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  1. Where is my money?

    It is a great nonsense, if I have money that will give more where it has, the point is that I have money ... but, thx for the help guys!
  2. Where is my money?

    part of my money I have in bags, indeed, but the bags do not use them. I'll put my money in the inventory ...
  3. Where is my money?

    exact, it does not make any sense so I ask for help, you are an enlightened one. and I know that securing costs money... Admin!!!!!!! I just finished a raid at Factory and got my balance at 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!
  4. Where is my money?

    Hiiii! I have 1 problem with my money for trading with IA, I had 230k and I was down when I left the last games up to 30k Please, I've only been a week and the game has taken my money away... big bug bro!