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  1. Sem condição de jogo, d-sync, lag total

    Exatamente como Dmitri disse, já foi anunciado que teremos servidores S.A, as votações eram apenas para ver quantas pessoas eram afetadas e como as outras regiões tinham mais players, pela logica é melhor começar por lá.
  2. Presentacion

    Saludos !! me siento feliz, pues esa comunidad necesitaba un emisario. Felicitades

    pls use the official topic :
  4. Reshade

    Reshade is OK !!
  5. Master key door breaching?

    has not yet been announced if it will be possible to use weapons to break doors, but to indicate weapons use the official post:
  6. Safety Switch

    nice idea. my friend almost killed me once when his mouse hit the keyboard, the accidental shot almost hit me.
  7. Remove the magical aura on comtacs at night

    actually this looks like a helmet effect, you should test again by taking off the equipment.
  8. Grupo Brasileiro de Escape From Tarkov

    tenta esse link de discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/Qv3KqPZ FLP
  9. PMC Salary and Supply

    the idea is good, but only for PMC who do some quests or something like that and have a good reputation in the karma system. otherwise it does not make sense.
  10. Team system

    @5n0wf0x wellcome to Tarkov, well ... in the future there will be voice communication systems in the game. We will have systems to identify members of the same team, there are no plans to decrease the time of scav mode, before it was 1h now it's only 30 minutes. but in the future this can be changed. stay tuned in the forum and in the news of the official page of facebook, VK or twitter to be always updated on the news. FLP
  11. Lag and headshots

    the lag problems are being solved gradually, increase in the number of servers and modifications in the game. EFT uses a very large bandwidth different from many games. Depending on the weapon and where the shot takes the enemy may not die. this is common in real life as well. FLP
  12. Loading screen Animation

    the idea is good, but it has to be done in a way that does not leave the game heavy even before entering the map. this can cause problems.
  13. Sem condição de jogo, d-sync, lag total

    bom esse problema com ingles é comum no nosso país, infelizmente =´( mas eu dei a dica para alguns amigos de criarem um topico em ingles referente aos problemas de lag para jogadores do S.A. A internet no nosso país esta longe de ser boa juntando com a distancia dos servidores e a largura de banda que o EFT usa só vira uma bola de neve =´(
  14. System to Report Potential Cheaters / Hackers

    @Vitalstatistix well, BSG does not currently accept hacker complaints. maybe in the future this might happen. unfortunately many complaints are for desync and not hack, we currently have an anti cheat system. currently it still does not work alone it needs a human to work, but in the future it will work alone. FLP
  15. Emissary for Oceania

    welcome @DrBloom ,Oceania has a great community and is very present here in the forum. alakazam is my favorite pokemon.