and patience) we noticed when the big desync hits, it wont go away unless the one who closed the doors restarts and relogs. directly at the point the door closer quits the game the game becomes playable for the others. (doesnt matter who closes the door). * When the door closer reconnects his body teleports away and ALWAYS ends up infront of the shortcut (even though every single time we passed it by atleast 20-50 meters ) For us this was a hint towards a issue with closing the door. because nobody else will spawn there when they reconnect, only the one who closed the door! * Leaving the doors open after unlocking them causes no desync I thank Cavedave,Fenrir and Zay for helping me testing.(video from zay <3 ,dont mind the audio) *** The video shows how we just passed shortcut , cavedave closing doors. desync starts (very slightly ) straight away, building up to complete unplayable. Until Cavedave quits the game, that second all desync issues are gone! This has been reproduced multiple times, not always ends up endless desync, sometimes the server stays playable but lag is noticeable. You see Zay switching items in his inventory this is how we test if the server is desyncing.
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    I know this may seem one sided as I do own the EOD edition but it would be cool if EOD owners got a beta key, Just beta not full game, to give to a buddy so they can try it.
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    Dear players! This year, Battlestate Games once again participates in the largest gaming exhibition in Europe - Gamescom, which will be held in Cologne, Germany. This year, EFT will provide an opportunity for the press to try out the gameplay of the long-awaited closed beta and new game mechanics - the system of quests and tasks. The quest system is largely based on various tasks that are handed out to player by traders. By solving these tasks, the player improves reputation with the traders, unlocks new quests, receives experience and rewards. Step by step, performing one quest after another, player dives deeper into the world of EFT. Gradually gathering pieces of information on what's happening in the city, players will study the motivations of the traders, evaluate them and choose sides which seem the most natural and closest to their characters. Some of the quests impose penalties and/or restrictions on the time of completion, some may dramatically harm relations with other traders. The nature of tasks can be different: search for item, search for specific spots, trading tasks, tasks related to interaction with other traders, target neutralization jobs, radio beacon and jamming devices installations, etc. Moreover, those who can’t come to Cologne, won’t be forsaken either! For them, there will be a live broadcast from the Twitch stage show (Wednesday August 23nd at 3:30pm - 3:45pm // 15:30 - 15:45 CEST) during which we will show you the quest gameplay, answer to your questions and stage a CBT access keys giveaway. Chinese Translation can be found here French Translation can be found here Czech Translation can be found here Italian Translation can be found here Lithuanian Translation can be found here Polish Translation can be found here Finnish Translation can be found here Dutch Translation can be found here Turkish Translation can be found here Portuguese Translation can be found here
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    I just wanted to make a quick post saying that this hardcore FPS survival game is too hard for me. The AI designed to kill me are killing me and i dont like it. I bought this game with the idea that i would instantly be king and kill everything with a single bullet. Im too lazy to sell my loot so i never have enough money to buy guns, its so unfiar! Im also unaware how to peek a corner at the extraction and keep getting killed, wtf game ruining. Overall this hardcore survival shooter is trash because its not fast paced, easy and i dont win at it every single time PS - This is sarcasm. Once again, lets look into what we buy before we buy it. Again, im sick and tired of every second post on the forum complaining about extraction campers or the AI "being too hard" even though you can walk up to them and slash them with a hatchet. Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is really helpful. Simply complaining about the game being too hard is not, especially when there is no aim to help fix it. Keep in mind. The game is in beta, not a AAA beta like BF or COD where the game is almost completely finished in beta and used as a marketing tool, this is a real beta with the main focus on fixing bugs and improving the game. There WILL be bugs and it WONT always work 100%. PSS - I know people are going to chuck the shits down there
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    I really like this idea. :3 I'll see what I can push through
