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  1. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    - Age? : 21 - Timezone? : central (US&Canada) - What level were you in the previous patch? currently level 36 - Do you have understanding of all 3 maps? Wouldn't say I am the best, but I know my way around comfortably and can find extraction on all maps. - How much overall game knowledge do you have? (?/10) I would say (8/10) Know a lot of things, but probably need to be filled in on certain tactics and such. The reason I want to join is because I find it boring to play by myself. I enjoy the large team experience that eft allows.
  2. Is getting weapons/money to easy?

    I think the current loot system is ok. When more and more weapons are added to the game low tier weapons are hopefully to be way more common on scavs possibly due to location difficulty. To the OP are you a solo player or in a group. Doesn't matter really, but some people aren't going to be able to go take kivers and fort from everyone they see having it on or go rambo mode.
  3. Why doesn't this game appeal to someone?

    I'm not sure if you'd consider rust a hardcore game, but I compare that game to this game alot and he liked that game aton. I would go as far as saying rust at times could be way more hardcore because you can actually lose everything eg base wiped where this game gives you a breather and provides a unraidable stash, secure container, and a scav mode to regain gear. Though the combat is more of a arcade feel and cartoony graphics.
  4. Just throwing this out there to find a reasonable theory. (The reason I created this thread) I got my cousin to cave in and buy this game the standard edition. He played for about 20mins with me I was trying to get him into the game by doing some low risk runs through most of the maps. Mind you he likes games like rust, ark, reign of kings, and pubg. I asked him why he don't like the game and I don't get anything other than I don't want to play it. < What is the appeal of the game to me > Well I come from a similar background of games that he has played. What I appreciated in the game is the stash system! No base building or getting offline raided while I was asleep! I love that you can go into a raid with as much gear or as little gear as you want it gives you a sense of shivers when you finally take out that really expencive weapon or that fort armor you were saving, but you go out and yolo it anyway. This game feels like rust without a base that can be broken into with the combat of a realistic sense like similar to arma. <My question> My 12 year old cousin doesn't like the game at all now he won't even play. (Mind you he is able to play M rated game. Not saying all 12 year olds or under 17 should play M rated games that's the parent's discision.) Which is worrying to me for the game's health as weather or not younger people will play this game like if it was rust, pubg, or even gta5. Call of duty appeals to a wide range of people and 12-18 year old range are a big demographic for them as for alot of other games such as gmod. Also did you know majority of views for certain gaming youtubers are people between the ages of 10 to 18 years old atleast by their youtube acct profiles. Okay the question is why doesn't this game appeal to the younger minecraft, call of duty, h1z1, and rust gamer? Sorry for the wall of text I know it is huge. (Trump pun)
  5. Buddy Drag

    carrying your dead buddy to the extraction so he gets his stuff back would be cool.
  6. Gamma Case

    Do you guys even have the correct status for the container cause you need edge of darkness to get it. Cant tell if you are or not cant see on mobile.
  7. Juggernaught scavs

    I know that new scavs will be added later that are similar to a mmo boss. I embrace the idea of that by suggesting adding a scav that has arm armor, leg armor, fort or better juggernaught bomb proof class armor, full face helmet better than kiver. It will have a slow movement speed for being as tanky as possible. I want him to be kitted with a minigun that if killed he doesn't always drop it so it would be a "rare" drop or when you kill him he drops and breaks the gun somehow and you need to kill the boss multiple times to piece together a minigun great for player auctions later on so trading and selling parts. Has a really rare spawn chance preferably at the last spot scavs spawn on the map like on woods the cabin or customs the checkpoint. Bosses in mmos normally have minions so have 3 ak or m4a1 scavs with atleast paca and helmet so it will be a tough force to deal with. These minions and the boss will have the greatest difficulty a scav can have as far as ai so people can't just say it was easy to get that stuff. Basically the boss scav runs in a squad of 4 counting himself and would require a nice amount of hits to take down, but to make up for him being slow he has 3 agile scavs helping so basically the boss is a distraction for the 3 extras to be mobile and deadly. PMC teamwork should be a priority in mind for this cause if one player can take out all 4 of those scavs it might ruin the fun factor for some or increase it I'm unsure on that. Sorry for the wall of text just thinking outside the box. Also thought of a scav that'd be like the end in mgs3 a extremely old sniper that can wait days on end for a kill probably kitted with dvl nvg sniper vest and is solo.
  8. Inventory change

    Id like to see a faceplate like in the game army of two that game was the business.. lol Maybe have a helmet and a faceplate one to cover the top and back of your head and a faceplate to block your face from getting caved in since kiver won't cover that.
  9. Mag dump pouch

    Idk about having to drag/drop each bullet maybe have a timer like we do now for using meds and an animation of putting bullets in a magazine i agree it shouldn't be instant but it also doesn't need to take getting carple tunnle just loading one magazine that'd be a turn off for me. I understand in real life you load a mag 1 bullet at a time, but this still is a game not reality you need some elements to be eased in some ways or else it will turn people off from trying the game.
  10. Bug - AI 1 Shot Kill

    They intend the offline scavs to act just like that in online mode its online lag and server problems causing them to not shoot sometimes but they are getting closer to finishing them.
  11. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Go play offline with that gear and tell me you won't sense any bs LOL. You get one shot to the legs majority of the time now cause thats what they are programmed to shoot if you have armor seems like and they nerfed the kiver to where if they shoot your face it does damage cause they made the hitbox realistic.
  12. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Just got turned on in full gear with no leg protection... blasted in the legs 1 time dies with full paca and helmet m4 and trizip after I killed 2 player scavs and 1 ai scav which also shot at me with a makorov.
  13. Ar15

    I've watched videos on the dpms orical seems like its a nice starter ar 15 which is really all I am wanting really for shooting alittle bit every now and then probs wouldn't use more than 100 rounds in a weekend of shooting. (Also the rifle is listed around 800$ on their website but being sold for $479.99 in my local store so no shipping fee or dealing with ffl other than the one in the store.) I live in an area with few shooting ranges around so testing a rifle would be impossible for me. I have seen things about building ar15s to save money but I'd rather buy and modify a rifle instead of taking on the task of trying to piece one together.
  14. Gold coins

    Reason why I think gold is realistic is because you could use it for all the currencies like if 1 coin is worth 50k rubs it would be worth the 50k equivelant of dollars and euros so in practice it could be a universal currency like gold is in real life even if 50k rubs couldn't buy a gold coin in real life it'd be a practical use in the game and heck maybe some vendors only trade in gold coins via the flee market or player auction. Where as like the bonds arn't what I see to be a good universal currency cause it is soley for rubs since it'd be russian. Sourced on google 50k roubles is roughly $868 which I know could buy a sizeable coin of gold today. In bullion it would be about 2 tola bars to equal abit over 50k roubles in dollars its like 900$
  15. Ar15

    They got a website? Currently at my local academy sports store they got a dpms orical for 479.99 anything cheaper would be great.