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  1. I believe it might be this fellow:
  2. I don't think people are necessarily complaining about campers in general, just campers who sit and wait at Extraction Points, which I believe now is monitored by BSG anyway and these people get warnings/bans?
  3. My guess is increased market for those to upgrade to EOD, so basically ₽₽₽₽₽₽ Not that I blame them for it though. BSG is a business after all so getting enough capital to keep the game going is required.
  4. Yeah most likely, there's a wipe with pretty much every patch and Closed Beta is a major milestone update.
  5. I think the plan is to make loot spawns better and able to obtain rarer loot during night time raids to balance this when the option becomes available to select AM/PM. So basically those who want to play in daylight can, but those who want to play night time also can but will have incentive to get better loot.
  6. He could be referring to press packages that streamers and youtubers were given, which gives them every gun in the game and lots of money so they can showcase the game. Those are completely separate keys and they won't have those packages on release.
  7. Yes as "possibly", that does not mean that every aspect of this game will be "realistic", there are some balances that need to be catered for general gameplay mechanics and also preventing abuse etc. If we want to warrant "as real as it can possibly get", why not lose everything on death, including secure container, your current stash and also your level and skills? This is where balancing comes into play, while some games, especially this game, want to go as realistic as possible - there still needs to be balancing involved because at the end of the day, it is a game. I'm glad that health and negatives statuses will carry over because it means that players need to weigh up their options during a raid better, think about negative impacts of friendly kills and also means that they will require to use their medical supplies more often.
  8. Then what's to stop someone just taking off all their gear, running into a raid naked to suicide just to get rid of negative health statuses. It would defeat the purpose and counter intuitive to the medical system that will be in place. Diseases will also be a deterrent for negative karma by killing your own faction, what's to also stop those players just doing exactly the same thing once they get their diseases/sickness easier.
  9. Yes exactly
  10. This sounds amazing, adding more depth to the game and adding more playability with having to find things to build up and keep your hideout working. Great work, really looking forward to it
  11. Sounds like it's going to be amazing, keep up the great work devs
  12. Congratulations dude
  13. I can't wait until medical animations are added to stop med spamming like the Salewa.
  14. IIRC player SCAVs can extract right away but player SCAVs will spawn during a raid and not at the start, so all "good" loot spots will likely already be picked clean. Also another IIRC player scavs cannot loot other SCAVs, it needs to be PMC gear or loot found within the raid.
  15. Thanks @Blackb1rd, looking forward to trying out the new patch when it drops