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  1. Saiga Drum Mag

    Most of players wear PACA because it is easy to get it and as I understand it stops buckshot,especially from short barreled demi auto shotgun.Also Kolpak helmet...So Saiga OP? IT is not easy to play with shotguns at all.AR series are easy,not Saiga.So 20 round mag would be awesome.
  2. Another melee weapon

    It would be cool to add a crowbar for scavs and telescopic batton for pmc.
  3. Sub sonic Ammo

    Weapon makes 3 sounds: -Metal parts sliding and coliding with each other. -Powder burning inside of bullet. -Bullet breaking sound barier. Supressed weapons usually use some kind of special ammo(like those fancy stuff in Ots revolver or NRS knife) that is really heavy and subsonic.Really good example is SKS,silencer is removing muzzle flash and most of sound you hear is actually gun itself.With regular ammo you get "THUMP" but you cant locate shot.I think they just need to improve US ammo and that is done deal.
  4. Saiga Drum Mag

    I agree! IRL my Saiga have 20round mags and they would be awesome in game.And to switch size of 5 round mags so they can fit into one slot.
  5. SR-IMP vs Kiver & Fort?

    Maybe it is problem in pistol brand,maybe they cant get permission to use it in game.