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    Hello Escapers! As part of my duties as Jr Community Manager, I have been tasked as the Official Emissary Coordinator. What is an Emissary Coordinator? My main goal will be coordinating with all Emissaries in regards to community outreach, engagement and interaction amongst the various different player bases. This will involve players of all nations, from France to Korea, from Holland to Portugal, from Spain to Turkey, etc etc. The main goal will be engagement, coordination of information to the userbase (YOU), and organizing giveaways, prizes and events throughout the course of development. Specifics will come in the future, but engaging with the player-base is a core value to any game development, and if you are not having fun, we are not having fun. Some of you have looked up and asked, "ArmaSwiss. When can we test the game so we can see if we like it!" To this I say, soon-to-be Escapers, Soon! With careful planning and nudging, we can crafted a way to allow winners of giveaways to be given a glimpse, a taste, a touch of Tarkov to see if it captures their attention as it has captured many of you. I will be aiming to start dispersment of these 'Beta Keys' in upcoming community giveaways and contests in the future. Already own a Escape From Tarkov and would like a friend to experience the edge of your seat, heart racing experience you feel when playing? Perhaps you shall win a key and give them a chance to dip their toe into Tarkov. Been apart of our forum community but just not sure about investing in the Development of Tarkov? Want a taste of the action to solidify your decision? Perhaps you can win a key and see what everyone is talking about! These are some of the ways I'd love to open the experience of Tarkov to new and old players, and I would be honored to help bring them to you, our players. Have an idea for a fun giveaway or contest? Be sure to let me know. Community Engagement will be a core focus of mine in this position, and ensuring our players of all languages, receive equal information and communication in the Development of Escape From Tarkov. The Czech translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk
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    Эмиссар Escape from Tarkov Олег Белов aka GOTOHELL умудрился взять интервью у самого Никиты Буянова, руководителя студии Battlestate Games, в нём рассказывается о: - книге по Russia 2028, что такое ARRS и прочие подробности сюжета; - о реорганизации схрона, раскрыты новые подробности об Убежище; - о шерпах, системе квестов, штрафах для Диких, системе обучения новичков; - об оптимизации оптических прицелов, сглаживании, кастомизации персонажей и разгрузочных систем молли и прочем новом функционале; - новые подробности о режимах "Free roam" и "Арена"; - об уникальном оружии вселенной Russia 2028 в Escape From Tarkov, новом снаряжении и многом другом. Желаем приятного просмотра!
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    Уважаемые игроки! В этом году Battlestate Games вновь участвует в крупнейшей игровой выставке Европы — Gamescom, которая пройдёт в городе Кёльн, Германия. В этом году EFT даст возможность представителям прессы приобщиться к геймплею долгожданного закрытого бета-тестирования и новой игровой механике – системе квестов и заданий. Система квестов представляет из себя различные задачи, которые игрокам могут выдавать торговцы. Решая эти задачи, вы повышаете свою репутацию у торговцев, получаете доступ к новым заданиям, зарабатываете опыт и награды, шаг за шагом, в процессе выполнения, все глубже познавая мир. Постепенно собирая крупицы информации о происходящем в городе и анализируя мотивы торговцев, порой придется делать выбор - кто из них окажется ближе. Некоторые квесты накладывают штрафы и ограничения по времени выполнения, а некоторые могут серьезно испортить отношения с другими торговцами. Задачи могут быть разные - поиск предметов, поиск особых мест, задачи по торговле и взаимодействию с другими торговцами, нейтрализация противника, установка радиомаяков и средств глушения и другие. Но и те, кто не имеет возможности приехать в Кёльн, не останутся в стороне! Для них состоится прямая трансляция на главном стенде Twitch (в среду, 23 августа, 16:30-16:45 по московскому времени) во время которой мы покажем квесты, разыграем ключи доступа к ЗБТ и ответим на вопросы.
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    Very interesting report. Thank you for the detailed post my friend. This is what being a tester is all about, you could've just found something that could prove very valuable!
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    Стримил канал геймскома, а рассказывали про игру и отвечали на вопросы ведущего мы. Кто вам сказал, что только квесты будут показаны? Это далеко не полный список.
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    In this thread, we will post new interesting videos on Escape from Tarkov! And we'll start with a humorous music video by 2Spooky4You!
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    Hi, I created a google maps like website for escape from tarkov. This is a work in progress and I intend to add more features in the future like adding markers to show loot positions, doors, keys, escapes etc. I intend to make this as a collaborative tool where users will be able to add their markers to be integrated in the map, also to have private markers and share them with your friends. http://www.escapefromtarkovmaps.com Let me know what you think and any suggestions are welcome!
