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  1. Fort and Kiver collection

    i just realize that i have 18 forts and 22 kivers i stack those into Icases. might need more case to fill up my storage
  2. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4x Docs - 580k rubles each
  3. Official Trading Thread

    Selling: 2x Flash drives - 200k rubles each 3x DOCS - 700k rubles each 1x Gas An - 250k each 206 key - 200k rubles OBO send me PM we can discuss
  4. Money case eat your rubles ?

    Sometime i moved my 100k rubles into MCase, i figured out there is a stash not enough 100k. I am sure every time i put rubles in Mcase is a 100k slot Anyone ?
  5. No more 5.56 M995 ?

    I just can't find M995 ammo anymore from Peacekeeper level 4. Anyone know what happened ?
  6. This freak me out for a sec lol
  7. Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 8x Wallets - $3k or 260k rubles / each 3x Docs - $8k or 660k rubles / each 5x Custom key - $300 or 25k rubles / each 1x Car Battery - $2k or 170k rubles 2x Flash drive - $2k or 170k rubles/ each Send me pm
  8. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Docs $8k or 700k rubles Gamma container for $35k or 3mil rubles
  9. Official Trading Thread

    +rep easy and fast trade
  10. Official Trading Thread

    I have a gamma trading for 1 doc+ mark key+ guard desk key + 2 gas analyzer
  11. Official Trading Thread

    I have a custom key, looking to trade for a 206 key
  12. Official Trading Thread

    I have a spare Gamma container. looking to trade for all three of this: Docs+factory key+ room 206 + mark key
  13. Official Trading Thread

    You can inbox this guy. he will help for free. I got help from him too so i'd give him a credit
  14. Official Trading Thread

    I have a spare custom key + 2 gas analyzer . Looking for a single flashdrive
  15. So does anyone know exactly what is the reputation break point for each level of the traders? I just Insert other media want to make sure i won't de-level after complete Skier Stirrup task