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  1. Please Give Woods More Than a Single Extract

    Fair enough
  2. Please Give Woods More Than a Single Extract

    I agree. But I like to use stealth, to get close and try for a headshot, or kill by surprise when I am playing as a scav. But I do agree with you for the most part. However, I do think the single extract on Woods, makes it too easy for exit campers. Because they know that everyone has to go there eventually.
  3. Please Give Woods More Than a Single Extract

    I normally approach the extract from the shore side, as it's camped less often (in my experience). This time however, I went the other way as it was so late in the game I didn't figure anyone would be there camping and I was on that side of the map anyway. I was wrong. I almost always play scav on Woods. In my original post, you will see that I killed two geared players. Both, I killed with my 9x19.
  4. Please Give Woods More Than a Single Extract

    Good advice, unless you are playing as a scav and don't have the choice of optics
  5. As the topic says.. Please give us more than the one Woods extract zone. This map is one of my favorites, but I rarely play it, due to the current meta of folks rushing to extract and camping. It just happened to me again, on a Woods scav run. Killed two geared players. One had a tri-zip with 2 AKs and kiver on his back plus the AK he was carrying. The other had an M4. I make it all the way to extract and... Camper kills me. Woods is a great map. But the one extraction zone makes it too easy for folks to camp you out. As of now, I wont even play the map as a geared PMC. I'm not going to spend 40-45 minutes making my way across the map, only to be shot in the dome by some creep camping the only extract point on the map. I hope the devs address this, as I know for certain that I am not the only player who shares this view of the Woods map. Thank you
  6. Lost Insured Loot

    That's what I figured. But hey.. It's worth a shot.
  7. Lost Insured Loot

    I was killed during several raids this past weekend, with my gear insured. Early Monday morning October 30th, I lost electricity due to a major windstorm and only today (November 1st) regained my electric and internet service. I logged onto EFT to find 6 messages from "Prapor" which stated that my insured gear had been recovered, but time for recovery had expired. I wonder if it is possible to regain this gear, due to my extended absence being due to circumstances beyond my control.
  8. No honor among scavs

    So there I was... I'm playing as a scav on "Woods". I spawn at the lumber mill and go inside to loot boxes. I hear someone coming, so I turn around, weapon at the ready. A player scav comes through the door, wiggling his head. I wiggle in return and go on about my business of looting the boxes. And... BAM! He shoots me dead. Last time I make that mistake.