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    Chers joueurs, Cette année, Battlestate Games participe une fois encore au plus grand rassemblement autour des jeux videos en Europe La Gamescom, qui se tiendra à Cologne en Allemagne. Cette année, EFT va fournir une opportunité pour la presse d'essayer le nouveau gameplay de la tant attendu Beta Fermée (CBT), ainsi que de nouveaux mécanismes - le système de quêtes et de tâches à remplir. Le système de quêtes est largement basé sur différentes tâches qui sont données par les vendeurs. En finissant ces taches, le joueur augmente sa réputation auprès des vendeurs, obtenir de nouvelles quêtes, recevoir experience et récompenses. Pas après pas, faisant une quête après l'autre, le joueur plonge de plus en plus profondement dans le monde de Tarkov. Récupérant pièces après pièces les morceaux du puzzle lui donnant des informations sur ce qui se passe dans la ville, les joueurs vont pouvoir étudier les motivations des différents vendeurs, les évaluer et chercher à servir les intérêts du plus en adéquation avec le style de jeu de leur personnage. Certaines quêtes imposeront des pénalitées, et/ou des restrictions dans le temps, la fouille d'endroits bien précis, des tâches de commerce,des jobs d'élimination de cible, pose de brouilleurs et de mouchard, etc. De plus, ceux qui ne peuvent se rendre à Cologne ne seront pas oubliés non plus ! Pour eux, il y aura un streaming en direct depuis la scéne de presentation de Twitch (Mercredi 23 août vers 15:30/15:45 CEST) durant lequel nous vous montrerons le gameplay des quêtes, répondrons à vos questions et procèderont sur scène a un giveaway de clef pour la CBT.
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    People dont realize that there a "different" desync situations happen in this game. 1. Server overload 2. A guy with a crap connection, there is already enough video evidence where you can see that a single guy with a horrible connection desyncs the game for everyone in an instance. As soon he is dead, everything runs fine again. This is a netcode issues. 3. Desync because of degrading float precision. This happens when you have the famous "I have to wait minutes for something to happen desync" (no, this does not counts for Oceania players, you are just lagging hard). If this happens you can see the physics freaking out, bouncing guns on the ground, interaction with broken objects and so on. And this means your float precision is degrading hard. This is a engine issue. 1. Would be solved if they would activate their "5000 beta servers" instead of the 5 alpha server where we are still playing on. 2. Would be 50% solved if they would open up server for Oceania and South Africa. The other 50% is optimizing the netcode. 3. Well same as with the netcode, they need to work on their engine to fix it. It would also help to throw more power at a instance so it can solve its gamestate problem faster, but this is not real solution and they obviously don't want to invest more in servers ^^ So we have to wait till someone who is good at math fixes their engine issues
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    Not hyped atm. The BETA release is a big disappointment -> Only half a map and still to much lag/desync. This should be fixed first! Instead they are bringing more new stuff, that will also have to be fixed!? I really don't understand all the hype of new content, when the current content is too buggy to be able play a single game from start to finish without a crash or desync/lag (in EU anyway)
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    And this is how you properly test a game. Not crying in the forums but actually testing. Let's give this man a standing ovation. He and his friends deserved it.
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    Can we get something like a Desyncing icon to indicate bad connections? Getting tired of Scavs wrecking me through walls :\
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    I have the quests already though??? The objective ---> Stay on any server without getting dc'd within 2 minutes. The reward ---> Actually play the game and get at least 1 EXP point.
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    My guess is it will be a separate build running on an onsite server so they can try and hide all the latency and desync issues from the press that we experience on the daily.
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    maybe Oceanic servers too? How soon?
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    Hello Escapers! As our player base grows, so does our Team to help convey information and ensure our players are able to understand the latest updates and news concerning Escape From Tarkov! As part of our expanding playerbase, we would like to welcome all our players from Lithuania, with the opening of the new Multi-lingual forum, Lithuania, where players may speak in their native tongue and converse amongst each other. To reach out and assist our players, we have contracted the mighty BEAR operator, @wadexas to aid these Escapers on their journey, out of Tarkov. Let us all give a warm welcome and lift our canteens as we drink to honor his arrival. Huzzah! A lightning strike struck in the very center of the city, it's crack rippling through the air as smoke rose from the buildings and streets. Echos of gunshots, explosions and the voices of men echoed along cracked and broken glass, brick and mortars and metal walls. But after time, it all died down to silence. Down in the streets, amongst smokey craters, and bullet pocketed walls, walked a BEAR, bloody bandage and dirty uniform that had not seen the caress of soap since Tarkov was cut off. He made his way into the underground, and disappeared into the darkness. There were others to find, and many more to rally and lead. His brothers in arms would not be forgotten in this dead city.
