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  1. Server Connection Lost...

    Got it once, last night with pmc on factory. Connected again and worked OK after..
  2. Help with Framerate

    Then he should compare a game that is still in beta and maybe is better optimized then EFT. But okay. There is work to do with it, no doubt.
  3. Help with Framerate

    Is that game in closed beta phase? If it was, then ok, but you cant compare a released game to a game in beta............
  4. New to Tarkov

    Haha, felt guilty when read that sentence But yeh, good point, trust me Welcome btw, to a fun game and sometimes difficult game
  5. Help with Framerate

    I have same GPU and RAM size, but older CPU. I run this game on medium for the moment and the FPS are better then 20, trust me. I also run it on high settings, but cant recommend it, but works..
  6. To say there's problem with stuff is of course okay. It's all that game is broken, will quit this game etc that is bothering me to read all day. And all the i got shot, lost my gear, have to be a Hacker.. Etc.. And if people is submitting bug reports for this issues I believe they know about it already.
  7. First of all, yes there is probably cheaters in the game, a simple Google search is all you have to do to get it. Anyway, I don't see that as problem now. What I do see as problem is all that say the game is broken, won't play it anymore, de sync all the way etc etc. If you guys look at the main menu there is a attention notice in the middle, what does it say? Closed beta, exactly. That means the game is available for testing. In this period the game WILL have issues. Deal with it or get out. Sick of reading stuff like this all the time. Bugs should be reported where should be, not crying about in the forum. If the game was released I would understand more about all this, but as long as it's in the beta phase I don't.. Can't you handle to play a game that is in Beta you should go play something else, there will be problems until the release. Cheers!
  8. Compact UI

    To save space on HDD.. I only got 2 ssd's running on my laptop. Each is 250gb, with several games installed the space isn't great. With this app you compress the game files and saves me for 50% space.. But if it affect the game negatively I won't use it. It works like it's not compressed, sort of.. You still see all files when looking in the folder..
  9. Compact UI

    Is it anyone of you guys that have tested the app Compact UI (win 10)? It saves space on HDD by compressing the game.. According to this page Here you save 4,7GB (50% of the game) by using it.. I wonder if it makes any difference to the game..
  10. Console

    Think I've tried all.. But will try again..
  11. Console

    How do I open console? Have a Nordic keyboard and the button beside 1 doesn't work. Neither does ~ key.. Do I have to enable it somewhere first?