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  1. First death to a sure cheater

    He got rekt by Scav AI, the OP is just too new to the game and dont understand that Scavs bots dont care about vision, he will understand that soon tho.
  2. First death to a sure cheater

    For god's sake that was a scav AI that "ding dinged" you.
  3. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    You are making no sense, stop embarassing yourself further, deal with it you are banned and no amount of spam in the forum will save you, i also dont understand why you are not banned from the forum yet.
  4. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    No, i think this game dont need it, it show enemy tactics which you cant figure out for yourself, i also think this is against the spirit of the game and what BSG stand for, well i honestly hope they will NOT implement a replay system.
  5. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    But i dont understand, are they finding a way to play Escape From Tarkov for free, or they simply repurchasing the game whenever they get banned? because if it is the latter, they are actually helping developing the game by pumping money on BSG lol, i honestly dont mind if there are hundreds of cheaters in a meaningless alpha/beta. where you get constantly wiped. Think about it guys, having alot of cheaters right now is even better for the development of the game
  6. [Release] EFT Item Database

    As far i know milk is used to clean your eyes when you get pepper-sprayed/gassed and used to alleviate bruises and against inflammation caused by plants...but stopping blood loss? what the heck is this, must be REALLY condensed
  7. Official Trading Thread

    Alright alright i spill the beans, i just wanted to take your skalp for the sake of it...nevermind man i dont need it
  8. Official Trading Thread

    Im interested in the factory key, pm me if you are up for this evening.
  9. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    It was Orlanth himself! why ban him??!! On a serious note tho, i second this, i dont mind a super intrusive program to get rid of hackers, only paranoic kids have problem with intrusive anti-cheats systems, this game will get popular very soon and will attract the attention of many pirate "firms/scene" , be careful guys if you lose the battle against cheaters, this game is done, in a game with full loot you cant afford to be lenient.
  10. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    He duplicated himself, i think this is just a very weird bug, the scav that shoot you was literally the same on the ground, basically the double of the guy on the ground., when you started to loot him you might have triggered something in the game and he god duped.
  11. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    lol, thats sick.
  12. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Well, thats not true. Theyr consumers simply can crawl back on theyr little retarded pirate site and complain to theyr "master" that they got banned, so what you said make no sense.
  13. BETA update 0.2.6*.2** - patchnotes preliminare

    Bella traduzione, daje Baggio.
  14. - ITA - Community italiana. Facebook & steam

    Buona fortuna e buon divertimento regà.