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    Because, as we all know, guns judge the moral significance of how you use them and will stop working for bad guys. I'm sure glad that all those AKs decided to stop working for ISIS once they saw all the bad things they did. And diseases for sure only happen to bad people. Because that's how reality works, right? It's definitely not a cold uncaring thing that is influenced and changes its behavior due to human morality any more than rock or carbon atoms are influenced by it. I swear, every time I hear something about the karma system it always sounds worse and worse. I really hope that they just drop the idea entirely down the line.
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    Хоть уже по этому поводу было сказано многое, внесу свои пять копеек. EfT - игра не про перестрелки, как многие думают. EfT - игра не про лут. EfT - игра не про моддинг оружия. EfT игра не про забитый схрон и ништяки. Escape from Tarkov - это в первую очередь игра про подумать. Ага. А потом еще раз подумать. А потом еще раз. И только после этого принять решение. При этом, в большинстве случаев решение должно приниматься достаточно быстро. Собственно поэтому, сначала нужно думать. Вот когда научитесь думать, и принимать верные решения, у вас все будет. И перестрелки. И лут. И моддинг. И забитый схрон. Только сначала нужно думать научиться, а не как в большинстве шутеров: появился-побежал-убил-убил-умер, возродился-побежал-убил-умер, и т.п. А для того, чтобы научится думать, лут в ПвЕ не нужен. Он наоборот отбивает охоту к этому.
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    Thank you all who applied! The chosen mods are as follows! English section: @iDestrO @Woodsen_Moosen @Krabosa @halfdream @Lewisuk @FLP @MrPicklesTheDog @18K_ @v3n0mou5 Japanese section: @jamsey700
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    Здравствуйте. Сейчас режим стрельбы можно посмотреть или через alt+b или при осмотре оружия l. Однако на некотором оружии положение индикатора достаточно неочевидно. На тех же АК или Кедрах. Добавьте пожалуйста дублирующую надпись в углу экрана, наподобие как при проверке заполненности магазина alt+t.
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    So, now the BETA is out there (Awesome work guys) I was wondering what is the next big thing to be hyped about? Of course, I know there are things that need tweaking, fixing, but I find it exhausting that everytime Battlestate comes out with some news or whatsoever people instantly whine and nag about stuff that needs fixing. We don't have to remind them EVERYTIME that they are developing a game that is in progress. Come on . So, that said, we had the Shoreline location to be very hyped about. And it was worth waiting! Things to look out to: - Hideout - Shoreline full map - Streets of Tarkov map - Karmasystem (I know I know) - Stuff from the dev reports? <-- where are we on this right now? Like the new animations, lock picking, voip, chat etc - New weapons - Removal of the amount of bullets left in your inventory - (..?) Let's make this a POSITIVE TOPIC
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    Не согласен, идея с общей кармой вполне может решить проблему безнаказанного отстрела других Диких. Будет совсем здорово, если карма будет распространяться и на отстрел ботов.
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    I love the idea of the Scav but I find myself running out of room to put all the stuff causing me to put some items into back packs and vests, although in the scav loot transfer screen it doesn't let me open a back pack or vest to see whats inside when I need to discard something for room. It is quite annoying and would be nice if there can be a way to look inside bags and such during that screen so I know what else is in that back pack when discarding
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    Зачем делать режим игры, который уже реализован в других проектах? Если я захочу поиграть в такой режим я пойду в другие проекты, Хизи, пубг, мод на арму 3, и еще некоторые. Какой смысл? Тратить ресурсы на режим, который уже есть много где.
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    Okay, you were hatchet grinding and you somehow expected to have fun?
