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  1. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Whats up Tarkov junkies!!!! visit the discord in the first post to squad up!
  2. im a lil confused

    thats exactly what happened to me, right click the slot in their hands and discard
  3. im a lil confused

    I ran into this last night, here is the fix right click on the weapon in their inventory and discard it, once its off their body then you can pick it up. killed a guy in customs last night with a drum pb and had the same issue, i could drag it into my inventory and it would snap back into thier hands. I believe it is a new form of a glitch
  4. flip items in inventory

    the "r" key or is it "F", one of the two lol
  5. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Gear time boys!!! Seeing a lot of heavily geared squads during raids the last few days. Make sure you always have somebody watching your back, squad up!!!
  6. Customs

    What he said!!!! Customs is the easiest map for me, multiple extractions and most times you make it past the gas station by shortcut door all the AI scavs have already been victims of scav on scav violence... Poor little AI scavs
  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Maybe I am lucky but I play EFT almost everyday for several hours and I never have issues with hackers, out of maybe 200 raids I have only seen one ....
  8. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    With the upcoming wipe/patch on its way now is the time to squad up and keep preparing for the full release!!! Join TPU today!
  9. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Great work !!!!!!!
  10. 5-Man Teams

    Not to mention the gear you can loot off a 5 man team, I have gotten 4 helmets from a single squad wipe.
  11. 5-Man Teams

    Have you guys ever used a suppressor on your guns? I would rate myself as a normally skilled player in EFT and I have done so many squad wipes with suppressed weapons that I cant even count them. Most of the time you can down 3 players out of the 5 before they even know whats going on. If you have decent game sense you can easily take down a full squad. Have you ever used the F1 grenade in EFT? The F1 can literally wipe an entire squad, just throw one in your gamma/beta as insurance.
  12. How do you guys deal with the new scavs?

    Could just be bad luck.... Make sure to hit up the clan section on the forums and try out some clans, running in a squad is so much better than solo, if you die to s scav your team can ditch your gear and you will get it back via insurance. Just browse the clan page and sit in on some discord sessions to find a good fit. I am a member of Tarkov Players United, stop by our discord sometime and see if it fits you, either way having a battle buddy is the best way and way more fun.
  13. How do you guys deal with the new scavs?

    Depending on your level or your level with the traders just run a setup with a little range on it along with rolling in a squad. Besides factory do to close quarters and maybe dorms in customs, most scav AI can be gunned downed far enough away that your out of their range. If you have to go close quarters then pack a grenade or two to throw around corners or behind buildings to flush them out of their corner spots. Also always run a suppressor, it gives you an extra second or two at range before they even turn towards you
  14. Tarkov Players United - Recruiting

    Still actively recruiting!!!!! Need xp? Need Gear? Sick of going solo and never getting you gear back through insurance? EFT to me is one of the best games i have ever played and only got better when I squad-ed up, being able to loss your gear fear and actually go into raids fully geared knowing that if you take a 180 scavAI aimbot death that your squad will hide your gear is priceless... I have done easily 60 to 80 raids since I joined Tarkov Players United and only lost my gear once or twice even though I have died easily 20 times during those runs.. Just hit up the discord link in the opening post and begin the real Tarkov journey
  15. Cheaters cought on video

    Ban waves began to hit about a week ago and if these players are indeed hacking then they will be banned soon