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  1. Soon! The Kill list!

    That's interesting, but bring me a question... The tag will use inventory space or will be managed as special items?
  2. Soon! The Kill list!

    Would be quite interesting!
  3. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To the guy that opened the Mark. in custom for me, thanks for the 2 full modded M4, the 2 Fort and more over for the brand new keybar in the marked. And for his friend for fill the last spot whit a modded AK, thank you from the bottom of my heart! PS: watch better all the room next time
  4. Anti-aliasing in EFT

    If you need AA so much you should be able to have it by rendering the game at higher resolution of your monitor causing the so called downsampling. Even if i don't know if it's possible within the game because now like now i haven't the game to test with me, in this case you can try some program to make ETF believe your monitor have higher resolution. NOTE: this will kill your FPS! For example if you have an FULL HD monitor, you should render in 2K for the downsapling, this mean twice the job for your GPU(a little less but we are there). You can find an example there (
  5. Laser Rangefinder

    Yhea that sure, me to think the same way. But suggestion are in fact suggestion
  6. Laser Rangefinder

    yhea it was for the final game state where they will link all the maps!
  7. Laser Rangefinder

    What about impementing Laser Rangefinder as attachments(like this one or in the binocular model(like this one Would be a good item for land good shots from distance ;). Keep the good work!
  8. I was thinking about use the weight distribution of attachment and weapons to chance the recoil. For example, if you have a lot of stuff on the left the weapon drop more on that direction, and stuff like that. Obiviously this is not important stuff but quite nice to see! Keep the good work!
  9. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Hope some of my friends get the key Keep the good work
  10. The Escape From Tarkov Sherpa Program

    I think they deserve something good because they focus to help others, but at the same time would be nice don't enter the Serpha only to get that nice unique stuff they may get as a reward.
  11. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    Please give another OS to that gameartist!! No one have to suffer like that
  12. The miniature red dot sight Trijicon RMR

    More stuff the better :3
  13. PagUp / PagDown

    Pleaseee !!!!!!!!! I need help with inventory scrolling .... I can write the code myself <3 if needed
  14. Can we start with create a list where keep all the player that are available to teach others, maybe with the language they know and to know maybe which one is a troll or who not and stuff like that? So new player can ave a clue, where to watch, and vice versa.
  15. Sherpas Weapons

    Only have access to a special trader that have great stock of good gear and maybe 1 or 2 unique weapons or armors? In my opinion i don't ant skins in this game... Maybe as a skin a special patch (instead the standard one)! I mean this isn't a CoD...