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  1. Suggestion: Key Ring?

    @FLP Posts with this same idea have been posted many times. Please lock
  2. Need Recommendations To Run Game Better

    Neither of the people here are right. Just add another 8 gigs and you'll be good
  3. Actually, the developers have specified that they want a better way of transferring items than through messenger, and are working on a way.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    300 USD a pop. I skip all your precautions but i drop the cash first.
  5. Dump pouch

    You literally just straight up copied someone elses post. @Woodsen_Moosen @FLP
  6. Official Trading Thread

    dear god aren't you a stickler... all those precautions for 3 filters? lmao k
  7. I have 2 ideas for this. The first is to allow people to react by clicking others' reaction (http://prntscr.com/gqtxrg). The way it works now is that if you click on it, it shows who gave that rating. It would be easier if clicking on the number shows the names of the people who reacted to it, and clicking on the actual image makes you use the same reaction. Ex: If someone reacts sad and I click it, then I react sad as well. The second is to be able to set a default reaction (http://prntscr.com/gqtzfq). Currently it sets the default at "like", but it would be nice to change that in settings. Ex: If I want my default to be "upvote", I go into settings and se it at that
  8. Official Trading Thread

  9. Official Trading Thread

    ^him too
  10. im running it on an i5, 16GB of Ram, an SSD, and a 1070, and Ive been at a constant 60
  11. CeraKote For Gun Customization

    I think theyre adding it anyways was my point. It says it gives you a "season pass" on the EOD description
  12. CeraKote For Gun Customization

    I've played CS:GO as well. As I said before, part of the beauty in tarkov is that anyone can get anything. Also, it's completely irrelevant to compare a game like CS or Battlefield like Tarkov.
  13. Mag dump pouch

    I think there are better ideas than a mag dump pouch for when that update comes.... another option could be something along the lines of this:
  14. CeraKote For Gun Customization

    I hope they don't add paid weapon skins. Part of the beauty of the game is that everything is available to everyone. Microtransactions would absolutely murder the game. I think that if they add DLC as the EoD edition suggests, that could be an OK way of making money.