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  1. все стволы разборные и один только макар не умеет в LEGO
  2. Chiappa Rhino

    FNX™-45 Tactical FDE has a price of about 1300 dollars . is also not bad compared with the usual or tactful m1911
  3. Chiappa Rhino

    Yee . sorry . my fault
  4. Chiappa Rhino

    1911 in the new layout is also cool, the story of her mother, 7 cartridges in! Quick! store, even quick reloading in revolvers sucks, of course, personal options are more expensive, but these are not factories, + can be clipped on the pistols, revolvers (only now), the Picattyni slats appeared
  5. Chiappa Rhino

    This revolver is crap , 1200 dollars in real ! single action ?! in the 21st century revolvers lose their respect , with a drum as a holder PM for 8 cartridges , what the duck , where S&W ? why exactly Chippa ? I do not understand
  6. АК74

    на складах ведь и другие валялись , так что АКС АК-74М ждём
  7. после сотого рейда завода можно вынести кучи семёрок
  8. Tactical tomahawk

  9. ну понятное дело , ток что то никто не берёт
  10. Your suggestions

    and M45 MEUSOC Also need
  11. Gear Companies Thread

    this thing is really useful, but when the hydrator is realized, the question is difficult
  12. Tactical tomahawk

    Someone said nerf?
  13. а давно концерн начал косить под запад ?
  14. МР-153

    в МР всё норм , только поставлено оно так , 1 в патроннике , и магазин от 4 , 6 и до 8 патронов , всё просто
  15. New sights

    in game i see the rushen classic optic sights BUT don't see the west classic sights - where ? WE NEED BLOCK I . Please