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  1. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    Is it deliberately that it's completely ambigious who is a Scav AI and who is a Scav player in Scav mode? If I shoot a Scav they all come after me, if I don't I get shot in the back by a human player.
  2. Tips for new players!

    TY fam. If I have some suggestions for a part 2 I'll comment on the video.
  3. I would hide in the tunnels and come out at night only to steal crackers and vodka, and wait till everyone had killed each other before trying to escape.
  4. After the Raid

    Seconding this. I also think you should be able to go straight to character before and after every game rather then exiting to the main menu to link to it. It just makes it take longer to drag on the crap gear you have at the start when your putting on only a few items at a time.
  5. worried about the hacker community

    Are you using Scav to farm weapons? I get insta-spawn killed by some guy with an AK whenever I try to go for a regular game.
  6. Your suggestions

    Can't go wrong with one of these, could use speedloaders to put individual bullets into.
  7. Scav timer reduced

    At the moment Scav farming is the only reliable way to farm weapons since your up against players with AK's and people who paid for better equipment/got media kits. Game needs a matchmaking system the amount of unbalance is absurd.