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  1. Improvement for sights rails.

    Bump. Finally got an MPX (I know right!? Mere days before the wipe... ) and I want the sight just an inch or two closer to the back. I think a similar option should be available for all attachments. Moving a fore-grip forward may increase accuracy at the cost of mobility, and vice versa. @THALL is a weirdo wanting 5 sights up top... But an Eotech in front of a red dot would work quite well.
  2. Unlocking Tier for Vendors

    Pretty sure this is sarcasm... but yeah, Im currently -.4 with Skier...
  3. Your suggestions

    I know its been mentioned already, but another +1 for the 300 Blackout. Mags, upper/lower/bolt carrier all re-usable. All you need to change is the barrel, and barrel swaps are already a thing in EfT. Honestly, you could make it as simple as a .308/7.62 M4 barrel and, viola... we already have the ammo.
  4. Please put more pacas back in the traders inventory

    I cant even breath right now! Dying of laughter!
  5. EFT players worldwide

    West Coast is the Best Coast!
  6. dehydration is currently ridiculous

    There has been a lot of talk about this, and Im pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that they will implement more "weapon sway" when an arm is badly injured. The amount of sway will be determined by things like weight of the weapon/what youre carrying, extent of injuries, skill level, etc. This seems right to me. Returning to the original subject matter; if you are shot/wounded in the intestinal region, you will for damn sure dehydrate a shite ton faster, as you are indeed leaking fluids. Cheers
  7. Freezing/Lag/Stuttering?

    Thats pretty fortunate. Usually, the more ram you have, the more that gets used... do you use Win10? Factory used to load in under 30 seconds for me in the first Closed Beta build. And by load I mean from the time I click "ready" to the time my boots hit the ground. Physical load time was closer to 20-25 seconds, never more than that. Since the first patch after CB started, I can no longer play large maps, or any map other than Factory for that matter; and Factory now takes nearly a full minute to load. 8gb ram and no ssd "Buy more ram" is not an answer... It performed flawlessly with only 8 for the first week and a half, and I know they havent added that much content since CB started. Personally, I cant wrap my head around the argument that EfT should use more ram than GR Wildlands, which also performs flawlessly on my pc... honestly, each district of GRW is probably the size of all Tarkov... and theres like 20 of them. P.s. my view distance in GRW is maximum(very high or ultra I forget)... sure it uses 6 of 8 gigs in game, but it still works fine. P.p.s. I have prefetch and superfetch disabled, nvidia share is off, all that nonsense... absolutely 0 improvement.
  8. Post your record XP raids

    Got almost 40k from one kill once. Didnt know to check for their level at that time, I just remember trippin that I got that much from one dude. Funny story, thats actually how I got my first M4.
  9. Low FPS on customs map

    People with 16gb are experiencing this as well. The dev's are aware and working on it. Only a matter of time mate. P.s. Im right here with you, Factory is my little happy hole right now. P.p.s. At Factory, my GTX 960 4gb runs steady 60's at 1920x1080 with Tex High, Shad Ultra, lod 2, Vis 2500, shad vis 60, ao off, ssr off, hdr&ssaa on, zblur/chrom abh/noise off, vsync on. Used to run decent 50's at customs/shoreline(40's in morning/afternoon, long shadows hurt her bad) but RAM leak has locked me out of big maps. I hope it doesnt take until the next big patch(wipe) to sort this out... I had perfectly playable performance at Customs and Shoreline with above mentioned settings on day 1 of the patch, and for most of the first week before it.
  10. Extraction campers

    The only times Ive legitimately camped, was because I had to go AFK. Earlier today my cousin came by for me to look at his friends truck while I was part way through a raid, so I found a nice dark corner and pitched a tent. 50 minutes later, to my extreme surprise, I was still there!!! Now in the beginning phases of dehydration, I had just enough time to kill the remaining Scav AI nd get some sweet sweet loot.
  11. US here... same issue. What really kills me is that it worked fine day 1 of the patch... yesterday and today its like this.
  12. trader items need revisions

    Yeah, ammo box's are just loot->sell for me. Pointless in Trader's inventory. Has anyone ever bought a box of ammo from a trader that actually had ammo in it? Just curious... as I havent.
  13. spawn question

    I made it into Factory like 20 minutes late once. Was a damn ghost town in there. I took my time, checked literally every box & loot point, took so long the next Scav wave spawned in and caught me on the way out.
  14. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    @fox1rob Customs a few hours ago, by the Scav checkpoint; you scared the ever lovin poo outta me.
  15. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To the 3 guys at Customs yesterday who got blown away by my shotgun in the PMC hangar spawn very early in the round(and the 4th of you who died at the bus station later ); Thanks, that was fun. P.s. Dude #1, with the 2 AK's and the Paca; you won in the end... I bled out not even 100m from the damn exit. Nirvana sucks. Just kidding.