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  1. Your suggestions

    You could balance magnums by making them more expensive or require high level barter items to purchase, and make the ammo expensive aswell as having massive recoil and more weapon sway than other handguns. Another thing I'd like to see ingame would be 300 BLK AR uppers, and piston AR uppers with folding stocks. Those would make the insane amount of aftermarket modifications you can apply to an AR-15 fully realized ingame. Making something like this in Tarkov would be sweet.
  2. PSO Optic eyecup

    This was in the previous patch. I wondered why it was rare in the first place, I thought PSO's come with the eyepiece from the factory but oh well. Back then if you had one you were pimping hard
  3. MPX AR15 Compatibility

    Thanks. So I think it should be able to interchange pistol grips in Tarkov aswell? Maybe the devs haven't implemented that, alot of things aren't compatible that should be, I've found, even if this is the best weapons modification interface I've ever seen in a game.

    I have the Factory key already, I found it on the dorms spawn after doing a lot of hatchet runs. I know a friend though who might accept that trade, if you PM me.

    I'll keep that in mind then, lmao

    I'll let you know if I ever find another one, I sold them because of the big 30k Roubles they net
  7. MPX AR15 Compatibility

    Shouldn't the pistol grips of the AR15 and the MPX be interchangeable? Or am I completely mistaken. I was under the impression that the MPX SMG was built to be able to use many different AR15 parts including the different pistol grips.

    I have never found the factory key on a scav. I found the Marked key (3 times now) in a filing cabinet.

    Factory key has a lot more utility though, you can actually exit factory without having to worry about the exit being camped and you can shortcut in Customs to a room where there is a filing cabinet that is barely ever looted. The Marked key also for some reason feels more common, or atleast easier to acquire. I've found it multiple times already, but I've only found the Factory key once.
  10. Anyone know that feeling

    The first time it was just some guy that I ran across, he probably headshot me because he got off 2 shots before I died, I tried to spray him down with my blurry screen but that was either an amazing player or desync.
  11. Anyone know that feeling

    I pretty much only play Customs and Woods occasionally. Customs has the best loot in my opinion, I haven't played Shoreline that much but apparently it has even better loot, I might have to pick it up at some point.
  12. Anyone know that feeling

    You did alot better than me then, I still had 60 something durability on mine. Good thing I have like 25 gold chains if I ever need another one
  13. Anyone know that feeling

    I think I heard him shooting in the floor below, but I checked the corner where he actually killed me from like 5 seconds before he appeared and shot me. I'd say it's terrible luck but then again my Fort was already knackered. That naked guy with a pistol on the other hand must have had the best day of his life, he even got my polymer furniture silenced AKM with the most expensive EOTech on it Aswell as a Filter and a Gas analyzer I had just found
  14. Anyone know that feeling

    Anyone know that feeling, when you go into Factory to degear and have some PVP, but end up getting an amazing round and a ton of rare loot, only to get shot in the back by a guy with a pistol? Yeah. I was expecting to lose my old Fort anyway but the disappointment of losing it to someone who got lucky when I was rotating to extract and came from the exact corner I cleared not 10 seconds ago. Rustled my jimmies hard, then again that's pretty much what Factory is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Funny thing is that the last time I went to Factory to degear before the wipe, I got killed while wearing Fort aswell by some guy with a pistol. What's stranger is that both times I was recording the gameplay.
  15. AS VAL

    Isn't that an SR-3? Or is it something else