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    Hello BSG, I've got a list of suggestions for the game. 1) Marakov's ROF is insane compared to other pistols. Marakov is also the cheapest pistol with the hardest hitting pistol ammo available This needs to be balanced, with Marakov rpm being nerfed or other pistols ROF being boosted 3) AKs-74UN should be available for purchase, so that 4x scopes can be mounted on it (such as PSO) 4) Needs more helmets, especially ones that are cheap and available from Skier on the same level as PACA armor 5) Silencers of one particular gun that are same caliber have much louder than the other gun (AKs-74u vs AK-74, AKs-74u is so loud that you can't even tell if it is suppressed) 6) while dragging an item (for example dragging a grenade onto your pocket) you should be able to press a number button on the keypad and have that item assigned to the said number 7) AKs-74u needs better recoil mods, and Pistols needs sight mods 7) Money such as Rubles and Dollars should be taken out of the inventory and simply have a tab on the side of the inventory that shows how much money you have 8) Make Scavs Spawn at either the start of the raid on the player spawns, or make them spawn 20-30 minutes later into the game (depending on how large the map is. For example, 20 minutes for factory and 30 minutes for Customs). Or just make them spawn at the start on the player spawns. 9) AS VAL's ammos, even though a rare item, hits way too hard (although not so rare if you keep the Geiger counters from the start). 10) SKS's ammo should hit much harder. The way it is right now, I prefer a pistol over it in WOODS 11) Hot Rod should be available for purchase from Hospitalist Max level 12) There should be some way to get a PSO scope onto the normal SKS, or make the OP-SKS available for purchase 13) MR-133's sight picture needs to be adjusted. Cannot see it. Also for balancing maybe have a tighter spread than MR-153. 14) INCREASE the stock of items on the weekends 15) Make Cobra sight's aim point dot brighter 16) Reflex sights should have ZERO impact on the ergonomics 17) The eye-cup for the PSO scope should be available for purchase and make the glare in the scope go away 18) TT magazines should be available for purchase... not sure why this is locked behind barter 19) Saiga Drum Mags 20) MR-153 and MR-133 shotguns - The ones you can purchase and ones off the dead Scavs should have a short barrel. When upgraded with the longest barrel and a choke and a weapon sight, these should be absolutely deadly. That will be all. I dont care if you guys change the USEC guy looking like a pig tho. But please do fix the ComTac Headset and the Remington Choke not working. Thanks!
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    The forums here are dying of thirst for information (info on servers, glitches, game play, timelines, etc.) why are there such long pauses in the information pipeline from the devs? Can we get to a point where we are getting a development overview weekly? Besides from little, and vague, statements by a handful of devs, we dont really get any meat and potatoes. As a $140 investor in the product, it would be nice to see less speculation from randoms and more hard facts from devs.
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    Brangus Žaidėjai! Šiais metais, Battlestate Games dar karta dalyvauja pačioje didžiausioje žaidimų parodoje Europoje - Gamescom, kuri vyks Vokietijoje Cologne mieste. Šiais metais , EFT suteiks galimybe žiniasklaidai išbandyti žaidima tai yra ilgai laukta uždaroji betos versija ir naujos žaidimo mechanikos – sistema misijų ir užduočių. Misijų sistema tai yra didžiausiai pagrįsta ant įvairiausių užduočių kurios yra išduodamos žaidėjui iš prekybininkų. Už įvygdimą šių misijų, žaidėjas padidina savo reputacija su pardavėjais, atrakina naujas misijas, gauna patirtį ir apdovanojimus. Žingsnis palį žingsnį vykdant misija po misijos žaidėjas žengia į gilų pasaulį EFT. Palaipsniui renkant dalis informacijos apie tai kas vyksta mieste, žaidėjai perpras motyvus prekybininkų, įvertint juos ir rinktis puses kurios atrodo naturaliai artimos prie jų veikėjo. Kai kurios misijos gali skirti nuobaudas arba apribojimus įvykdant misijos užduotis, kai kurios galbūt gali dramatiškai sugadinti santykius su prekybininkais. Misijų užduotys gali but skirtingos: surasti tam tikra daikta, arba vieta, iškeisti tam tikra kiekį daiktų, padaryti tam tikrus veiksmus su prekybininakis, taikinių pašalinimas, radijos stoties įjungimas arba instaliacija ryšio trukdžių sistemos ir kt. Be to tie kurie negali atvykti į Cologone, nebus pamiršti irgi! Butent jiem bus gyva transliacija iš Twtich pakylos Trečiadienį Rugpjučio 23 d. 15:30 val – 15:45 val. vykstant jam mes parodysime žaidime kaip veikia naujoji misijų sistema su užduotimis ir atsakysime į jusų užduotus klausimus kartu padarysime uždaros betos prieigos raktų dalinima.
