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  1. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    Sexy stuff you tease. Hopefully it has good loot to get more people playing it. Great map other than that and optimization (at least for me?).

    @SpeedyGonzales that makes no sense because I just said we don't experience desync often. As in, neither me or the guys in UK. Nice one yeah?

    Every region has desync. I play with guys from UK and I'm in US and still our desync is tolerable. Sucks to die because of it but you know, you'll have plenty more gear and it all gets wiped anyway. By the time desync is/if desync is fixed, we will have no more wipes
  4. The gerber tomahawk costs how much!!!

    Wow to think we got ours for only $140!!!! Lucky us!
  5. Livestreams Bit Rate Seems Bad

    i honestly have on idea. I dont stream so i dont know what the guys i watch have. yeah its especially when they have painkillers on and its very noticeable with grass when they run or turn quickly.
  6. Livestreams Bit Rate Seems Bad

    Im not sure why it happens in tarkov specifically, but it always looks so grainy. Escpecially the grass and when moving quickly. Why is this? Im not crazy am I?
  7. Are the other models coming to the game soon?
  8. New Weapons??

    You meant QA I assume? I don't know about that. You see them modeling new guns whenever they have dev videos but we've seen many so you may be right. I'm hoping they save a lot for launch so we have a big new experience. I know they're saving like 2/3 of the maps til then
  9. New Weapons??

    Theres supposed to be like over 200 guns. Right now there are 30 and most of them are guns that have multiple variants... So i expect a lot more unique guns to come, and most of them to be kept out of our hands until full release.
  10. Med usage

    One step at a time. They already made it so you can only use one at a time, the animation that forces you to stop and heal is coming.
  11. halloween 2017 in EFT

    its just a pumpkin head and i doubt it will be here long. Just a goofy thing they wanted to do, so id have no problem with it as long as it didnt lag the game so bad.
  12. New servers added!

    Is 4 a lot? Not really sure how servers work like that
  13. An assortment of random quick tips

    Here i thought i knew it all.