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  1. he did extract , he entered game , got all relevant / required quest items , made it to extract and extracted , he survived and extracted as per quest instructions , the point of this thread is that as long as he has done what the quest asked him to do then it should be completed , irrelevant of how he completed it
  2. Shoreline Unplayable (Desync issues)

    there might be other topics on this subject, but this evening it is really really bad , to the point that all players look like they are floating about , silent scavs , dying to seemingly nothing ,
  3. Shoreline issue

    low fps , badly optimised compared to other maps , gpu on shoreline only runs at about 30-40 % all other maps at 100% with 60-100 fps
  4. Next big update or wipe

    nowhere did i say it affects me ,so dont say things that are not true for starters , a lot of players in groups / have multiple accounts use the 2 week reset to get extra gear ,
  5. Next big update or wipe

    or how about learn the game better and go get more gear , just because u lost all your original stash no good reseting account as u are back at lvl 0 , use scav runs to get gear go out kill one other scav grab the gear and head for exit u now have another weapon and assorted gear , or sell it and buy a cheap pistol or rifle from trader , u can only reset your account every 2 weeks , i hope this get changed to once per month as so many player are using this a crutch due to bad gaming, or a way to get additional gear every 2 weeks .
  6. PayPal Refund?

    by law anything u buy that doesnt do what it says on the tin (even if advertised that it should it work if u have or do this and that) .you are entitled to a refund up to 7 days after purchase , at least we are in the UK might be different laws elsewhere ,
  7. Missing game keys?

    unless u bought the game before i believe june last year u wont get anything and the test phase has now finished
  8. Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    find group , the game has and always will be advertised as hardcore group sim .. solo play is going to be next to impossible to complete main game , they have even said some quests/area u will need 2 players to complete it ..
  9. Best Graphics Settings?

    best graphics settings are ultra if u mean what is best for your machine then play about yourself with settings and what ever gives u best fps and best looking , what works for one person may not work for others
  10. fullscreen (windowed mode) needed!

    i have to admit i thought it was strange that this option was missing , as like you running windowed mode my mouse drops out of game to my other monitor
  11. SCAVS AI is broken?!

    to make them harder and better ,to better suit the hardcore punishing game the devs are trying to make ...
  12. The additional equipment

    definatly not , or noone would ever need to buy another gun
  13. AI difficulty issues continue

    russia like a lot of EU countries has compulsary milltary training (i believe it 18months) as standard for all of its population , so yes all the scavs would indeed have some sort of military training . you go prone in gunfights? so would the scavs not go prone , its a system that was added with last patch so get used to them doing it
  14. Quality of life changes

    they are implemting stash upgrades as a feature later on , they are also adding a hideout that u can upgrade as well , i would advise new players to read up a bit more on the game and upcoming features , the medical system is going to change you wont be able to just run and spam healing packs ,u wont be able to reload mag in 1 second they are adding animations to a lot of the things that we take for granted ,any damage you take in one raid will carry over to next , you will be needing to look after yourself a lot better (looking at you hatchet runners)