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  1. Congratulations dude
  2. I can't wait until medical animations are added to stop med spamming like the Salewa.
  3. IIRC player SCAVs can extract right away but player SCAVs will spawn during a raid and not at the start, so all "good" loot spots will likely already be picked clean. Also another IIRC player scavs cannot loot other SCAVs, it needs to be PMC gear or loot found within the raid.
  4. Thanks @Blackb1rd, looking forward to trying out the new patch when it drops
  5. Great news! I assume that this will bundle itself with the new patch and SCAV mode being implemented?
  6. Alpha is mainly for creating stuff dude, Beta is primarily where bug fixing and optimizations take precedence.
  7. it will be 100% PvP but will have PvE elements as well in the form of A.I SCAVs, so the game is PvPvE
  8. When it's ready. But in all likely hood sometime within a month or two.
  9. You'll get instant access, you need to sign the NDA in your profile when you buy the preorder and then you'll typically get access right away but the device ID e-mail to confirm it is actually your device before you can play may take a little longer (like up to an hour) All pre-order backs get guaranteed access to the Beta so yes.
  10. It sounds like he was lucky and you were not, The Left Behind edition only grants 25% chance to access the Alpha. However when the extended Alpha is live the chance for access increases by 25% for every edition so you may get your access then.
  11. Thank for you the project transparency and all the team's hard work
  12. Congrats dude
  13. Escape from Tarkov
  14. The game has been in development for quite a while already and is planning full release this year.
  15. People seem to forget that they said they will release ways every one to two days, it's highly possible another wave could be tomorrow instead of Tuesday. I'm just hoping they do increase the frequency of the waves.