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  1. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    TPU is still growing strong!!!! From hardcore tactical squads to the chill fun runs, we have it all at TPU, hit me up or check out the discord
  2. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    sup Mafiaborn, did you go to the discord page?
  3. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    TPU is still going strong and still very actively recruiting!!! Join us and experience what EFT was really meant to be! Look/message me, hdspoolin in the discord !
  4. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Now is definitely the time to squad up, with the recent patch involving the changes to the medical system along with the scav hunting mechanic and increase of scavs in general, going "Solo" is a nightmare. Check us out at TPU and start playing EFT the right way!
  5. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Glad to have you Professerplum
  6. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    With the wipe incoming, this is the time to squad up boys!!!! TPU is always accepting people, new players or veterans
  7. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    This is exactly what TPU is!! We are looking to build good squads and have fun at the same time!! Hit up the discord and message hdspoolin when your in awaiting recruitment!!
  8. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Just picked up half a dozen more escapers! we are always here and willing to help
  9. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Whats up Tarkov junkies!!!! visit the discord in the first post to squad up!
  10. im a lil confused

    thats exactly what happened to me, right click the slot in their hands and discard
  11. im a lil confused

    I ran into this last night, here is the fix right click on the weapon in their inventory and discard it, once its off their body then you can pick it up. killed a guy in customs last night with a drum pb and had the same issue, i could drag it into my inventory and it would snap back into thier hands. I believe it is a new form of a glitch
  12. flip items in inventory

    the "r" key or is it "F", one of the two lol
  13. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Gear time boys!!! Seeing a lot of heavily geared squads during raids the last few days. Make sure you always have somebody watching your back, squad up!!!
  14. Customs

    What he said!!!! Customs is the easiest map for me, multiple extractions and most times you make it past the gas station by shortcut door all the AI scavs have already been victims of scav on scav violence... Poor little AI scavs
  15. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Maybe I am lucky but I play EFT almost everyday for several hours and I never have issues with hackers, out of maybe 200 raids I have only seen one ....