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  1. Immernoch keinerlei probleme? Mein Kumpel is bei Unitymedia und die haben standardmäßig dynamische IP. Er hat jede runde Packets 0
  2. Gamma Container

    Sometimes you can find a Beta container on fence for about 500k i think
  3. Is there a way to upgrade stash size?

    You have to level up Skier and Therapist to lvl 4. They sell armor, money and weapon case.
  4. Upgrading...

    Its really worth it tho. Wouldnt want to miss the stash and gamma ever again.
  5. Reloading jams

    If it does not stop to blink you might have been desynced from server and need to reconnect. Open console and type showfps 1. If the last data called "packets in" is 0 and stays 0 you are out of sync. A buddy gets this every second game. He can still run around and be killed. But everything else is frozen for him because the server does not send info anymore
  6. PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    I guess you talk about the locker room in factory? I played tons of factory rounds and never got stuck in there, while i move through atleast once every match. You can reconnect as always. My buddy had desync and used alt+f4 and just reconnected as usual.
  7. What is up the the damage

    Buckshot is not very effective vs. paca if i remember correct. Just aim for the head next time
  8. What is up the the damage

    did he wear any kind of armor? paca absorbs alot of shotgun dmg...aim point blank for the head next time
  9. SCAVS killing SCAVS

    Its a well known problem and will be adressed with a karma system some day. i heard things like you get bad luck like gun jamming if you kill same faction to much or worse trader prices.
  10. Sks mags sometimes bug out if you reload the ammo to early. The mag still thinks it is empty and in another slot. If you switch to knife you can press 1 2 3 for each gun slot, pistol primary secondary. Desync is a well known problem but i personally dont have that much trouble with it. I would suggest you play with pistols first and learn the maps in offline mode maybe. You cant lose or get stuff offline but get to know enemy spawns extraction and loot spots.
  11. Factory exit key

    And thats why i check fence once in a while. Found a keybar there. 275k roubles but its worth it
  12. If there is a Wipe

    Its like you bought a fresh game
  13. Repaired Armor Skier Quest 1

    No. 1 fort 1 kiver with 90% durability
  14. Needing Help with Skier Task 1

    Stay in raids for a longer time. Sometimes scavs spawn in with kiver and/or fort. I think i have never seen fort on Initial spawn.
  15. Beta Contairnes

    And you can get larger containers for money, quest or limited edition