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  1. New scav system

    I think reduced cooldown limit is not bad idea for novice players, if karma system is implemented.
  2. But at least we could see how the game progress. This time we barely find information about anything. To open a topic about updates and plans in scheduled manner would reduce the amount question and other topics flooding the forum by users. Every developer makes dev logs - some weekly, others monthly - to keep players up to date. Many of us does't have a clue what he/she can expect from the game. It would help new people to join and purchase the game, since at this moment only hardcore military sim lovers and friends of those buying the game. I'm a member of a gamer community, where player counts are about 200+ and even we have an ETF topic and TS channel, there are me and 3 other lads knows the game exist. It is not a good ratio. The ETF Hungarian FB page counts 203 members today. This is all because of lack of info about the game.
  3. Solution = flashgrenade Better to add something to the game to improve gameplay, then take anything away. To reduce risk of dying by others could be solved, by remove all, but one spawn and the player could fight against bots only.
  4. Why we can't reveal cheaters?

    Yes, this is a valid point. I'm not agree with the cheat system since there is no any as we see, but your are right, I agree with you.
  5. Combating Lower Settings vs High Settings

    You can't lower or increase the vegetation rendering distance. Not even devs can do that sadly. Look. Apart from the grass stuff, low or high settings doesn't matter. I'm GE in CSGO on 1920*1080 and all the settings on high, while others are sware, you have to play on 1024*768 with slow DPI and so on. If you can run the game without artifacts and stable FPS, no drops and lag, you are green. By the way, at the moment, enemies see you about 100 in the grass, since it does not render any further. So do not stroll in the middle of the meadow.
  6. Can we look like this?

    But they will be slow as duck. You can running around them and kick their ass with a hatchet.
  7. Customs

    When you on the main screen of the game, it's says BETA. Means, it is not finished yet. If you read some topics related with the future of the game, you will be less worried about the "funnel". Just play the game and give the devs as much data as possible to work with. You will lose everything in a few weeks anyway, do not worry about your deaths. Your K/D is 1 anyway, nobody knows you are not an MLG Pro.
  8. Why we can't reveal cheaters?

    I still can find the cheater, because I see his name when he kills me. That's not a reason. There are websites where cheaters can be listed, like the banned players on Even their inventory value listed. And they are not hunted.
  9. I only have one question. If we have video evidence to prove about a cheater, why we are not allowed to share it here and let everyone know his name? Then we could see if he is in the lobby and let us decide, do we want to keep or gear or not. I don't care about that they will be banned or not. I want to ruin their game as much they ruin ours. If nobody joins the server while he is on the list, he can't play against us. Simple like that.
  10. Need some help from EOD owners

    I guess you will have an other question too.
  11. Scav's timer

    But most players are thick, so they kill other SCAV players instead of try to find USEC/BEAR ones...
  12. Scav's timer

    I guess lot less people plays the game since the RAM issue and not many (including) me enjoys to go in and lose all the gear because of FPS drop and lag. So if we can play as a SCAV we risk nothing, but the get data anyway. So I go to farm as much as I can until SCAV cooldown being reset again.
  13. Where is my money?

    If you have money in bag, wallet, or any kind of container it does not shown on your "bank account" at the traders.
  14. FPS Problem not Fixed...

    I don't say it does absolutely not help, but I ran some tests yesterday, I have shut down every background process except the critical ones and the issue remains. Seems it is gameengine/optimization related. More the 3d objects, higher the CPU usage. Rain and wind worsen the problem. Heavily crowded areas triggers the same. (you can use it as a wallhack with Rivatuner. when the cpu usage increases, someone gets closer to you ) I don't know Unity too much but it looks like has some issues with processing the animations. How the grass waving in the wind at Woods example, it's drives the CPU nuts. To be honest, I think developers just realize now, Unity was a bad idea to build the game on. I guess they have practical experience with the engine, that's why they pick it, but I say to pay the licence for Frostbite would have been lot more beneficial. I say even Cry could work better.
  15. Attatchments for the next update

    I'd like to see that myself. Also option to fit AK74U stock to Saiga. The fittings are identical, but for some reason in the game, one of the stock comes of with the pin installed, the other does not. But they should be interchangable.