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  1. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Excuse me, sir, but according to our information, this server is in Korea (not in Germany), and you connect to it correctly.
  2. Art of trader "Peacekeeper"

    A merchant named Tadeusz Pilsudski (aka Peacekeeper) settled in the border zone, buying up everything that was more or less valuable which he exports. His distribution of local Western weapons, ammunition and some of the military equipment hasn't gone unnoticed. He speaks fluent Russian and is restrained and terse. Conducts a lot of different operations, often working from the shadows, using his people and UNTAR contingent resources. French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468
  3. Торговец Тадеуш Пилсудский (он же Миротворец) обосновался в предпортовой зоне, скупая всё мало-мальски ценное на вывоз и сливая местным западное оружие, боеприпасы и кое-что из военного оборудования и снаряжения. Уверенно говорит по-русски, сдержан и немногословен. Проводит массу различных операций, зачастую теневых, используя своих людей и ресурсы контингента UNTAR.
  4. Escape from Tarkov is a high realistic hardcore FPS with a steep learning curve. Read the guide from what you should know before you are getting started. Thanks for translation of the article to EfT Emissary Patrick Artucov aka @hakunamavodkatv ! The developer studio, Battlestate Games brings with “Escape from Tarkov” a survival FPS fans of realistic gameplay, high detailed weapons and mods. This Early-Access title is actually in a closed Beta phase and is available in different pre-order editions. For the most important questions read our FAQ. Compared to other games, realism is particularly expressed in the absence of HUD elements and a complex motion control. You also have no visual aid to mark a target or enemies. An overlay for health and ammunition is also missing. The classic WASD control for movement is extended by numerous features, for example side-leaning (ALT+A/D) or sideway steps (ALT+Q/E). To prepare you for your first contact with AI “Scav’s” and loot greedy players we have collected six essential tips for you. Escape from Tarkov: Learning by dying - 6 tips for beginners As an stranded mercenary in a battlefield, life is very difficult. And exactly this is your role in Escape from Tarkov - You play in raids in the same named city. Your only task will be to find valuable loot to aid you on your Escape from Tarkov.. After this you must leave the raid at one of the exits - alive. Otherwise you can not keep your collected objects. It will be a hard and stony way. At the beginning you will often die - but you should not give up. Like the motto “learning from your mistakes” is your death a part of learning process. 1. Make yourself familiarize with the controls Forget what you know from other shooter games. Without hud markings and visual feedback, you are strongly dependent on spatial perception and disciplined shooting in Tarkov. A practiced handling with control is indispensable. The usual used Hotkeys like “R” for Reload and your Inventory on “TAB” are available, but there are many other functions. For example stepless ducking between standing and sitting. With this feature it is possible to show little body behind a cover. To regulate the height hold “C” and scroll down or up. For a missing ammo overlay are Hotkey-combinations to check your mag (ALT+T) and the chamber (Shift+T) available. For a detailed listed Hotkey-list we recommend this Github-Post. You want to play this game? Click here to join the Closed-Beta (direct link, not the Gamestar link) 2. Choose the right equipment Before you start a raid in Escape from Tarkov you have to choose your equipment for a raid in the character menu. How much space is in your secure container depends on which edition you bought. Items in your secure container are not lost on death. Take a pistol for your first raid and some ammo. A vest and a backpack are also helpful to transport your loot. But always remember, magazines can only be used to reload if they are in your pockets or your vest. Tip in Tip: Go into a raid to try your luck only with your knife if your inventory is nearly empty. But don't think it's always easy. As a knife runner you are easy for other players to kill. Player tactically and avoid firefights you will most likely lose. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. To ensure medical care take a medikit (for health), a splint (against bone fractures) and bandages (against blood loss) in your secure container. If you have painkillers we advise to use them against pain through hits. The choose of the right equipment for a raid is like a poker game - if you lose you lose everything (almost everything). To compensate this harsh experience we recommend to play at first against bots. 3. Play offline against bots In the Offline-mode from Escape from Tarkov you fight only against bots and you can not lose your gear - but your loot will not leave the raid. This mode is only for training. In the spawn area from Customs you have the possibility to test the movement and gunplay features from EFT. Use this quiet moment to learn the key combinations and shoot some bullets to get a feeling for your gun. You will also find loot containers in this area, so go out and search. 4. The right way to loot The favorite feature of the most players is a central gameplay element in Escape from Tarkov: Looting! It's your main task to find and collect useful loot in a raid. This is made more difficult by local "scavs" and other players. You find military loot especially in green boxes but the looting of enemies is mostly more profitable. Especially when it comes to weapons and equipment. So experienced players carry with them whole weapon arsenal - which they also gladly use. Possibly uninteresting objects (like chocolate and lemonade) should not be left behind. they can be valuable for traders. For the trade with loot, a category with various dealers is available in the main menu. So try to take everything you can carry. The mentioned backpack is very helpful. If you don't have a backpack or if you don't want to risk a backpack you can try to snatch one from a defeated enemy. Your tactical creativity knows nearly no limit in Escape from Tarkov. 5. Don't underestimate your enemies Even Scavs are mostly serious opponents in Escape from Tarkov. They will try to run around you, taking cover and shoot accurately! They are also well armed - a fight against Scavs requires high concentration - and often ends in the main menu. Don't give up you will be better each time with these adrenaline loaded situations. Use any cover on the way from “A” to “B”. when you see an enemy approach you carefully and maybe ducked to show as little attack area as possible. Try to eliminate the opponent as quickly as possible with a head shot (Use “right click” to aim). This is Tarkov: Gameplay shows wild shootings in the Closed-Beta We strongly recommend to keep the environment in mind after a successful fight. By loud shots, enemies may be alerted. If you think the area is clear, approach carefully to the corpse of the enemy and lay on the ground to loot - and do this as fast as you can. Were you wounded in battle? Use your medical equipment to treat your wounds. For this you have to open your inventory and go to “Health”. There you can see which part of your body has taken damage. 6. The escape At the end of a raid you have to exit at an extraction point from the map. For this you first have to find this extraction point. Some exits are always open, for others you need a special key. You can find this key anywhere in the maps and on Scavs. The search for a rescue exit is one of the most exciting gameplay aspects in Escape from Tarkov. If you need help to find an exit on Customs, we recommend this Map-Guide from our partner site Survivethis. In the end, your attention and your skill are decisive for the success in Escape from Tarkov. You also need good map knowledge and - if you play with friends - good teamplay to survive in this Hardcore-Shooter. And last but not least - never be discouraged! Czech translation here by @Miovann
  5. Hand Gestures & Voice Commands are Here!

