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  1. Combining First Aid

    Oh... I do declare Mr Beauregard.
  2. Sensitivity changing with different armor a bad idea

    Id wouldnt mind it. Oh, I need to fer shure...(I miss doin Weng Chun) But outside. My apartment is way too small for that... and Im a class 5 hoarder...(1-5, 1 being worst ) But even with just the furniture, Im a bull in a china shop. Cant walk too fast in here if I wanna keep my toes intact... And I gotta not kill cats n stuff. Im with it. But packs that have the little clip(that goes around your abdomen and clips in the front), like the MBSS should stay put no matter what. We should be able to damn near hula with good n loaded duffel, fer shure. Might be asking a bit much of the devs tho. Hmm... maybe a placebo... but I did a super successful pistol run last week(P226, 3 mags, and a brain loaded on caffeine ), and I noticed a pretty good difference between overall speed/maneuverability/stamina between the time I started and the time I made the final push to the EZ. My player was also about level 10, and stamina skill was lvl 2 or 3... I know that makes a difference in the difference. Kind of extreme example tho... I came in without even a vest or pack, and left with a stacked Alpha rig, packed AVS stuffed into an otherwise loaded MBSS packed Russian Nesting Doll style into 2 other packs... I swear my stamina burnt almost twice as fast as I was runnin for that exit. Also was pretty low on hydration (~20-30), pretty sure that plays a part too. Not sure where energy was, that usually burns pretty slow... Can you even sweat in Russia in this time of year? I mean, outside at least. Cheers, GWB
  3. Sensitivity changing with different armor a bad idea

    Was a simple suggestion folks... no need to get worked up. Not sure how a multi-dpi mouse breaks the realism... IRL, you have more fine motor control (or at least I do) than with a mouse. So its perfectly feasible to adjust my sensitivity on the fly, just like you would in the real world. So... when you walk around in your home, you turn as fast as your Tarkov character??? Seems dizzying... Other than leaning restriction, all these are already a part of the game. Dont forget total available stamina. (thats the little green bar that goes down when you sprint) I didnt buy the KB/M for the mouse... it was the best looking set in the store for under 30 bucks. (old KB/M died) The multi dpi was an unexpected bonus, and as I said, 90% of the time(maybe more???) I use the middle setting anyway. And why is it totally cool to change sens in settings... but Im "Elitist" because my mouse already does that? Anyways; the main point was that the dude was unhappy that he had to constantly go into the settings to change sensitivity... Im sure there are hotkey programs or something... but I chose to present a cheap alternative, that comes with other positives, like the led backlighting is good for more than just gaming... and what pc user isnt a sucker for aesthetics? If youre already happy with your KB/M, thats fine... I was just trying to bring something constructive to the table, and referencing my own personal experience with it. True... Im really not that good. And the ones who are seem to just have really high sensitivity all the time. Makes it too hard to use the PSO, and Im really loving that baby on my new SKS. Cheerio chaps, n stay frosty. GWB
  4. Sensitivity changing with different armor a bad idea

    Naah, EfT is all about realism. Not being able to maneuver as well with armor on is realistic. Have a backpack at home? Or any kind of large bag? Load it with as much junk as you can, and run around a bit... youll understand quickly. Also... Cooler Master is very far from random poo... if you discount them, its your loss. Also, also, theyre not the only ones to make multi-DPI mouses.
  5. Combining First Aid

    For sure. I hate having to throw out something nice just cuz I want to take out a damn Blue Stripe pack of smokes so I can get another IFAK.
  6. The "Splint" needs to have a use in this game

    Absolutely. Would be a cool feature if you could pass out if you take too many.
  7. Dehydration and Camping

    I rarely even use that. Mostly its for when I simrace. Im good at setting up the car so I play engineer and help others tame their beasts. As far as EfT goes, Ive been 100% solo so far... and until they really start to punish us John Clark types, that prolly wont change. Most of em... You dont wanna see my desktop. Sorry OP... ultra hikackage of the thread... my bad.
  8. Combining First Aid

    I like both ideas. It should be sensible though... if its at 30/300, it really shouldnt be much cheaper than a whole new kit.
  9. Sensitivity changing with different armor a bad idea

    My PC is all blue LED(except for the MSI 960 ) and I have a CoolerMaster push-pull CPU fan, so it all looks pretty together. The best part is how I shoved it all into a micro-atx case... Couldnt put the side on if I tried. Looks like this: Only black n blue n more computery.
  10. Dehydration and Camping

    Like this IIRC, its pretty far down the line of Physicians quest line... so if youre like me and havent even begun her quest line... theyre actually worth a decent amount. Id say 10 cans could buy you a decent cheap loadout. Remember that wipe should be in a couple weeks or so.
  11. Sensitivity changing with different armor a bad idea

    Go strap 40 kilo's of crap to you and tell me that you can still maneuver as fast as you could without it... If its such a big deal, you should get a gaming KB/M. Mine has 3 DPI settings. I use the lowest when sniping, the fastest for CQC, and the middle 90% of the time. The cheapest variant of this type is ~30$US normally, not expensive by any means, and you can usually find some kind of sale. Especially around Xmas season. Ive played a few games that dont react to the DPI change on the mouse... so its certainly possible.
  12. Dehydration and Camping

    Like cray-cray... gotcha. Tuschonka = save for Physician quest(youll need 30) Everything else I brought one at a time until they were gone. If I filled my bags before I used them I just drank em anyways for the metabolism skill. Yeah, the greater your metabolism skill, the slower you dehydrate/lose energy. Thats why I eat/drink everything I find... other than condensed milk. This is a very good point. Yep, one little "HotRod" is enough to give you the extra boost needed to make a full raid... if you can get your hydration level to 100 with -40 minutes left, youre golden pony boy. Unless you get a gut shot... Or even re-bottled boiled water. Could be super cheap, come in cruddy little containers and only gives 5-10 hydration. Im sure we'll get something like this by the time of release... at least, I hope so. MBSS pack has a water bladder IRL. I would really like to see them utilize this. Definite +1 for Montezuma's Revenge. Could you imagine chillin in a bush, and you suddenly hear, "Phhhhtttttttt! Ugggghhhhh. Che Blyad, Suka!" and almost poo yourself hearing Ivan pooing himself. Also, water purification tablets would be a good addition, I think. Ughhh... bad memories of that damned Prapor task of leaving the docs case in Factory... The devs plan to implement manual reloading of magazines, 1 by 1... refilling the "secure canteen" wont be the only way to get caught with your ass in the wind.
  13. offlıne lootıng and hatchet guys problem

    The dude must get whacked a lot.
  14. Dehydration and Camping

    Crayola loot??? I never sell food or water, or buy it either... you can usually count on finding something to hydrate you in-raid. I usually eat/drink anything I find, just for metabolism skill. Honestly, water should be cheap as dirt... its water. Food is really useless ATM... you can sprint like Usain Bolt for the whole raid and never run out of energy.
  15. When is next wipe

    Do some searching people... No need for so many threads asking the same question. And it is the rule of the forums to search before posting... let alone making another thread. A wipe will come with - likely - every large update, until final release. The day before final release, we will all - for obvious reasons - be wiped one last time. After that point, there will be no more profile resets.(unless you have an issue, in which case it will be handled by support, not you)