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  1. The game is becoming unplayable and quick

    Do you have a ssd? If not upgrade to it and install tarkov in it.
  2. RIP 8gb users

    Just buyed another stick of 8 GB it is better for me now have 16 GB right now!
  3. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    ThePlaSMaxX#9476 Please verify ty!
  4. Dafuq shotguns???

    If u see a guy with armor and helmet try for the legs, you know that the health system work like this: If you shot 1 part of the body (example: right leg), and it get blacked out if manage to shot the same leg he will die instant. Question, what shells are u using?
  5. Probably not..but

    For now the promotion is finished, Idk if there will be other soon.
  6. This game is 2 good 2 wait imo

    Happy birthday and enjoy this magnificent still on work game =)