    Hand Gestures & Voice Commands are Here! Excellent video!
  6. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    The Cheater Battle Wages On!
  7. Meet the Concept art of the Therapist merchant from Escape from Tarkov. Few information is known about her: Elvira Habibullina is department chief at Central city hospital of Tarkov. She is always glad to help you in getting rich with various meds, at that with the expanding of sales the assortment of goods broadens up as well and so the prices do.
  8. Представляем вашему вниманию концепт-арт торговца "Терапевт" из Escape from Tarkov! Известно о ней немногое: Эльвира Хабибулина является заведующей отделением Центральной городской больницы города Таркова. У нее всегда можно разжиться различными медикаментами, причем с ростом уровня торговли ассортимент товаров расширяется, а цена скупки растет.
  9. Polak na Elbrus

    Sławny arywista tommag1982! Thank you, Tomek!
  10. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

    We should place Escape from Tarkov banner on the moon.
  11. Тарков на поверхности Луны!
  12. Баннер Escape from Tarkov водружен на самой высокой горной вершине России и Европы - Эльбрусе! Восхождение совершил польский альпинист, также являющийся поклонником хардкорного шутера от Battlestate Games. Акция организована польскими эмиссарами и игроками Escape from Tarkov. Высота Эльбруса - 5 642 метра над уровнем моря. На седловине Эльбруса (5416 м), разделяющей его Восточную и Западную вершины, расположен самый высокогорный приют Европы. Главными опасностями при восхождении на Эльбрус являлись многочисленные ледниковые трещины и погода, которая может испортиться в считанные часы, что вкупе с резким падением температуры и видимости может привести к потере ориентации и гипотермии. Однако, польский альпинист сумел преодолеть все опасности и успешно совершить восхождение, водрузив баннер на вершине Эльбруса! Представляем вам фотоотчет об этом, без сомнения, уникальном восхождении!
  13. The Escape from Tarkov banner was on the highest summit of Russia and Europe - Mt. Elbrus! The ascent was performed by a Polish mountineer tommag1982, a dedicated fan of the Battlestates Games' hardcore shooter. The event has been staged by Polish Emissaries and players of Escape from Tarkov. The height of the west summit of Elbrus is 5,642 metres (18,510 ft). Its saddle (5416 m high) houses the Europe's highest mountain lodge. Main dangers of Elbrus are glacier crevasses and unpredictable weather that could change over just a few hours. Rapid drop in temperature and visibility poses a risk of hypothermia and loss of direction. However, the mountineer has already successsfully completed the climb and placed the game banner on the summit. We present to your attention a photos of the bold player of Escape from Tarkov!
  14. "Руководство новичка в Escape from Tarkov" - новое видео от The Broham Nation. Доступны русские субтитры!
  15. The new videos about Escape from Tarkov

    The new video "Weaponry of Escape from Tarkov"