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  1. Game Unplayable in OCE

    Ok thank you for the response and your honesty.
  2. Game Unplayable in OCE

    So is that because there is not enough servers in OCE for the players base or there is not enough players to match up for a raid? If there is not enough servers for the OCE region I completly understand the issues. But if it's just a matter of minimal requiered players to launch a raid on a OCE server I don't get it. I guess they will prefer to do a raid with none or a few of PVP, in other words only PVE with good a quality of connection rather than a bad quality connection but with plenty of PVP. I mean in that case the game experience just getting worse for everyone, OCE player and EU or US players. Let the OCE players at least have a good raid, even it's only against scavs, and leave the US and EU players amongst themselves for the best game experience possible.
  3. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    @Kmieciu In addition to what side1394 and ghostsnip44 said, you can find worldwilde references of militaries who want to reinvest into battle rifles with heavy caliber because they are more engaged in urban warfare with the need of better stopping power and penetration capability. The russian militaries stated that after the chechen wars. The USA after the second gulf war and the Afghanistan war. The french GIGN after the recent terrosits attacks and so on. All for the same reasons said above. As for the use of grenade launcher in confined arena, that's impossible most of the time because it will cause injuries to the shooter and his fireteam. As for the use of 50. cal most of the firearms using it are to heavy (mounted machine guns or sniper rifles) unusable in close quarter. And lastly your video does'nt seems legit to me. It was a commercial demonstration and I guess the ammunition used was crap.
  4. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    I agree with you but I hope the arena mode will have some kind of objectives oriented gameplay though. Planting bomb or securate data from ennemy base to your base (CTF game mode type) is not something that will completly break the actual scope of the game.
  5. This is how raids should have been from day 1...

    Bear and USEC are enemies... individually they can cooperate to survive against scav but normally they shoot each other on sight.
  6. Weapon Slings !

    It could be possible with technologies like body awareness (already used in game) and something like NvCloth. The workflow is more simple and easier than before but it can be buggy. When the character is standing it's ok, but when he starts to moving around (goes prone, running, jumping) it tend to be buggy.
  7. Tactical Reload whats the advantage ?

    They already have the 3D assets for what you suggested, I guess it's just not implemented:
  8. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    I can't state categorically that. I encounter many people like you talking about realism because it's a marketing argument whereas the game have obviously already some game designs in it that made concessions about realism for the health of the project. By the way talking about realism in every topics about a game is a sophism... Anyway if you stand your point all about realism, the very reason the militaries reinvest in weapons chambered in 7,62 OTAN or 7,62x39, is because the actual 5,56 or 5,45 lack of penetration through heavy materials and stopping power in close quarters urban warfare. That's why those calibers make a comeback. So to make it balanced they have to consider reality and their actual ingame ballistics data to represent that fact. The IRL warfare through the narrow prism of game design is already somehow balanced by the fact that war is a competition of acts and counteracts. The major and mandatory differency in term of gamedesign is that you have to make it fun, in other words the exact opposite of war. That's the dilemma of the "realistic" games.
  9. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    Kudos to the 3D artists. I have seen Vadim Spiridonov's Artstation and his works are stunning, I don't know if it's him who made this AKM but anyway great work. I think they will make it balanced somehow and I bet they will introduce a western counterpart like maybe a HK417 or a FN SCAR-H in the future.
  10. Why are Australian Players being forced onto Luxembourg Servers

    Ok that's why I had so much bad experiences in term of netcode last time I played the game. I live in EU and playing with aussie players on EU servers is not a good thing either for EU players or aussies players... I hope they will sorting it out.
  11. Fidelity discount on specific items

