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  1. Lone Wolf for karma system

    I would rather that there is no karma system tho since it just don't seem realistic. and if there was a karma system, then let's say you are just playing around very well geared and you see some dude from the same faction, and you think that he is friendly and after some time he decides that the punishment is worth your gear. bam you are now dead. I'm trying to think of some idea that would make sense but I will have to sleep on that a little.
  2. Lone Wolf for karma system

    I don't know how the karma system will work completely but I have heard about it , and I was thinking that adding a lone wolf class or making it so that your usec or bear can choose to go in as lone wolf so that you are 1 vs all and will not get punished for shooting other lone wolfs / usec and bear, since that would defeat the purpose of the lone wolf. it could be that when you as a usec pic lone wolf you would get a different color to your clothes so people know you are a lone wolf and they can kill you.
  3. sensitivity sliders for 1X optics 2X scopes 4X and so on

    here is a video that shows how sens can change depending on what is on the rifle and so on.
  4. sensitivity sliders for 1X optics 2X scopes 4X and so on

    yeah, i dont think they need to change the current state just add on options for change if wanted for the zoom ratio i did tho mess up the info on the scopes all scopes will have the same sens no matter the zoom except for the 16X sniper scope. and the pistol.
  5. sensitivity sliders for 1X optics 2X scopes 4X and so on

    well if I can make the sens for my pistol and rifle iron sight / 1x the same it would be the same muscle memory, right now it's not unless I change my sens when I switch from pistol to rifle and vice versa. but right now some scopes have more sens than others on the same x4 zoom . on one scope you can turn lets say 180 and on the other it will be 360 but its the same zoom , so if I want to play scope "C" then when I switch to scope "Y" i need to change sens and I would need to know beforehand what that number is in order to make it the same sens as it was with scope "C" . They could just make the default as it is now. and the sliders for people who would like to change the settings. I will make a video about this topic because it's a bit hard to explain on text and with nothing to show ,
  6. Hey, I think it would be nice to have individual sliders for 1x 2x 4x 8x and more zoom, right now when you have a pistol it will not be the same sens as a rifle whit iron sights. however it will be the same if you take the iron sights of the rifle, it should just be the same wite iron sights on. or have a sens slider for pistol aswell. if that happened then the sens could be the same for pistol and any 1x optics on rifles, if the player chose to do so. I also noticed that when you put the white scope PSO 1M2-1 on a rifle and have MPR45 backup mount on the front, the sens will be that of the 4x scope and it does not switch to the 1x sens when you switch to look thru the optic on the backup mount. the scopes Bravo4 4X30 scope, Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4X24mm delta point hybrid assault scope, and ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x , all have 4x zoom but it's not the same slower sens as the PSO 1M2-1 they have the same sens as the 1X optics / iron sights, the ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x has a 1x zoom and its nice that its the same as the iron sights when you are on the 1x zoom. but when you switch you would think it would switch to the sens of the PSO 1M2-1 4x but it does not it stays on the 1x sens. it would be nice if I could make the 4x slower or faster if I preferred that, it could all stay how it is as default but just add sliders for each x amount of zoom , and also a pistol slider so that I can have it the same sense as the rifles whit iron sights, or a sens that's higher or even lower than my rifle sens
  7. AI is to to weak on range now.

    I'm just saying what I think is wrong whit the bots, and I did not complain even tho I just got the game in beta and have now played with John Wick bots and puny bots.
  8. AI is to to weak on range now.

    No ! we want John Wicks Ai back or just half at least I just think they are to easy to farm now, and it's no challenge.
  9. AI is to to weak on range now.

    lol so true
  10. AI is to to weak on range now.

    I think that the AI was a bit op before the hotfix but still fun because it was a challenge now there is no challenge. on the shoreline map where the bunker is, the sniper dude on the cliff won't even shoot add me even tho he has seen me and is walking back only looking my way. and when I shoot him he is just standing still and looking my way. I think that when you are in the bots vision they can shoot you except if you are in cover behind foliage or walls and they did not see you go there, how ever if they saw you they can shoot. The reaction time and aim are good now they are still deadly but they lack the vision they had before at least in front of them. before hotfix, I noticed a few times that even if they had their backs turned they would still spin 180 and start shooting, they don't seem to do that anymore except if they heard you. so what I am trying to say is make the vision in front of the bot better it could be a more narrow cone vision in the middle of the screen, where they focus their eye so you can still be in their vision if behind a bush or a wall peeking them but since the bot is looking more to the right and there was no big movement it won't instantly spot you but if u take the shot he will see the gun flash and know where to look. the big movements would also trigger the bot to focus elsewhere. like if they see something towards the corner of the eye move they would react, and of course, if it's a silhouette of a person being stealth and not moving they will spot you in the corner of their vision and will react.