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  1. Nicht Spielbar Geld zurück

    In den AGB´s steht das kein Umtausch möglich ist und denen hast du zugestimmt.Blöd gelaufen aber ein kleiner Tip von mir merk dir die Extraction Points und sicher die bevor du extracten willst
  2. Selling keybar for 600k (EU)

    ill buy it
  3. Need some Help

    okay well if tried verything and im still stuck with 40-45 fps i dont know if there is anything i can tryat this point
  4. Need some Help

    could it be possible that my HDD is bottlenecking im not sure if thats even possible edit scratch that nvm
  5. Need some Help

    even tho its hows up as 16 gb in total? wow didnt know that thanks
  6. Need some Help

    okay nevermind im running 16 gb now and game is still really fed up still getting the same kinda frames weird yeah thats how i got many kinda im running it like this now 1a:8GB 2a:4GB 1b:4gb 2b:0gb Edit:just found out that the game uses 6GB ram when its open i have around 7.something available RAm when its closedit goes up to 13,something
  7. Need some Help

  8. Need some Help

    yeah im actually tryng something as we speak will keep you guys updated so basiclly what happened is that i changed the Rams slots and now i only have 4gb ram and 2 available ill check the game nowsee what happens
  9. Need some Help

    yeah im actually tryng something as we speak will keep you guys updated
  10. Need some Help

    it starts with the first raid so another thing i just found is that in my system it actually says physical Ram 12 GB but Available Ram is only 6,5 GB
  11. Need some Help

    no im running lowest atm but changing to max settings doesnt do poo still get the same fps also i checked my RAM before and when im ingame it only uses like 8-9 gb ram instead of the full 12 sometimes it goes down to 45-50 % usage
  12. Need some Help

    im playing at 1920x1080 but shouldnt it be more?
  13. Need some Help

    hey everyone dont know if this is the right place to post about this but maybe you guys can help me out i cant really play EFt ATM cause as you can see most of the time i get pretty poo fps anyway here are my specs AMD FX 9590 GTX 1060 6GB 12GB Ram its not bottlenecking i tested it the game is just ot using all of the GPU it could as soon as i enter a Raid the GPU Usage goes down to like 47% does nayone now any tips or tricks to fix that? i already tried a shittone of methods but none of them seem to work thanks in advance
  14. Looking for a squad.

    Id be in if we coudl get a swiad of 4 that would be awsome
  15. Any way to boost fps?

    I might be on to something looks like the last driver update fucked something up