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  1. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    Yea it really is beta in name only. Like many “beta” releases these days. All we can do is hope they don’t ruin the game before the release. Surely they aren’t so ignorant to not see the massive support for the game they have currently is in large part because of how the game plays currently. Unforunately it is kinda beginning to stink like dayz SA...
  2. I love all the realism snobs in a game where you literally have a secure container that just teleports back to you upon death. i mean come on.
  3. Hatchet runs have a reason for existing, and are not a problem. However game design that allows for massive gain from it is rather flawed, at current you can hatchet run into say dorms on customs raid all 5 safes and make like 100k easy plus chance at rare loot in marked room and risk nothing and not even lose the loot when you die because of your secured container. Keys are adjusting this somewhat but still high loot rooms like marked room is always completely empty by the time geared players catch up, which is kinda cancer. Have done hatchet runs and will do them when trying to initially gear and find keys and such.
  4. I have a question about spawns.

    Yes you can spawn on both sides now, buy a customs map from therapist.
  5. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    I hope they don’t go full retard with the loot and it ends up like dayz where you never find guns and such that would be awful IMHO even persistent heath seems annoying especially since if they make it expensive to heal people will just stash their gear and go into a raid and suicide to get a free full heal. this game really doesn’t need to enter the whole autisitic levels of survival it’s better as a hardcore tactical looter shooter.
  6. i love this game, but im done

    The main issue with scavs is inconsistency. Run into some that spot you 50 yards away in bushes and proceeds to land 6 hits in a row on you and kill you other times I just walk up behind them and hatchet them in the head. They just swing wildly between being broken easy and being better than most geared players.
  7. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    I agree, some things can be toned down but overall I think they have a decent balance at the moment. Especially since most of the “rare” loot currently isn’t even good it just sells well. IE the 9x39 gums and the bolt action sniper rifles, not good guns at all but they sell well. Perhaps just tone down level 4 and 6 armor but even that isn’t super common.
  8. 2 PMC Queues (The fix for hatchlings and low-caliber)

    Yea because literally double sprint speed is not an advantage at all. There are more skills to come too. And really questionable poo like berserker mode.
  9. multitool kit

    The quest multi tool? It’s used in a peacekeeer quest.
  10. 2 PMC Queues (The fix for hatchlings and low-caliber)

    I never said anything about “gear level” I’m talking actual character level. Hardcore is fine, but the game is going to get exponentially worse for people who join even a week after launch as they will be so far behind the curve. And unless that gets fixed in some way or some degree it’s going to be hard to grow the games populatiom above its level currently. You are never really completely screwed in this game as long as you have a rifle that can pen level 2 armor but even the headshot meta is going away with the addition of very strong helmets. Which is great. But we have already see the max strength and endurance hatchet psychopaths that can just serpentine up to you in a millisecond and chop your head off. Its really not the hardest shooter on the market it’s just an intense permadeath shooter. That’s it. its not insanely hard. It’s really easy in fact you just have to be frugal and smart. Talking about hardcore meanwhile we have a magic container that can’t be stolen and it’s contents are always safe as the teleport should back to us when we are incarnated after death. i can only imagine what a level 100 is gonna be like compared to a level 5 in terms of skills just making you absurdly strong by comparison, not to mention the whole realism hardcore thing goes out the window when you see these max strength guys with a like 4 foot vertical and throwing grenades 100 yards.
  11. 2 PMC Queues (The fix for hatchlings and low-caliber)

    They should probably just make some sort of level based matchmaking as there is such a gap between a leveled player with access to all vendors and a lowbie without it. And some skills make you significantly stronger than a noob. But this is really an issue for closer to full release. But if they don’t address it for full release no one will want to start playing the game after a few months because they will be so hilariously outmatched and out gunned they will just tilt off the planet and quit the game and negative review it.
  12. Red dot brightness

    Anyone know how to fix the massive washout on your red dot optics. if you are looking at a bright surface with your red dot in bright daylight they frequently get completely washed out because the game doesn’t let us adjust the reticles brightness.
  13. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Tushonka x11 206 key x3 ZB-014 key x2 Mark key x1 Bleech x2 GM count x2 WTB Corrugated hoses x7 (for peacekeeper) Akali cleaners x4 WD-40 100ml x1 propane tanks x3 car batt x2 PM offers please
  14. Handed in all my guns

    What a shame the current inventory system is trash.
  15. Handed in all my guns

    For what it’s worth hopefully the current inventory system is just a place holder for a system later with the hideout. at least I hope that’s the case because the stash currently sucks.