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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Selling factory key for 500k (EU)
  2. Customs Price List

    I didn't want to insult you or something, just want you to know that prices are different when upgrading. The most relevant ones are at lvl4. On short check every safe you can, take: bitcoin, rolex, wooden clock, bronze lion, gold chain, cpu, graphics card and currency
  3. Customs Price List

    Selling prices are irrelevant at lvl 2/3, first upgrade to lvl 4. I sell bitcoin for 96-97k, CPU 10k
  4. Selling keybar for 600k (EU)

    Keybar - 500k
  5. Official Trading Thread

    Selling (EU) Keybar - 500k
  6. Selling keybar for 600k (EU)

    Sorry man i already completed all my quests i don't need anything You can give the ones you find for free, make someone happy
  7. Selling keybar for 600k (EU)

    Selling keybar for 600k (EU)
  8. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Don't try to be a smartass because you'll only feel embarrassed after people will make you look like a fool! FYI I didn't create the quests, hard or easy it's up to you if are really able to do them. If you are not, crying about it won't change a thing! It has been 2 weeks since I joined the best clan in EFT, but trust me I ran solo since the wipe. I don't need people to help me doing the quests, forts and kiver spawn on SCAVS, again, if you are competent enough to kill them. It took me 3 weeks to complete all the quests at all traders. You must be kidding when stating that first Skier quest is difficult right? Every day I play EFT, if I avoid fighting all PMC's I still find at least one fort per day and I extract with it. Drawing first quests are same for everyone, the order of the quests is the same for every player in EFT. "Can" means competent players that you don't see bitching around on forum about the quests or gameplay. By people that "can" I mean people who don't compare hardcore EFT to arcade COD, CSGO, etc... Also by "can" I mean the guys that took a decent amount of time and effort to learn how to play this game, people that report bugs, people that help others with performance issues/quests info, people that stream on Twitch and are the reason for buying EFT, people from which I learned how to play EFT (Thanks Kotton, Klean, Deadly), people that post guides for quests/skills/spawns on Youtube in order to help others get better at the game, people giving feedback to the devs (Thanks Nikita for listening to the player base) in order to make this game better, people that are not scared to lose full kit in one raid, people that don't make naked runs in 90% of their raids, hoarding items and never using them, people not afraid to fight solo vs. squads, this kind of people I am talking about... Clearly you are not part of this category, nor the others crying on this post because you mostly are some frustrated, exit camping, lazy ass Reddit kids, getting rekt by hatchling while with fort+kiver, that can't just search for the info they need on Youtube/Forum, they just rant all across this forum! Please go back to CoD if this game is too hard!
  9. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    I am the center of my universe, my opinion is shared by many other competent players who actually CAN play this game instead of complaining about the quests being to difficult/hatchlings should be removed/Makarov should be added as an included item/map time should be removed, etc. Jesus, just stop crying all the time, no one cares!!! I see that you are trying to gain a little bit of rep by just trolling with idiotic answers, I'm not even bothering to reply anymore, you are a complete waste of my time! NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO PLAY THIS GAME AS IT IS, YOU KNOW? IF IT'S TOO HARD GO PLAY MARIO!
  10. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Planned and intended is not the same with existing right bro?!
  11. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Nice one bro! As far as his comments go I could state the obvious facts: 1. He is afraid of action 2. He is afraid of losing gear 3. He wants to play EFT as a goddamn chess game (maybe they can remove time limits on every maps so you have no pressure, take all day in a raid) 4. He doesn't think K/D ratio is important in SHOOTER games (what is then, taking a walk across the map, looting items from green boxes/filing cabinets) 5. He wants to play EFT like FALLOUT if possible: just scavenge for stuff / fight on a turn based timing @nachtmaere maybe you chose the wrong game to play bro!
  12. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Call of Battlefield?!
  13. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    You mean you mostly farm SCAVS, you can play PVE then, no point in fighting other PMC's right? They should fix the K/D ratios so you would be able to compare your skill with other players and actually see how good/bad you are. Do you think I play like a brain dead Rambo, rushing the maps, brawling all PMC's/SCAVS and trying to kill everyone? I have a full time job, I'm 32 years old, I only play in the evening for a few hours and during weekends. The time you spend in this game will not necessarily make you a better player, trust me, but getting the hang of this game, learning the maps, learning how to PVP when necessary, losing the gear-fear WILL. All the players reading this post should learn that this game is not about hatchet/Makarov runs, farming SCAVS, avoiding PVP cause you get rekt 90% of the time and hoarding a lot of gear without using it even once. This game is actually fun to play after you actually learn how it's all about and stop being frustrated when you get killed by a better player then you, crying every time it happens! As LethalsLoaded stated above a good player combines awareness, map positioning and good reaction time to get the best possible run on every map. Best run = best loot in my opinion. A good player knows how to pick it's fights and it will always start with a plan before actually entering the game. Story? What story? So far there is no story in this game, only PVE+PVP. It's 100% you choice how you play it but trust me, when you can engage any fully geared player at the right time in the right place, you can improve your skills a lot, and might be able to go solo against squads later on. EFT is as close as it gets to a military hardcore shooter, it is supposed to be difficult, skill is supposed to matter a lot. At the end of the day the most rewarding feeling is when you kill one/more guys wearing fort/kiver/m4 or ak, isn't it?
  14. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Before the wipe I bought Beta container from Peacekeeper as the punisher pt.6 was no longer available when I reached to it. Beta (2x3) is more then enough in my opinion because I hold a salewa, 1 painkiller and keybar/docs bag inside it so that's 4-5 slots from 6. As far as I noticed, mostly hatchlings/beginners complain about the size of their container, they think this game is "pay to win" cause they are not happy with naked runs and farming green crates, simply the secure is not big enough to gain a lot of credits in one game. EFT is not Farming Simulator 2017! After getting my Epsilon container I was happy that I could use it to upgrade my strength level a little quicker, on open maps I run 2 pistol cases inside it, on customs/factory I use 1 pistol case inside it and 1 salewa+1 painkiller+1 keybar. So what I'm trying to prove here is that even Alpha container 2x2 is big enough for anyone.
  15. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Thank you!