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  1. extract camping nicks

    got caught there one time, after a very long and hard factory fight. pissed me off so bad.
  2. geared players

    wow, humans are cancer. If a hatchling is not trying to run at me, I'll try to do some basic communications (wiggling). if there seems to be some intelligence behind the player, I'll let him be. but i'm still not going to trust him...
  3. I'd bunker down in a mall. Make it mine, booby trapped everywhere. Make my own crew of scavs. Survive.
  4. Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    could we get differently colored masks and such? saves having to create brand new cosmetic items for the short term.
  5. Compass?

    just a digital wrist watch with a compass integrated to it, when you press "o" it makes you do a similar animation to checking your inventory, but just brings your watch into focus (and maybe shows in the top corner under the time, whatever direction you are looking at when pressing the button.)
  6. Alcohol as a suggestion

    got some pretty good ideas up there! I'd add maybe a delay to the pills, It should take some time to take effect but last a while(assuming you down the whole pack, which is the only current option). Opposite of morphine which would be quick relief for medium time. Also, How fast are you going to chug that vodka or home made brew? For the molotov, You would need a lighter or zippo in your pockets or pouches to be able to use it. Could be equipable in the pistol slot maybe?
  7. Full name: Mikhail Nikitin Nickname: Krymz Gender: M Age: 31 Occupation: Agriculture and Environment engineer, Political activist Appearance: 1.8m tall, Short Brown hair with a full beard and Green hazel eyes. In good shape yet a bit slim. Always has his hoody, backpack full of useful things. Social Level: Professional middle class, In the agricultural sector. Also an activist with political and environmental groups on his spare time. Misc. Quirks: enjoys sarcasm a little too much, is a hoarder and has a bit of hyperactivity. Likes: Honesty, Comradeship, Nature and animals, tinkering and creating from salvage, sharing, listening to and playing music. Knives. Dislikes: stupidity, selfishness, aggressiveness, pollution, pop music, corruption. Hobbies: Guerrilla gardening, computer games, philosophy, green technologies, hunting, cooking Favored Weapons: Shotguns and AK74-U. History: (read as separate chronological "blog" entries.) I came here with a journalist who contacted me to investigate the recent activities in Tarkov, regarding the infamous Terra Group bio-tech corporation. He was after my knowledge of biology, and the fact that I hated it for the enemy of the people that it was, and therefor knew a lot about it. We were going to go infiltrate one of their labs near a forest plantation, get some samples of whatever we found, hack whatever computers we found, sabotage whatever we found, and get out to check out what we had gathered. ------------------- It was not a simple lab. Simple labs don’t have armed gun mans on patrols that shoot on sight. Now I’m alone and I don’t know the locale. We did not have a place to meet if we got separated. I hope he’s OK. I found an old barn, I’m going to wait the night out and then go back into town and find something to eat, maybe I’ll find the journalist there. ------------------- I’d never think I’d get in such a situation. We knew we were going after something big, especially because of what they did in Congo in 2008) but I’m way out of my league. But now I can’t get out because of the complete blockade set up around Tarkov by the B.E.A.R., so I might as well try to finish what I came here for and get to the bottom of it all. More than half of the city has evacuated, and whoever is left is either dead or armed and dangerous. My friend is dead. They found him in the plantation. Someone (obviously Terra group) is arming and procuring goods to the criminal elements that have stayed behind, favouring the most ruthless and cunning of them, in their image. I better lay low for a bit and get my surrounding right. ------------------- I found a spare key outside of an unoccupied summer house by the shoreline, and I’m using it as a stach to hide the stuff I don’t need to carry with me, in the meantime of finding a way to find out who and what that corporation is involved with. I also managed to get in contact with a handful of traders, which is going to be useful if I ever want to do what I’ve got to do. ------------------- I met a B.E.A.R. today. I thought I was going to die. I was looking around a pharmacy for some gauze and bandages, when all of a sudden I get brightened by a flashlight from really close, a big voice yelling at me to get my hands up. Good thing I didn’t have a gun on me, for a change. After acknowledging that we were not enemies and that posed no threat, we chatted for a bit, and he told me that we had the same goal. We both wanted to take Terra Group down, and they could use more able bodies to take the threat down. I told him I’d think about it. Corporations and government are like a married couple; they might bicker and even fight once in a while, but in the end they are always a couple no matter what. Would helping them in this situation be proactive, or would it blow up in my face eventually later on? They could always cover things up in the higher echelons of power and administration, something like a facade of resistance to the corporation. I can’t decide what to do. Right now I need some food and a lighter to start a fire, the nights are starting to get cold. I need to find a way to hide the smoke of the fire somehow first though, otherwise I’ll just be asking for unwanted visitors. I see a factory, on the other side of town, maybe 5 to 10 km away. I’ll walk there tomorrow, see if I can find anything useful and light enough to bring back with me. Or maybe find a new place for a hideout that would be safer, more hidden or at least warmer at nights.
  8. when you say "creating a character ", do you mean a playing character (i.e. a story for my character) or a "NPC" character?
  9. Spawn point camping

    Yeah this kill on sight attitude is cancer :\ Stuff is coming. Better spawns, better "cosmetic" recognition of players and so on. I've heard of some Karma like system that would help reduce the KOS by giving somesort of penalities if killing friendlies or something like that (mostly USMC and BEAR though I would assume). Maybe it will be related to vendors or reducing the random loot tiers of next missions or having special AI hunt you (that might turn it into a possitive though, like kill X teamates to make a special AI with good loot spawn on next mission...), make you more noisy or whatever.
  10. Spawn point camping

    phone call: "hey, I got to the mall, what entrance are you at?" "the B one" "oh poo, I'm at the A one. ok meet up at the food court" "roger" they already did the grouping beforehand, and still did not arrive together at the same place. Though of course, would save a lot of hassle and shooting friendlies accidentaly lol
  11. Spawn point camping

    " you can group up with 4 other players but then spawn on opposite sides of the level." It can be totally logical to be like "let's meet up in factory" and not arrive all at the same place, unless you somehow live all in the same apartment and leave to raid at the same time at the same place all the time.