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  1. anyone dying at spawn ?

    That's not what happened though, I was no doubt a hacker due to the instantaneous nature of our deaths, We all died from the same guy, at the same time, from a single stomach shot, through FORT armor. It most have been some sort of spin bot because the second it it happened there was gunshots in the distance. Also if you press O you can see the time left in the raid and we did start when the raid started and died exactly 14 seconds in.
  2. Invisibility glitch

    I have a feeling my friend figured it out. It seems to be due to extreme dysync of a particular player from the server, to that player, everything is going just fine, but for everyone else he is just standing there. So when the server catches up you are now full of 20 bullet holes and already dead.
  3. Invisibility glitch

    So far every fort I have lost was due to me taking damage from no where, no sound, nothing, tired of it. I'd like to actually go in geared and get killed by someone for once, instead of this BS. I want to love this game, I really do, this never happened in the last patches.
  4. Upgrade edition

    You have to wipe your profile to get the perks of the upgrade but you can reclaim the Christmas gift again.
  5. anyone dying at spawn ?

    My group went in geared in forts and kivers on woods awhile back, and 10 seconds in we all died from a shot to the stomach, at the same time, while in forts. Sounds similar to your story.
  6. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    I have encountered far less geared players this wipe, and at this time last wipe I had 6 forts opposed to the 2 I have now, so I don't see the problem.
  7. Adjustable brightness for applicable optics

    What button is it?
  8. Woods Extraction Issues

    Press O to see available extracts, not all extracts are available.
  9. Buying kiver helmet and fort armor

    You can have mine for 800,000 ruples
  10. HK416

    Can we expect a HK416 upper receiver conversion or full weapon in the game?
  11. US west servers

    Are there any? There needs to be some/ more because the lag On factory makes it unplayable.