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    Hi brother im glad to here about your new server man for eft if want to use anything from thos discord man feel free to copy pasta any things you like man. And with your permission ill link your discord in this one as well to help you out yes there is the unofficial eft one however its mainly a eft server used to find people to play with at all times and is useful for asking qeustions about eft since the mods from forums and devs are in there.
  2. OEFT Slayers

    @everyone Good morning bullet hole creators and and terra group slayers. The huge comprehensive list of advice we all were working on some how got poo rng yesterday and has to be retyped from scratch and is will be attempted to be pushed out this friday or sooner. It will have basically everything everyone needs to make killing, looting, route designation, playing in squads or solo play and most importantly the best ways to take advantage of the current meta in game to make wiping lobbies easier so everyone can make it out alive more, full of loot everytime quicker without having to stay any longer in a raid then needed so you can get in the next raid quicker along with hundreds of tips and tricks and quick pointers too I do apologize for having to extend the release of this content <3
  3. Helping others :)

    Any other clans or discord server owners interested in letting me post their server invite in our discord to help new players so they can always find someone to play with pm me on here Should also help the mods with lfg posts as well.
  4. [EU]Need 2 Skilled players for a clan

    Hey brother tried searching your name in discord could only send friend request tho. We have people from eu in here too that are tired of wipeing lobbies solo and would love to share the loot man
  5. OEFT Slayers

    FAQ Listing Update: Do we help new players that just bought the game? Yes, in fact there are over 100 people that actually love to mostly only help new players and will play all day and night helping them. Is there recruiting process? No, upon click invite link you will be kindly greeted with in 5 min of joining. Any role or tag will be given to those that want it except for eft achievements roles that can be earned while playing eft The Slayer tag is not earnable and will be given to anyone that wants to rock it. How do bans and moderation work? Grown up and common sense apply here. Team killing on purpose will be a time out of week from the server, second time is permanent. Disrespecting a service member from any country is automatic ban. No warning shots will be fired on this subject. This server has everyone kind of of person from all over the world and we all do our best to keep this the best non toxic and drama fee eft server available. People that remake new accounts that try to come back and team kill on purpose or try to respread their toxic nature will be blacklisted and aliases wil be sent to the all the the other eft discords that we are apart of to warn them. If someone can change their ways rejoining will be considered. If you have a problem in a raid with someone handle it privately or cool off and just dont play with them for a while. It's that simple we have mature teenagers that slay bodies in here as well as vets in their 60's slaying bodies in here. Our moderation system is top notch and further suggestions to make it better are always welcome. Do we help streamers and you tubers grow? Yes a lot of us stream and create content daily and will help you with whatever you need. Is server active? Yes always people to play with 24/7 now. We are a highly interactive server and will pop in just to say hi or send a message to those who we havent seen in a while :). Whats up with giveaways? People in this discord sometime trade in game items as well as work over time to help get free editions of the key to giveaway. Ive personally helped with double digit amounts of game keys to players in need with friends wanting to play. <3 Will be updating FAQ as needed. Hope it helps
  6. Just looking for people to play with

    Hey guys if you guys are still looking and wanting more people to play or have the option to play with a squad 24/7 feel free to stop by
  7. Looking for mates

    Hey brother if your still looking for an awesome group of players to play with from all over the that are on 24/7 including others from France as well me. You can try this out man best regards. -andrew A moderator will be by soon probably to lock the thread as at the moment LFG in clans section isn't allowed as of yet. They are just trying to keep it clean and organized.
  8. OEFT Slayers

    Update: New eft achievements can be acquired within discord. And a whole bunch of more badass stuff was added too
  9. People to play with

    Hey brother if you would like to join an awesome discord with everything eft and more here's the link
  10. OEFT Slayers

    Update: New irl meetup and map section added pizza party soon first sat of March
  11. OEFT Slayers

    There is a lot of help for streamers and content creators as well in here for anyone trying to gain momentum. Most of us here want to watch that instead of big eft streamer because its cool to watch people everyone plays with in here
  12. OEFT Slayers

    Update: Added irl voice channels for irl talks about eft while at work or whatever
  13. Military / Mature Players to play with

    Hey brother how are you and semper fi. We would glad to help everyone and anyone and have a lot of gets here looking for the same.
  14. OEFT Slayers

    Just hit over 100 members all great men and women. #Feelsgoodman
  15. OEFT Slayers

    Update: Eris bot added to help with eft announcements and news and role playing squad voice channels.