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  1. I believe there might be a server browser with Free Roam, but not for raids. That is a random matchmaking system based on Region.
  2. That makes sense, because they made all their heads really big on purpose. It's some weird style.
  3. Just some constructive criticism, the head on this picture on the farthest right guy is way out of proportion. If it's an attempt at stylization, it doesn't match the other characters. Otherwise it's pretty good.
  4. I was not ready. The rain was so loud someone jumped me because I could not hear them sneaking up on me.
  5. Yay, best addition ever.
  6. Correct, buying it in region Other (US/Americas) allows you to launch it that region but you can party up with anyone once in game.
  7. It would be neat to see something like a Jacket for USEC/BEAR which has a logo on the back or front/shoulders patch which looks like a "texture glitch". But again like Sherpa I would hope it is nothing that will make people want to seek out the position for the rewards only.
  8. typing

    108 however the way it does the testing is really dumb, it has weird average word lengths, they aren't formatted like sentences, and it intentionally tries to put hard to type words in (which slow down) as well as using multiple variations of the same word. Like "its" and "it's"
  9. I think the same thing. As I said in the other thread, Sherpa exlusive clothing that stands out would help both the Sherpa and the person they are training. The trainee would know not to shoot the Sherpa as he looks different.
  10. We'll still have to see what the developers do with these devices though. So keep an eye out in the future especially in beta.
  11. These are already planned, there are two mounted devices meant for IR, one is a light and combination floodlight, and the other is a laser/IR laser combination.
  12. I agree with what you're talking about. People I have tried to play with who seem to think they have great teamwork skills and have many hours in this game do not know the basics of playing in a group. Clear comms, ability to halt to listen for movement, staying in defilade, using cover to flank, re-positioning when being shot at to locate target vectors, discerning weapon sounds and distance, understanding what to do under pressure, knowing how to expose yourself the least amount to stay protected, understanding enemy movement patterns to predict enemy location placement... People think that simply knowing basic keybinds and how to use leaning, crouch, and prone is 'tacticool' enough to survive. Using these thing at the wrong moment is worse than not knowing how to use them at all. No amount of gear, grinding, farming, or wishful thinking will allow you to survive if you do not know the basics of movement and positioning.
  13. I think it would be nice to have a special uniform so that anyone can distinguish the Sherpa readily. This will help anyone they are trying to keep alive and hopefully stop them from shooting the Sherpa. If you must give them gear, let it be something they can use to help other players. Salewa medical kits, armor, field packs, tactical rigs. Not rifles or unique attachments or anything like that.
  14. @Orbixal The keybinds thing everyone has been sharing around has the scrollwheel speed change wrong, you do not hold CTRL+Scroll Wheel, you simply scroll the wheel by itself. It's wrong in the document.
  15. The best way as a couple others have said is for the Sherpa to be an in-game mechanic. When you are below a certain level or game progress you gain access to "Sherpa trainers" as a quest given by the first trader. Until you level up or progress in the game they will be available to you. Sherpa trainers would go into a menu that they are basically "matchmaking" for a someone to train. The trainees can then view this menu and then pick a Sherpa. Sherpa would be able to fill out a small description matching their training/playstyle so people can find their best fit when multiple are available. The Sherpa and the Trainee would then be put into a menu where the Sherpa can see the gear the the Trainee has equipped and what he plans to bring, and can talk to him before entering raid to discuss tactics and gear. This section is important so that they can discuss which map to queue up into and what to bring for that map, as well as knowing some other information about the map and the end goal of queuing up for the raid. The Sherpa and Trainee should be spawned together, in a location where they will be less likely to be shot immediately so the Trainee has time to get his bearings if need be. Then it's up to the Sherpa's discretion to lead the raid and make sure the survival of the Trainee is the highest priority. If the Sherpa or the Trainee dies, they should still be able to talk to and communicate until the end of the match. Extra XP will be given out to the Sherpa and an invisible Sherpa rating will be given to the Sherpa as well so that bad Sherpas can be found and weeded out easier. The XP/points given will only be dependent on how well the Trainee does, so that way the Sherpa is never rewarded for letting the Trainee die. If the Sherpa dies but the Trainee lives to exit, he shouldn't be punished for that either, as there will always be a time for even the most seasoned player to die. Then they will be put into a lobby together to go over the match post-mortem. They will be able to talk about anything they like and either of them can disconnect at any time, or even re-queue. The Sherpa should also have the final say on queuing back up with the Trainee, and be able to also somehow denote if the Trainee was not responsive to the program (IE a negative rating if the Trainee intentionally griefed or caused issues which endangered both players.) If enough negative ratings are stored up then the Trainee will be ejected from the Sherpa program. Lastly, there should be a big penalty for killing a Sherpa, if you do so, the Sherpa will have the option to eject you from the Sherpa program and then you will no longer be able to queue up. (The option would be necessary in case of accidental deaths, such as grenades or just general noobiness, not intentional teamkilling.) Also as a last note, the possibility of causing players to lose their gear if they killed a Sherpa intentionally (as determined by the Sherpa) that they exited the raid with, so that players do not try to abuse the mechanic.