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  1. Handed in all my guns

    This here! Nothing here needs to be fixed, just don't place any items into junk backpacks which you sell later on. The hideout system will not replace the current inventory system but will rather be an addition as said several times by the devs.
  2. New Interchange Screenshots

    Love it! I hope they refine the sound engine further so there's more realistic reverberation when being located inside such a huge building.
  3. Patience and Sniping

    This needs to happen!
  4. Wanting to trade stuff ingame

    I have one, let me know how we can trade. I need 3 salewas and maybe throw in some rubles.
  5. Compass?

    This needs to happen, compass bearings are essential for calling out directions and targets.
  6. Tiered Queuing?

    Be sure to check this video out, has some good information on the cheapest assault rifle setup that you can get starting from lvl 1 and totally wreck any players with. If you still feel you are at a disadvantage to other players you need to become better at outsmarting your opponents.
  7. Hit boxes for loot and containers

    I noticed this as well, sometimes its hard to click and drag an item into the slot or space I want it to go in, or sometimes I even have to click and drag larger items in or around the center of its image as otherwise it will not go into the space and show that it's full even though there's just enough space for it available.
  8. Canted Optic Clipping Bug

    Can you please fix the bug where the long-range optic clips through when using the canted optic or iron sight? See attached picture from Karmakut's latest video.
  9. Auto buy system?

    I have been thinking about having a few slots available for completely pre-selected loadouts that you would be able to purchase and equip with a single click but I after giving it some thought I think it only takes away from the realistic nature of this game.
  10. Labeling of cases

    Great idea!
  11. Max HP reduced after damage

    Great idea and some great suggestions in this thread as well! This needs to be considered and thought over by the devs!
  12. Solid Characters

    Totally agree, I'm pretty sure the devs are aware of it at this point already due to how obvious this bug is.
  13. Maybe dehydration shouldn't be insta death?

    I also think it should be re-adjusted to not kill you as fast but provide enough side-effects to really make your character miserable such as blurry vision, reduced ability to sprint and aim, maybe only being able to heal any damaged body parts to a specific percentage only depending on how dehydrated the character is.
  14. Give us a better way to identify each other

    I agree some functionality needs to be implemented that helps to effectively tell teammates from enemies apart, but it should not be exclusive to squads since you'd then easily be able to tell if someone has friends with him in the raid by seeing that he uses an armband that is exclusive to squads. If implementing armbands will be a thing everyone should be able to use them, so you that you also get the ability to infiltrate an enemy squad if your armband matches up in color with a squad nearby.
  15. Anti-aliasing in EFT

    Any word if the open beta also provides an AA option? Give us them smooth edges please!!!