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  1. Except I wasn't talking about live assets from the render scene, I'm talking about resources which are being generated by scripts, such as object icons. They take up a lot of space in RAM currently. From loading the main menu without opening the stash, to opening my stash, and all traders, can go from less to 1GB and end up as high as 6GB of ram without ever opening any maps. This is a simple problem of these generated assets not being marked as needing to be unloaded from memory and destroyed after they are being generated. A memory leak implies unmanaged resources which are taking up more room in an unintended and uncontrolled fashion. These assets can easily be purged from memory with proper application of marking them as "dirty" for garbage collection whenever the items leave the scene.
  2. @Jezeppe It's neither a memory leak nor what you describe. It's simply that the application does not yet do proper garbage collection for unused assets, so it does not unload them when no longer necessary. An example is that for every unique item in your stash, each one in the traders, and when you loot people, boxes, etc. in game an icon is generated from a 3D model then loaded into ram. These are not unloaded when the item is no longer available to the player, and stay loaded indefinitely. This is again, not a memory leak but a problem concerning garbage collection of unused real-time generated assets.
  3. Once it stops being news it needs to be somewhere where people can find it, no?
  4. Well it should have been moved from News to Weapons department, probably.
  5. @Blackb1rd When is the EFT/BSG panel for GDC? I don't see it on their schedule anywhere.
  6. I believe there might be a server browser with Free Roam, but not for raids. That is a random matchmaking system based on Region.
  7. That makes sense, because they made all their heads really big on purpose. It's some weird style.
  8. Just some constructive criticism, the head on this picture on the farthest right guy is way out of proportion. If it's an attempt at stylization, it doesn't match the other characters. Otherwise it's pretty good.
  9. I was not ready. The rain was so loud someone jumped me because I could not hear them sneaking up on me.
  10. Yay, best addition ever.
  11. It would be neat to see something like a Jacket for USEC/BEAR which has a logo on the back or front/shoulders patch which looks like a "texture glitch". But again like Sherpa I would hope it is nothing that will make people want to seek out the position for the rewards only.
  12. typing

    108 however the way it does the testing is really dumb, it has weird average word lengths, they aren't formatted like sentences, and it intentionally tries to put hard to type words in (which slow down) as well as using multiple variations of the same word. Like "its" and "it's"
  13. I think the same thing. As I said in the other thread, Sherpa exlusive clothing that stands out would help both the Sherpa and the person they are training. The trainee would know not to shoot the Sherpa as he looks different.
  14. We'll still have to see what the developers do with these devices though. So keep an eye out in the future especially in beta.
  15. These are already planned, there are two mounted devices meant for IR, one is a light and combination floodlight, and the other is a laser/IR laser combination.