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  1. Need to have access to helmet prior to lv4 trader

    Sounds like a good idea, I'm busy grinding for lvl 4 so I can get helmets. Tired of being "fully" geared and getting one tapped by pistol players. I should probably just git gud

    I like the squad based tasks, sounds good. At the moment my only concern is that 80% of all tasks are in dorms. It causes rushing and I'm of the opinion that the game should be played slow. Anything that can encourage slow and tactical play I would be keen for. Def a yes for squad (or even a clan based task system in the future?) tasks
  3. Regional Server Matching

    I agree with you, or at the very least provide an option to select which servers you'd like to join. Those of us that don't have servers in our region would suffer as a result. What you're saying is, you don't want to play with your friends? As a group of South Africans playing we probably join the EU servers mostly but it would be nice to select EU region only to negate the risk of logging into a server further away or whatever.