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  1. TFB Community recruiting

    thanks for the feedback Anneto
  2. TFB Community recruiting

    come one, come all. join Task Force Bravo new and experienced players, everyone welcome
  3. TFB Community recruiting

    hi Viper, i will PM you my steam name. if you want to add me and then i can talk you over how to get set up. if not, when you join TS look for some of the high ranks - such as Jack, Sad Stoner, Porkey Paul, Sly or any other the other players and they can point you to some that can help. look forward to playing with you
  4. TFB Community recruiting

    thanks for the comments OJ, and everyone else! good to see everyone enjoying the community
  5. TFB Community recruiting

    sorry, no discord. TS only
  6. TFB Community recruiting

    Hi all, Are you sick of the solo runs and looking for a squad? Tired of getting one tapped and then having nothing to show for your efforts........ .....I'm form Task Force Bravo (https://taskforcebravo.co/forum/), we are looking to grow our Escape From Tarkov wing of our gaming community. And help you enjoy the game Are you 16+ & speak English. We have players from all over the world - UK / EU to the USA to Australia........... and everywhere in between. We are looking to recruit - from new to Tarcov players, to vets looking to join a squad to bring back some of that sweet loot. We have a wide range of play types with multiple Team speak channels for different run types and player counts. Every thing from run an gun, to Mil sim. We can help you complete tasks and make some money along the way, so do not worry if you are brand new to the game, we welcome all levels of skill. If you are interested in joining, go to our TS channel - ts.taskforcebravo.net and one of the community leaders will get you set up and in a squad. We look forward to speaking to you shortly. - Loudnoizez
  7. looking for players

    friendly community. happy to help out solo players looking for squads and new players to EFT