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  1. Please put more pacas back in the traders inventory

    Yeah thats what ive been doing. Im not having trouble finding them lol. Theyre not on "nearly every scav" tho maybe more like 1/10. It was just way better imo when skier was stocked up with them, and didnt run out in only 15 minutes. He seemed to have a better stock last night tho so maybe they bumped the numbers up a bit
  2. Please put more pacas back in the traders inventory

    Thanks for the valuable opinion. Not enough space to hold 4-5 pacas all the time
  3. If you dont stock up in the first 20 minutes of the restock you are SoL. I think it was way better when they were freely available. It really kills any motivation to bring out gear if i cant buy a paca
  4. Helmets...

    ^^yeah id like to see them add a face slot too. I would love to be able to wear a balaclava with my kiver
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Is that the one where you have to do a quest for prapor to get the info?
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    Yeah i just wore myself out grinding for gold chains and air filters. Ive been enjoying having things to do besides grind factory lol
  7. Quest Mega Thread

    Thats a good idea, i figured id have a better chance on customs for some reason lol. Thanks
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    I cannot find the 206 key for the life of me. Ive been searching dorms, killing scavs hitting cabinets, nothing. Can anyone point me in the direction of a known spawn for it or just like let me in?
  9. Hybrid 46 to sig p226?

    Rails in there now
  10. Hybrid 46 to sig p226?

    I got my point across fine, thanks tho bud.
  11. Hybrid 46 to sig p226?

    Do they fit? It says it fits 9mm pistols. I have the supressor, the adaptor and the threaded barrel but cant put it together
  12. Can anybody else not sell items to skier?

    You are not alone! I reported it, hopefully they can fix it soon cause hes pretty essential
  13. Can anybody else not sell items to skier?

    Yeah thats what im getting right now but ive had chem p2 done. This is lame because hes the only one thatll buy my extra chest rigs and backpacks lol Not to mention the fact i just gave him the last quest and wrecked my rep with my other traders, now i cant use skier at all. Rip me
  14. My stash is just blank and all the tabs are blacked out, but only when i try to sell to skier. Other traders are fine. Just wondering if other people are experiencing this too or if im just glitched out Edit: his items disappear when i switch to buy, then reappear by reclicking the buy tab but i still cant buy them. Wah
  15. Found a Fort Armor at Shoreline

    No problem buddy, enjoy being able to buy pacas lol