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  1. Exiting game

    Dev's are aware of it, just ignore it.
  2. See if there's and driver's that are outdated, or try to search trough the forums for someone who had the same problem but fixed it. otherwise....
  3. Possible Cheating or Bug

    You payed to play a concept not a game, dont expect the dev's to give you everything you want.
  4. This game is impossible

    Probably some streamer or youtuber?
  5. Possible Cheating or Bug

    BSG does not accept "hacker" reports at this time, the anti-cheat will flag them sooner or later. Your post will be closed soon.
  6. report system

    It would require a new department, and the button could easily be abused. search for other threads with detailed answers.

    There already is the un-offical EFT discord server with developers on it.
  8. More give away.... including dvl-10

    il take a checkpoint key if thats fine
  9. Grouping up in raids

    At the moment, from what i've experienced first hand with my squad: You can spawn together or apart its a random chance, on Custom's and Shoreline & Wood's i've always spawned next to my team. On Factory you spawn close but not next to each other most of the time, and sometimes across the map from each other. (as PMC) As a scav its a random chance to spawn with your team on ALL maps.
  10. Is this guy hacking?

    Each person are entitled to their own opinion, there's no need to call mine crap because you think differently. Although i don't really care that you do, it would still be nice to see you prove that you know EVERYTHING about the topic. (you know since you called my opinion crap i guess you must know it all.) @CALL_ME_SNAKE
  11. Redesign head hitbox

    straight forward are we? the current armor / hitboxes system is a place holder, it will be tuned to the dev's ideal perfection at a later date. Your opinion is valued but please take a notch back with the "i own you all" kind of vibe
  12. Throwing melee weapons

    By all means, i'd love that. Make some bank with minimal effort
  13. Throwing melee weapons

    @ErMitraja Hatchet's will be un-obtainable for non EOD package player's upon release of EFT.
  14. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    but whens the "(not so) LIMITED EDITION" going to be removed?
  15. Reporting a laser bug

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/contact - Report bugs here, thank you.