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  1. Imitation truly is just a sign of boredom.
  2. Leveling Traders?

    They work off of three things. Reputation, Character Level, and Money Spent. Reputation: To level up your reputation with them you perform tasks that they require. You can find this under the Tasks tab at each trader as they become available. Character Level: You level this up by participating in raids. You get experience for looting, doing damage, applying first aid, killing and extracting. Money Spent: Both the money you spend on buying things, and the money you get selling them things count. Sell first anything to The Therapist that she will take. Then sell whatever Skier will buy to him. Then sell whatever Prapor will buy to him. Sell the remaining junk (which should not be much at all) to Fence. To level Peace Keeper, buy USD from him. You will need it later on any way.
  3. Why play when you can troll on the forums about people complaining on the forums?
  4. Whats wrong with this game?

    Probably one of the best posts I have read from you. Great post man.
  5. New player, looking for sherpa and someone to play with

    I will pay you for your 7 lowest level dog tags =) I usually let my friends have all of the dog tags and I need 10 for a quest. I have 3 low levels. lol
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Yeah we had 5 in the unlocked cottage in Shoreline. Three went out front to chase down a scav. All three (in fort armor and kivers) got one tapped by one guy in less than two seconds. I was inside and heard three shots. Three people in TS all at once. "I got one tapped." One of them saw the guy across the water at the lake before he died. My other team mate and I came out and shots right at our heads through the fence, behind the bush. No way the guy had LoS to see us. But it was tap, at my face, tap at my team mate's face, tap at my face, tap at my friends face. I took off and ran out back and jumped over the fence. I was flanking around the locked cottage. When I got to the back corner my friend threw a couple of nades from the front porch of the unlocked cottage. After the first exploded we both charged out. Him from the front of the unlocked cottage me from the rear of the locked cottage. Tap, he died, tap I died less than a second later. 5 man team, 5 shots, all dead. Not sketchy at all.(sarcasm) Now, another story on Shoreline. Me and two buddies at the weather station. I hear a crack. Buddy drops dead and says he was one tapped at the window. Second buddy and I decide one will push out (him) and I will stay inside and peek windows and protect our dead guys corpse. No one could have known there was three of us in there. Second buddy runs out and looks around out front. (Admittedly standing still.) He gets one tapped at the corner. I shuffle around and can't decide what to do. I pull out my hatchet and run a complete lap around the building and back in. No shots. I run out and check second dead friends gear and try to grab his gun quickly. I forgot I had a stupid little AK on my from the crate. I run back in and drop the gun. Run back out and bend over to loot the gun. One tap. Pretty damn sure we just got outplayed by a very patient guy with a good aim. EDIT: Oh, and he moved around the outside of the building along the tops of the hills very quietly. Very smart move and a good player!
  7. Blabla

    They do have an anticheat that is catching some of the hackers. However, more is needed as they are becoming more prevalent. At least the dev's are getting more money from the ones banned coming back with new accounts.
  8. Whats wrong with this game?

    Yeah it is worse with 8 but even 16 (and me with 32) it still happens sometimes. Last night it got so bad I had reboot my whole computer and it fixed it for a couple of hours. Try that memclean or whatever it is called until a more code oriented fix is provided.
  9. Quests should not be obligatory

    That is kinda what most of the tasks are... You gather 30 Tushonka (a resource) to get your rep up. I guess you just mean, instead of a task for it, it is just there to "Insert Tushonka for XXX rep." That is a viable idea. Though to me seems a bit bland and boring. It could work though! And yeah, that Skier task needs to go ASAP or at least be pushed back to the 8th+ task. But again, remember, ALL of these tasks are just a learning exercise for the dev's and will be going away and replaced with the real more story driven tasks.
  10. Whats wrong with this game?

    They invited us to test their "Song." They did not invite us to test the lyrics. They did not invite us to test the beat. They did not invite us to test the ability to play it in our CD player. They invited us to test ALL of it. Therefore our feedback about the lyrics is viable. Our feedback on the BPM is viable. Our feedback that the overuse of Auto Tune is annoying is viable. Now, you may LOVE Auto Tune and I may hate it. If you post that you fell in love with the song because of the great use of Auto Tune it is not my place to scream that you are not to be posting about the Auto Tune you should be worried about the BPM because that is way more important. It is not my place to tell you that you are an idiot because you love Auto Tune and I think they should remove all of it. I think some people still confuse difficulty and frustration. A game can be extremely difficult without being frustrating. Frustration does not make a game difficult. A very easy game can be frustrating. If you had a game where the only point was to jump 10,000,000 times by pressing the space bar, that would be very easy, but very frustrating after a while. Not to mention boring and repetitive. Example: If you had to restart your game every time you left a game, that would be frustrating. It would not make the game more difficult except that you would level slower "per day". IF AI scav's shot you through the ZB-014 Bunker while you are in the back room and they are outside behind a rock, that would be much more difficult and cause a lot of frustration. If you could load in 20 more PMC's on Factory (somehow with out instant spawning killing) that would make the game a ton more difficult, but would not make it more frustrating. I think at least most of us can agree that BSG has made a pretty dang great game so far. Yes, it has it bugs. Yes, it has its issues. Sure, we would all love to see more of this, or less of that. However, we are all so passionate about it because, lets face it, this, even in its current state, is still probably one of the best shooting games out there. How much RAM do you have? I know from reading the forums that people with ~8 gigs of RAM are having a lot of issues. Use the search function and you should be able to find a thread or two that offers several "fixes" for the stuttering. There is a known memory leak issue that is supposed to be the root of this. I hope this helps!
  11. I wish they would keep this...

    Thank you for the information and for not locking this thread. Leaving one of these open will allow people asking this to have their thread merged into this one or to just reply directly to this one if they happen to use the search function. Have a great day!
  12. I wish they would keep this...

    You know it! Though I try not to troll on these forums. They tend to be harsh to trolls... They no likey trolls.
  13. Quests should not be obligatory

    Again, not sure how much game development you have done... The guy making the quests is NOT the guy who works on the servers. The guy making maps does NOT do the quests. The guy working on game balance does NOT work on the quests. Your 3D modelers do not make the sounds. The sound guys do not work with terrain. However, all of this stuff has to be done. It is why making games costs so much. It costs time, money and skill.
  14. I wish they would keep this...

    Yeah, Reddit is kind of their official information distribution center. I do not lurk it either. Just found it from some other posts.
  15. I wish they would keep this...

    Ignore this troll as well. From the official Escape from Tarkov Reddit and the COO of Battle State Games: ROFL they have gone and deleted the post now... Please see this thread: This is the official statement from Nikita that seems to have been redacted: –]trainfenderBattlestate Games COO - Nikita 179 points 11 days ago offline peer 2 peer is planned. without progression save