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  1. Anyone else not getting certain keys?

    206 is difficult to find but I finally found it in Shoreline. Looking ages for it But 303 is everywhere bro it is not hard to find. Usually on scavs.
  2. Internet broken when I enter this game :(

    Not very good actually. But as I mentioned I've got no problems before the patches. This problem beginned after the first hot fix. And I'm experiencing this issue only with this game. I'm playing Pubg, BF1, BF4, F1 2017 etc. without any problem and with 60-70 pings.
  3. I don't what is the problem. My modem or my ISP... I can't figure... But when I enter a map my Internet starts to work very slowly. So slow I can't even open Google. Can't watch a video in Youtube even 140p. This is not happening in other multiplayer games which I play a lot. Only Tarkov and this problem occured after hotfixes. Before them there was no problem. I really like to play this game again. I can solve this problem sometimes by resetting modem and reconnecting to game. But with that I can't go to the raids with geared anymore because of danger. Have anyone have a problem like this? Let me know please. Cheers
  4. My Luckiest Hatched Run

  5. Found a Fort Armor at Shoreline

    Wow... I still can't find a new one You can also look to the shoulders of the Scav to whether he is wearing a Fort armor or not. Unline Paca, Fort armor has a protection at shoulders.
  6. Prapor "BP Depot" Quest bug

    I can confirm that. I think it's about the little patch came out today. Thank you devs you're fast
  7. Prapor "BP Depot" Quest bug

    Yeah I did an offline run too. Funny thing is all other trucks are bugged for me. Can't place any of them right now I'm still in the game btw reporting live
  8. Prapor "BP Depot" Quest bug

    I tried man not working My bugged truck is the first one close to the spawns
  9. Prapor "BP Depot" Quest bug

    Yeah somebody shot me when I protect the truck and I died(At the same thime server connection lost) So I can't place the marker on that truck. This quest is bugged.
  10. Found a Fort Armor at Shoreline

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll go check out the places you mention I need more Fort Armor for my bros.
  11. Your suggestions

    I want CZ 75 and able to modify it as the picture below (I know the 2nd picture is different model but CZ 75B can be modified to something like that too)
  12. Prapor quest bug

    There is also another bug in this quest. Nobody mention it in the forums. I opened a topic for it go check it out if you want to finish this quest more safe.
  13. Found a Fort Armor at Shoreline

    Me too. I played so many hours as solo and did longer raids but can't find one. Then this came out when me and my bros are playing just for fun
  14. Fort Armor.. Where do i find it?

    Here is proof that you can find it on Scavs.