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  1. MP5

    +1 for the MP5K, I'm pretty baffled that we don't have the parts for it yet, I hope I don't sound like I am demanding. I just think it would be cool to run an MP5K with 15 round mags. Nice compact package.
  2. Dog Tag The price is a bit high

    The karma system will do just that, you won't be able to shoot them without consequences. Keep in mind that any and all gear you have at the moment is worthless, there are still wipes.
  3. Shotgun power + my scav run

    It's universal, works with taking screenshots of anything.
  4. Package Upgrading

    Glad to help.
  5. Package Upgrading

    Oh, EoD is $140, I thought it was $100. But you still pay the difference. I have PfE and to upgrade to EoD it's $40.
  6. Package Upgrading

    No, that would be a ripoff, lol. You pay the difference.
  7. New falling mechanic with ground

    Fair enough and I think you should stumble around a bit.
  8. Package Upgrading

    You can buy one after another, Standard to Prepare for Escape or go straight to Edge of Darkness.
  9. New falling mechanic with ground

    But you don't take damage in a video game like you do in real life, that is the problem.
  10. Remove the TOZ

    As I said, none exist. I found this though.
  11. New falling mechanic with ground

    I think you should stumble a bit, not go prone. Take damage? Not likely even from 6 feet unless you lock your knees, it would be painful hitting the ground from 6 feet. I don't know how you would translate "Ow, that hurt bad!" into the health system, it's just something you shrug off (excluding extreme heights where breaking a bone is most likely going to happen).
  12. Dog Tag The price is a bit high

    A bit high yes, they should be brought down. A single kill can give you the ability to deck out a gun. I think I got like 40k Rubles for one before.
  13. Remove the TOZ

    There is a mag that holds 4 in the game, giving a total of 5 with one in the chamber. I know Wiki is not the best source for info but nothing about such mag capacity is listed. There may be aftermarket but I doubt it.
  14. You're allowed to matchmake with absurd pings

    There is a server in Asia AFAIK, no idea of it's location but that would be the closest.
  15. Shotgun power + my scav run

    Sorry to be off topic but you can use programs like ShareX or Snaggy to upload screenshots. You don't have to take a picture of your monitor.