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  1. EFG Greek Community

  2. EFG Greek Community

  3. Προστέθηκαν νέοι διακομιστές!

    Πολυ ωραια νεα.
  4. Arm bands or something to recognize our team

    Thank you. EFG Greek Community EFT.
  5. Low FPS

    I also get lower fps when i stream and play tarkov. About 50 max some ocassions 45.
  6. Next patch they will fix Customs performance wait util the patch and then see if you need more hardware.
  7. Are these arm bands coming and if yes when? Also. Can we choose a between a veriaty of arm bands or upload a pattern (.jpg)?
  8. Something is wrong with the game

    Try to reconnect to the game so you at least save your equipment.
  9. Game Performance

    what is your GPU you need more better CPU something like 4790K or 6700K.
  10. Gun Assembling

    I thing its planed to find spare parts of the weapons but not right now in the game.
  11. Metabolism level up as Scav?

    Yea its a other character and if you level up you get more better items for the scav i thing.
  12. Game won't launch

    Maybe launch the game as administrator helps some times
  13. Questions:

    Yea its a seperate chararakter and i thing if you level up scav you spawn with better items
  14. Night vision?

    skier is selling NVs