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  1. hey there mate could i get verified and also updated cause i Upgraded to the EOD edition thanks mate

    my discord is mrvamp#4657 

  2. Great news, thanks for the update BB! Keep it up!
  3. My bad if I'm intruding, But Smooth Void#5021 Verification.

  4. Hello good Sir, I am Knox#7023 on discord ; may i get verified?

  5. can I get verified please. Audio45 #3841

  6. can i get verified mrvamp#4657

  7. can i Get verified please Smash#1540

  8. Здравствуйте! Мой ник в Дискорде: dayzru#0413

    Не могли бы вы меня верифицировать? Заранее спасибо!

  9. hey my discored name is this worned6661 can you please verify me 


  10. It's good to see that they won't have any special equipment that is not achievable in-game. Great idea!
  11. hello,

    my discord is Vengeance#6753

  12. Hey man, my discord username is Mercy#2805

  13. Hey Frantic. Discord: RynerLute #3362



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  14. Bull #3523

  15. hey Frantic,

    can you please unlock me on discord :)