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    There's a lot of us, we don't have servers. Evaluation done. There's a difference between what is said is going on and what is actually going on. If you look at all the people complaining, that's a damn good estimate of people who have already bought the game and can't play. Investment wise, it's a wise decision to add those servers in ASAP as the return that BSG would make on new players/upgraded accounts would be beneficial in comparison to the cost of servers. Realistically, games run the chance of dying and losing player base quite quickly. Especially early access ones where the whole game can change direction quite quickly. I'm not saying Tarkov will and I certainly hope it doesn't but it is a risk. Business management is a lot about risk/reward. The wise financial decision would be to add in servers as it would mean a great deal of money in for the Devs and yet we've heard barely anything. That's not an evaluation being done it's laziness. They've yet to put substantial effort into properly organising servers so far so why should this be any different. You're not going to get a proper estimate until you have servers up and add or remove them when required. Most GSPs are fairly good with that especially if they're going to be exclusively hosting a game like this. You can sit there all day and claim whatever but when you multiple posts of multiple pages on the forums and the subreddit with hordes of people saying they can't play and are holding off upgrading or who have friends who are waiting to buy, you can't honestly expect us to believe it.
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    Добавлено по просьбе @eqestrian "Противостояние"
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    devs pls add track ir support and how bout hand signals for non verbal communication !!!!
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    EFT is a first person "hardcore" game, POINT!!! You want a map or other stuff like pubg, play pubg!!!
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    Лучше бы сначала ботов злее сделали. Не суперметкими, а именно злее. Чтоб врывались в комнаты, чтоб закидывали гренами и нападали толпами. А уже потом вводили квесты. Иначе мы эти квесты пролистаем за пару недель и все, амба, опять скучно играть. Я специально стараюсь не вникать сильно во все ключи и тд. Какие комнаты и где открываются. Иначе потом просто скучно будет. И про кланы не слышно ничего. Мне кажется сначала кланы, все баги с альфы, все баги на локациях, с оружием, а потом уже, перед ОБТ вводить квесты.
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    Квестов уже очень не хватает, а то с нынешними детсадовскими ботами рейды крайне скучны, хорошо хоть иногда пара ЧВКашников проскакивает перед прицелом...
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    Can you let unexamined weapons be picked up... but still have to examine them in order to use them? Its the same with bags and vests we can use them after we pick them up but only after we search them. Thanks.
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    Not sure if this has been asked already, but are there any plans on adding some kind of mag marking to indicate which one was loaded with a particular ammo? here is a picture of what I mean.
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    No, but its narcissism if you start to boast about it kiddo.
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    At this point in time the community is fairly toxic and mainly features people excusing their sociopathic gameplay with "git gud" and other rubbish. Hopefully the devs can encourage people to do otherwise with gameplay mechanics but i find it kind of sad that it requires it.
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    Hatchet grinds for an AK, dies 30 seconds into a raid, blames game. The lack of self awareness is jaw-dropping.
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    The events of the MMO Escape from Tarkov are taking place in the fictional Norvinsk region Special Economic Zone that became a gateway between Russia and Europe. Preferential conditions for large international companies, however, have not only attracted law-abiding businesses, but corporations of dubious intent as well. In Tarkov, the largest city of the region, a transatlantic corporation became the ground zero of a political scandal. Six months later, the political standoff escalated into an armed conflict involving UN peacekeepers, Internal Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs, and two private military companies. The region’s borders were sealed off, and those trapped in the middle of flaring up local warfare were isolated from the outside world. The most active forces in the Norvinsk region are two private military companies, hired by the sides of the initial conflict. USEC, employed by notorious Terra Group international corporation, vigorously engages in armed clashes, hindering the investigation of Terra Group activities, carried on by local authorities. Moreover, according to intelligence agencies, USEC provides armed cover to illegal work and research of the foreign company, whereas BEAR, allegedly created by a direct order of the Russian government, is employed by the Norvinsk region officials to uncover any evidence of the Terra Group illicit activities. With each passing day the situation in the Norvinsk region grows more and more complicated. Incessant warfare in Tarkov have sparkled massive panic; local population flees the city, but those who stayed are looking to improve their fortunes at expense of others. Having accepted the new reality, “savage” Tarkov natives flocked into well-armed gangs and started the redivision of the city. Nowadays, Tarkov is separated by unseen borders, controlled by different groups. Gain-greedy gunmen would go any length to have their way, including murder of civilians and direct confrontation with the two private military companies. The players will have to experience living in the skin of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict. After choosing one of the sides – USEC or BEAR – player’s character starts to make his way out of the city. Tarkov is sealed off by UN and Russian military, supply chains are cut, communication with operational command is lost, and in these conditions everyone has to make his own choices of what to do and how to get out of the chaos-ridden metropolis.