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  1. Why they die after shots?

    Maybe Dsync i think no, maybe Dsync, When Dsync will finish?
  2. Why they die after shots?

    Look to this scene, and say to me, why the players die after the shots stoped?
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    Where are the Gaz Analyzer?
  4. Quest Mega Thread

  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Any1 coul'd help me with de chemical pt3? What I need to do?
  6. Quest Mega Thread

  7. Quest Mega Thread

  8. Quest Mega Thread

    He said, the letter is in the blue folders, others operator are having this problem. But, the developer said, is in the blue folders, sorry for my bad english.
  9. Quest Mega Thread

    Maybe is in the 220 room at 3 story dorm
  10. Quest Mega Thread

    This room How task?
  11. Quest Mega Thread

    room blocked by a bed.
  12. Quest Mega Thread

    Don't run two quest in the same time, have a bug, when you have a prapor and skier quest, just one can be conpleted.
  13. Fire in the hole

    I die by a dead scav =(
  14. Video - Killing all in FACTORY

    Hi Guys, follow my gameplay in FACTORY with makarov pistol.