    I think the flea market (player to player) and the auctions will not have the same purpose as my suggestion. Those features will allow to sale rare and/or sought-after items like the factory key or the items needed to complete a task that you can't buy from traders. Or even the items needed to do bartering. All the items you can buy from the traders that will be on auctions will be only interesting for players who have not maxed their trader levels. They don't have acces to items from high tier level trader, so they try to buy them throught a other player for a higher price of course. So no I don't think it will serve the same purpose as my suggestion. My suggestion have multiple avantage in term of gamedesign. It's something that promote the use of pricey fully decked guns, with this system the players will tend to spend their money as often as they can instead of going to the cheaper. It establish a kind of specialisation that suit well with the mastery perks already in game. It make the actual progression system even deeper because it's an additional layer of theorycrafting: the players will do their purchases for long term thinking. It's the same approach as BSG Devs already had with the skills like "Bear AK system" or "USEC AR system". Some players will choose USEC or BEAR depending of their intention to use a particular type of weapon. Basically a player that want to optimise his efficiency with AK weapons will choose to be a BEAR, and with my suggestion, he will choose to buy as often as he can a type of AK of his choice, because with the fidelity discount, the more money he paid, the less he need to spend for the same weapon. The all thing is balanced by the fact there is only one weapon concerned at the same time, if you choose a other favorite weapon you'll have to grind it again from the ground up. Furthermore when you'll gain levels and accesses to more powerful weapons and accessories, you will have to make a crucial choice: keep your actual cheaper build or move on to a superior one but actually more expensive because you don't have the fidelity discount applied. Also the fidelity discount will only apply with a limit of -50% or -75%. To make a long story short: it's completely different than auctions or the flea market.
  12. AK74N Polymer Furnitures

    I think there is a lack of low tier customization option for the AK74N. We can have access to customized handguards and forehand grips relatively early, but for the buttstocks we have to reach the high tier traders levels. So in-game there are many customized AK74N with the original wood stock. I would like to suggest to let us have acces to the black polymer furnitures throught traders, so we can have more inline AK74N with it level of customization. By the way I thoug it's funny that a promotional picture for your game represent the AK-100 serie, aka the black ak, while it was not present in the game. I would love to see a AK-105/104 in the game.
  13. 1 VS 5

    I don't think the point is here. Of course you can be smarter or lucky and take out a entire squad of 5 PMCs. You can act with ruse, use grenade, waiting the moment they are busy with scav to shoot them all and so on. Something that is possible is not necessarily balanced or fair, that is not related. No the point is if on a server, a squad of 5 is in, they have a unfair advantage of numerical superiority anyhow because the server won't allow 5vs5. By the way I think you're wrong when you said there are downsides by grouping with other players. There are almost any disavantage regarding the benefit/risk ratio to survive, the only downside right now is related to the quests, because indeed be in a squad can make difficult to do some tasks. That is the only downside that come to my mind right now.
  14. 1 VS 5

    I agree with you, this 5 teammates squad is little to high for the actual player slot limit. On another note I would like to say that maybe all those netcode/server issues can be drasticlly reduced if the players slot will be reduced to spare the server stress. Maybe the actual engine just can't support that many clients with all the complex datas that need to be update constantly on the server (ballistic, IAs, inventories, loose items etc...).
  15. Fidelity discount on specific items

    I come with a idea about how works your relationship with traders. I have seen many hours of live stream latly and I see that many players actually do hatchling runs, not because they run out of money nor guns or gears but only because they are frustrated to loose their finest gears. Psychologically they said in their minds "forget it, why do I go in raid with expensive or rare gear just to loose everything in a instant". So even if they have tons of Aks or M4 they leave them in their stashes because they do not want to loose them. So they buy a TT or do hatchling runs. What I proposing is basically a features that introduce a fidelity discount on one and only one weapon. This favorite weapon can be a modded weapon, all accessories will be take in account in the discount. More you loose this weapon and buy it again from traders (multiple traders because of the accessories) more it will become cheaper. Of course until a certain extend, let's say maybe -50% or 75% maximum or whatever. With this system, many player will constantly using their favorite fully decked weapon so that fight this syndrome of the hatchling run because they are mad about losing their beloved gun. I think it come nicely with the fact that is only affect weapons they can buy regarding their level of affinity with the traders, so newbies will not have acces to discounted full customized M4 or AKs. That way it is well integrated with the already existing progression system. I think it's something that already came in the minds of the BSG Devs because in the traders tab there is a heart tab but I don't know what it is exactly, so maybe it's something already planned.