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  1. Amazing gameplay in Factory

    Follow amazing gameplay on live stream
  2. New servers added!

    a lot of desync, every start raid and when scav drop in map. impossible to play.
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    It is in the same place, you need to search again. is on the left side of the wood pallet
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    Wooow kill 25 BEAR in 1hour? hahahaha crazy quest, fast runs at factory
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Will be avaliable the Punisher pt 6? I finished all quests.
  6. Quest Mega Thread

  7. Quest Mega Thread

    Number 4 - FULL M4 Number 5 - Docs Case and pistol case. Number 6 - ???????
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    Medicals bag at gas station near extraction @sho please, post the last task from prapor, i like your videos.
  9. Quest Mega Thread

    I Found one at Custom in SCAV loot. near gas station
  10. Quest Mega Thread

    You need find the key 220
  11. Quest Mega Thread

    Try do this in a team of 5, alone this is too hard.
  12. Wanted: Document Case

    where this item can spaw?
  13. Quest Mega Thread

    Please, where you find the gas analyzer in shoreline? I run 100 times at pump station in the FACTORY but never found this item.